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10 Key Elements of High-Converting Landing Pages

Updated on December 8, 2021

9 Min Read
High Converting Landing Pages

A high-converting landing page could really boost your stock before a new client. When you present a proposal to a client and show them different landing pages you have created, the first thing they are going to ask you is about their conversion rate.

If you have a robust portfolio that you can showcase your clients, it’s going to increase your chances of getting hired. But, how do you create high-converting landing pages? It’s a simple formula, which if you crack once, will allow you to consistently create fantastic pages.

In this article, we shall talk about the 10 landing page elements that can help you maximize conversions. If you check several high converting landing page examples, you will realize that almost all of them feature such design elements.

The 10 Elements That Can Help You Maximize Landing Page Conversions

When designing your landing pages, do make sure that you incorporate the following elements to maximize landing page conversions.

1. Attractive Hero Fold

HubSpot - Hero Fold

Why should clients choose me over others?” 

“What do I bring to the table?” 

When creating a high converting sales page, these are the questions to think about. The value proposition needs to connect with the ad that you used to bring a prospect on your landing page. Most of the landing pages that convert follow this strategy.

Then, it has to be carried and supported through the copy you write on your landing page. Make it as interesting as possible, and clearly define your USP.

If a user has to scroll all the way down to learn about why your product is special, your landing page is poor quality. Visitors scroll down when they are curious to know more, and that’s only possible when you outline the value proposition as clearly as possible straight from the start.

2. A Catchy Headline

Slack - Headline

Your headline is part of what will form your visitors’ first impression. Make it catchy and interesting when building landing pages that convert. Here’s an interesting statistic: on average, 80% of your viewers are going to view the headline copy, but only 20% are going to go through with the rest of the content.

Keep in mind that the primary focus of copywriting is to get your next sentence read. Since your headline is the first line that a person is going to read, it should be compelling so that they continue to scroll through your page.

If you want some inspiration, take a look at a few magazine headlines. See how they invoke interest and grab the reader’s attention to convince them to turn the pages. Here are 5 steps to help you create interesting headlines:

  1. Understand your target audience
  2. Evaluate your competition
  3. Create wacky or off-beat headlines that attract attention
  4. Use A/B testing to check your headlines and tweak it as necessary.
  5. Keep it simple

3. Interesting Subheadings

Linkedin - Subheadings

Don’t just let your copy ramble after the heading. Break your page down into folds and use interesting and catchy subheadings to keep your viewers hooked. Create compelling headlines that break down what’s going to be presented in different parts of the landing page.

4. Be Clear with Your Message

Unbounce - Message

Landing page messaging that is incoherent or inconsistent with what you are pitching to the user will fail to resonate with your audience, and thus poorly affect your conversions. High converting landing pages follow consistent messaging throughout, so your audience is always clear on what you’re communicating.

5. Using Pictures


Don’t just write content. Even the best copy is going to become boring if you don’t break up the text by adding pictures. It’s necessary for you to add pictures throughout the text and break it up in order to make it more engaging and attractive. You will find similar elements when checking high converting landing page examples.

Visual elements keep viewers for longer on the page and reduce your bounce rate. You can also take inspiration from other digital agency websites before designing your own landing pages.

6. Provide a Solution

notion - Solutions

The best high converting landing pages don’t beat around the bush; they know how to respect the viewers’ time, and provide solutions right off the bat. Many high converting landing page examples you see in the next section all get to the point – quickly.

Once you have touched on the users’ pain points and outlined the problems they’re facing, it’s time to offer solutions. Detail what you are offering, and highlight all the salient features of your product or service that sets it apart from the competition. Be as clear as you can when detailing your solution.

7. Engaging, Actionable Copy

Engaging copy - Studio Ouam

Well-written copy is at the heart of high-converting landing pages. For your landing pages to convert, hire an experienced copywriter to help you out. Use lots of verbs to encourage readers to fulfill the intention of the page. You can see several high converting website examples to get some inspiration.

And, more importantly, break your text into short, actionable paragraphs. Talk to any experienced marketer and they’ll tell you that copy is the most important element on your landing pages.

The copy you write should evoke emotions and outline exactly what the viewer is missing out on. Then, nudge them towards a conversion.

8. A Well-Defined CTA

Crazy Egg- CTA

CTAs, or call-to-actions, are short statements designed to instruct the readers to provide an instant response. Common examples include “sign up today” or “join our newsletter!”

Well-defined CTAs don’t include any confusing language. They provide information straight-up, and have clear, concise text instructing readers to take action. Coming up with good CTAs is an involved process and requires considerable A/B testing, however.

9. Balanced Structure

Cloudways - Structure

You’ve probably noticed this article’s tips follow a structure, and so several high converting website examples in the following section. They all have subheadings followed by a body of text. In this vein, well-defined can make your landing pages.

A balanced structure is critically important for conversions. Your landing page design should be created by a professional designer who understands frontend development. More importantly, the page should have little to no distractions.

Use a decent font and make sure that the text is legible. Make sure that you use small paragraphs that are easy to digest and understand. This also holds true when you are creating Meet the Team pages for your company’s website.

These are the main elements that you need to include in high converting landing pages. Now, let’s take a look at 10 examples of high converting landing pages.

10. Social Proof

Social proof

What solution are you providing to the reader? Touching on their pain points from the get-go. Your copy should break down the text with problem statements, and effectively highlight just how big of a problem you are trying to solve. If you can define the problem in a better manner, selling the solution will automatically become easier.

10 Examples of High Converting Landing Pages

If you are looking for some inspiration, we have compiled a list of 10 of the best examples of high converting landing pages that you can view before creating your own. Let’s dive in!

1. Constant Contact – A Balanced Structure

Constant Contact

Constant Contact offers email marketing services, and they have an incredibly simple and well-defined landing page. The login and signup buttons remain ever-present as you continue to scroll down, and you can read about different features that sets their email marketing services apart from others. The copy is broken down into smaller paragraphs, each with subheadings that summarize what it’s talking about. Millions use Constant Contact as an integral tool for devising new B2B lead generation strategies.

2. Amazon Assistant – Focus on Features

Amazon Assistant

Amazon had to be on this list of examples of high converting landing pages. The Amazon Assistant is the company’s answer to help you shop more easily and conveniently, and the company has created a fantastic landing page to help users find out all there is to know about the Amazon Assistant and go for it. The “install” button is bright and placed in the center for maximum visibility too!

3. Netflix – Minimalistic and Basic


Arguably one of the best examples of a minimalistic landing page, Netflix sets itself apart by creating a backdrop that illustrates its vast collection of TV shows. There’s a small CTA right in the middle, and the Login button is placed in the top right corner. It leverages the company’s brand value to maximize conversions.

4. Neil Patel – Incentive Galore

Neil Patel

Neil’s landing page starts with an incentive. I mean, who doesn’t want more traffic? Then there’s a CTA right after, and as you scroll down, you get a better understanding of what Neil brings to the table. There’s also a lot of social proof sprinkled throughout the page to build trust.

5. Cloudways – Value Addition


In addition to offering a range of pricing plans for cloud hosting to agency owners, our own managed hosting platform has a high-converting landing page for handling their customers’ hosting and scaling as necessary. It highlights the salient features right off the bat through visual elements that help users understand the platform. Along with decent web design tools, our landing page also helps agency owners simplify their client’s hosting worries.

6. Simply Business – A Well-Defined CTA


Simply Business has a clean and clutter-free landing page. A small dialog box lets you interact with the page and get a quote. The page also includes logos of businesses that they have worked with, along with detailed information about their unique features, which serves as the value proposition for the company. This is one of the best examples of high converting landing pages.

7. Backlinko – Be Clear With Your Message


As you can see, this landing page starts off right away with an incentive; a lead magnet. As you go down, it provides more information about Backlinko, using a lot of white space in order to leverage. There are plenty of quotes from people who have used their services as well which serve as testimonials.

8. ConvertFlow – Using Pictures


ConvertFlow is designed to maximize conversions, allowing you to create and customize your launch forms accordingly. The landing page is divided into several folds, each of which tackle different features that set ConvertFlow apart. The copy is short and well-written as well, with lots of different elements.

9. Freshbooks – Provide a Solution


Freshbooks starts off with an offer right off the bat. As you scroll down, you can see more information about the tool itself, along with stats about the quality and viability of the product itself. It’s a pretty well-designed landing page that ends with a CTA.

10. Thirsty Affiliates


Thirsty Affiliates is an affiliate management plugin designed for WordPress websites, and the company has created a fantastic landing page. Beginning with a video about the platform, the page lets you scroll down to get more information about the salient features that set Thirsty Affiliates apart from other plugins in the same niche.


These are some of the best high converting landing pages that you can go through before you start designing your own. It’s imperative that you carry out A/B testing on your landing page to optimize the conversion rate of your landing page. Consistent testing will help you figure out what works and what you need to remove. As long as you incorporate the elements given in this article, you should be able to create interesting and attractive landing pages that will boost conversions. Also, check our webinar on how to get high-value clients for your marketing agency.

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