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Effective Ways For Marketing Your Ecommerce Business Using Social Media in 2019

February 23, 2017

5 Min Read
Ecommerce Social Media Marketing
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Presently, Social Media has taken over the internet like a storm. Not just this, it makes a small but integral fragment of a business’ marketing budget.

To be honest, digital marketers have now recognized the power of social media to make a connection with their audience. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn, are now some big household names. Every individual is looking for the right content to engage themselves. Now is your chance to pounce on the opportunity, size up your prey and be the lead in decreasing your ecommerce cart abandonment using the power of social media marketing.

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For online businesses, effective social marketing illustrates real substance in terms of money. Social networks are actually an effective way for ecommerce store owners to reach out to fresh new customers, engage with existing ones, and exhibit the best of your branding abilities. Your brand’s social presence and probing existence gives your competition a run for their money. The content you share through the social media profile of your ecommerce store is as important as the store display was in the 50’s era.

Social networks are turning into commercial portals. Businesses paying special attention to it are making big bucks out of it.

The Big Question:  HOW?

I’ve got you covered; here are a few ways ecommerce store owners can make the most of their social media ecommerce marketing efforts:

Make The Right Engagements

engage with social media audience

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Your customers are your treasure. Follow them to the tee. Go where your customers are. Of all the ways a human brain can think, Social media is one tried and tested, accurate way, to maximize your reach and make the brand’s presence, felt. Furthermore, this doesn’t end here, there are numerous ways social media can improve the way you interact with your customers, be it first-time buyers or loyal fans.

Here you go, you can thank me later.

 Customer Research

Marketers can have an insight into their audience preferences. Have a look at real-time behaviors of what your audience cares about most, their interests, the things that excites them the most about your ecommerce store. An efficient use of your social network can help you understand audience segmentation and your demographic market. This will help you optimize your campaigns and deliver more targeted messaging.

Customer Acquisition

Your brand and its social profile is considered your identity. Nowadays, customers are prudent enough to comprehend the accurate use of social media. They use it to explore the market, research about companies, and its products.

Your first impression is your last impression, there are no second chances. Make the most of your presence and start optimizing your profiles and make it attractive.

Customer Service

What is the one thing that we want from our social mediums?

The answer: A prompt assessment.

Immediacy, in other words, is an imperative element when it comes to social media. When we work with social media platforms, we want information at the earliest (yes, we are impatient, can’t help it). This is the main reason why social networks are so vital for customer service. It enables the users; businesses in that regard, to promptly respond to their customers inquiries.

Customer Engagement

Engage with your customers. Engage them in activities that they enjoy. Social media can be a way to generate ecommerce sales but consider it more to be a way to inform your customers about your product, rather than going for the kill and asking them to buy your product. Focus on driving traffic from it, add value, and materialize your efforts with an introduction to your brand. This ploy automatically drives sales.

Highlight the best, the amazing, the finest, of your brand. Develop a social content strategy that is designed accordingly.

I found this interesting, this composition shares the insights of some entrepreneurs who used social media to their benefits.

Paid Advertising And Its Optimization

paid ads

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Bad news guys! Free marketing on social sites; not anymore. All the social mediums are now charging money for what we call marketing, but not to worry. A little money can do wonders for your brand.

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are now making money through paid advertising, it helps their business earn more. The more you spend, the better it gets. The good thing about paid advertising is that you can target the audience you want to target. More chances of making the right connection and increasing your ecommerce sales.

Social networks and paid advertising go hand in hand. Here are some benefits:

 Effective Segmentation

This is a self-explanatory point. Let us put it this way, marketers can target customer segments of their preference; age, location, interests, job title and much more. Think about it.

 Video Advertising

First, video is, actually a game changer. Video helps your brand showcase their products in an efficient way. Video provides an interactive way to exhibit your products. Furthermore, it is more engaging than text, and more engagements leads to augmented conversions.

 Accurate Social Analysis

There are some tech companies with outstanding products, these products enable marketers to design social campaigns. These analytics tools help in a big way, how you may ask?

Simple, if you get to know your audience and their ways. You can design a better-performing campaign. Even better, you can extract the outcome of your campaigns too.

 Content Distribution

Every brand is a publisher; creating content that can amplify their existence. In today’s world, it is extremely easy for businesses to distribute content it directly to their audiences, that too, with a better approach.

Set The Trend Straight

social media trend

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Let’s face it, social media was once an uncharted territory, now a universe full of secrets. The marketing world is coming to terms with the modern day social media, and excelling in it too. It has never been this easy to reach your preferred audience.

Social marketing must be more effective, smarter, and better targeted. That is the way to go.

Following the leader can be good in a way, when you can’t innovate; you tend to apply what’s tried and tested. However, in the longer run, this won’t lead you to greater milestones, temporary success maybe but you have to be a trend setter to reign the marketing world. Innovate, improvise, experiment, and be number 1; that is the rule of the day.


The internet is full of decoys and copies; you don’t want to be one of them, do you? I guess not. Optimize, test, and test again your social marketing strategies. Get inspired by some trendsetters of the industry, follow in on their footsteps and then optimize your ecommerce store’s social media marketing strategy. When you think you’ve learned enough; make the leaps to greatness. You might fall to the ground; don’t worry, it’s just a start. Get back up, revisit the drawing board and make your social media marketing strategy for your online store business COUNT!

And, if you need more guidance; learn smart tricks to cash your social media.

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Immad Uddin Khan

Immad is a Digital Content Producer for Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He is mostly busy in creating all sorts of informative and innovative content types. As a hobby, he loves to travel with his camera to picturesque destinations.

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