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55 Best Startups To Watch Out For in 2018

Updated on  29th January

20 Min Read
Reading Time: 20 minutes

With every new day, we are moving into an AI-first world and this is a great time for startups. As we all know AI and robots are the way to the future, a majority of the Venture Capital firms and tech investors are closely eyeing to identify top startups which can change the world as it is now.

Best Startups to watch out in 2018

But since there are hundreds of startups, the real question is:

How can you filter out the ones that can be called ‘Best Startup in 2018’?

So, to save you the trouble, I have gathered a list of the most promising and interesting startups based on previous successes, uniqueness and the venture-backed funding raised by the startups.

Here’s a quick view of the categories of startups that this article contains:

Artificial Intelligence Startups Robotics Startups Medical and Healthcare Startups
IoTs Startups Fintech Startups Aerospace Startups
Food and Beverages Startups Nonprofit Organization Services Startups
Traveling Startups Entertainment Startups Social Networking Startups
AR/VR Startups Automation Startups

Please note: This is not a comprehensive list and neither is any startup placed in any ranking order



Graphcore is an AI startup that’s working on some truly impressive machine learning framework. It calls it the ‘Intelligent Processing Unit (IPU).’ The company has racked 30 million in funding and says it will ‘challenge’ Nvidia for AI-app chips. The CEO of Graphcore, Nigel Tone says that the company wants to change the way AI apps are run. According to him, ‘With standard chips, you end up using an awful lot of servers, so we can reduce [numbers of] machines, save a huge amount of power and make the system a lot more efficient.’

Let’s see how this startup will fare this year. But one thing is for sure, with this much funding, we can only wait for something astounding from this one.


Socratic is a mathematical problem-solving app that uses AI to convert handwritten queries into computerized text and then solves it. The company also won CognitionX award in the education category last year.

It has helped more than 60 million people and aims to reach over one billion this year.


Textio is a language improvement software that uses AI to help you recruit faster. They call this method of language improvement: the ‘augmented writing’ concept. Textio has trained its natural language processing algorithms on 300 million job posts.

The startup has already a clientele including top tech companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and Atlassian.



FiveAI is a self-driving vehicle software manufacturer that wants to solve the problem of vehicle automation by making them more intelligent. It has raised $35 million to test out its first prototype in UK. According to the CEO of FiveAI Stan Boland, “Transport is a sector that is ready for change.” and FiveAI wants to do that by becoming a major tech company.

It has further planned to launch its own fleet of autonomous taxis that will challenge Uber, but that is later in the plans. It plans to launch the taxi service on the roads in later 2019.

Deep Map

DeepMap AI for cars

Deep Map offers high-definition maps for self-driving cars so they can easily navigate around the city without any obstruction. The maps can easily be integrated with any fleet of self-driving cars and grow as more data is added to them.

One day soon, all of our cars will drive themselves, but first, they need to know where they’re going. Deepmap offers high-definition maps for autonomous vehicles and uses onboard sense to “see” the road and predict what’s around the corner.


DecorMatters Result is an Augmented Reality (AR) app that redefines how you buy home decor products online. It helps you imagine the home decoration experience before you actually buy the product using your smartphone camera and the app.

The app uses computer vision and image recognition technology to help users envision the way their home will look with furniture added. It is based on a patent-pending AR technology.



Tilr is a recruitment platform that uses AI to match workers to jobs based on their skill-set. It uses OCR to first determine the skill-sets of the workers and then match them to relevant jobs. The result is more happy workers and higher ROI on the job. The workers are paid on a weekly basis and the businesses can easily rate their workers through the apps platform.



Suppose you could talk to anyone, anywhere without needing to learn a new language. How would that feel? Impossible, right? Now it is possible thanks to Travis, an AI bot that translates almost 80 languages for you. It helps you do business, make friends, and even fall in love with anyone across the globe without language becoming a hurdle.

Travis was brought to Indiegogo for crowdfunding but due to its innovative approach to tackling a problem, it soon received more than 700% the amount it requested. Travis translator bot is now available in-store and it is on our list of best startups this year.

Startup growth

Drive AI

Drive AI Car

Similar to Five AI, Drive AI is working on a self-driving car software company that would cars to become smarter and safer on the roads. They recently opened their Singapore office with the funding received because of it being a tech juggernaut. Drive AI is also partnering with Lyft to deploy Self-driving cars in the San Francisco bay area. Drive AI graduated from Stanford AI Lab.


Dandelion Geothermal

Buildings in the US account for 39 percent carbon emission and a majority of it comes from heating and cooling. Dandelion is a startup focusing on geothermal installation to harness energy from below the earth’s surface to heat and cool homes and produce hot water.

Kathy Hannun, CEO of Dandelion, says they started the project because millions of homeowners are using expensive, truck-delivered fuels. Installing geothermal heat pump is a simpler and more affordable process, she added.

The geothermal installation will keep the homes cool in summer by pumping heat away from home into the earth’s crust and in winter keeps it warm by pumping back heat from below the earth into the house.


Nauto Car

Nauto is an intelligent dash cam app that makes driving less dangerous by using a feed from the camera, analyzing it, and then providing suggestions to the drivers who are on the roads. It aims to improve the traffic congestion conditions and decrease road accidents.

Rise Robotics

Rise Robotics

  • Industry: Robotics
  • Funding: $1.5 million
  • Founders: Arron Acosta

Rise Robotics is working on affordable, lightweight, and efficient piston-based robotic arms that contract two points efficiently using fibrous rope and injection molded plastics. These will help in multiple industries in various ways. For example, they are working on two products: Exoskeletons, and air compressors.

The parts used driven by conventional electric motors, and are intended to power wearable robotics.

The company has patented and launched their first product bacon air compressors in the market. Rise Robotics aims to target the Construction, Industrial, and Medical markets.



  • Industry: Robotics
  • Funding: $2 million
  • Founder: Barry Givens

Monsieur is an autonomous cocktail maker. It enables its customers to enjoy bartender quality cocktails that are made within seconds. Monsieur can be used by venue owners to enhance their customers’ experience, and better manage risks of serving alcohol.

The owners also get access to the Monsieur Management Platform for insights of their operations. Monsieur monitors the user’s drinking consumption and sends alerts when a user’s blood alcohol level is high. It also helps them book a cab – the service comes integrated into the app.

AMP Robotics


AMP robotics is working on commercial robotics applications using machine learning and artificial intelligence. The company has received $3.2 million in funding so far and its first application is of smart sorting robots. The robot uses computer vision to sort recyclable materials at superhuman speeds, pick them off the conveyor lines and place them in relevant bins. This allows the clients to lower labor needs and control expenditures.

Zume Pizza

Zume Pizzaa

Zume Pizza is an AI company working on smart production and delivery of Pizza. Previously, the pizza was made by humans. But now things have changed and Pizzas are cooked en route to the delivery place. They use automated ovens and self-cleaning robot cutters. Zume has patented the cooking technology and raised funding of $48 million.



Emotix is an AI-Robotics startup working on emotionally intelligent robots capable of engaging, educating and entertaining the children above the age of five. The half-a-foot robot has access to a wide pool of knowledge that it conveys to the child in a conversational tone. The team behind Emotix said most children today sit in front of a TV set, which isn’t healthy for them. Their robot provides an interactive way for children to engage, play and learn, all at the same time.

The robot has a friendly face and can be easily controlled through a mobile app ‘Miko App’ by parents. It can run for three hours on a single charge.


Care Skore

CareSkore is an AI platform working on autonomous patient care plans. The software company leverages human-assisted AI to measure, manage and engage patient’s clinical and financial risks and automates regular tasks that don’t require necessary human intervention. The company is backed by Y Combinator, YC partners and Cota Capital.

In the initial phase after launch, the autonomous software will be closely monitored by humans who will review each task and train the bots. Later on, fewer people will be needed to supervise the systems.


Sano Healthcare

  • Industry: Medical and Healthcare
  • Funding: $15 million
  • Founders: Ashwin Pushpala

Sano is a medial-AI startup working on automatic glucose monitoring. The startup uses an app to monitor the amount of glucose in your blood. The CEO was featured in Forbes under 30 CEOs under 30 list in the medical devices startup section for a breakthrough technology working to monitor and curb diabetics.

Sano has partnered with Fitbit to make it easier for people to monitor glucose level in their blood directly by using the watch.



Movewith is a fitness-tutorial app that provides its subscribers with training routines ranging from high intensity workouts to Tabata training to yoga and meditation routines. All the workouts are available from top coaches and new ones are added every week.



Nima is working on a proactive approach to make eating-out safer for people with food allergies. It has revealed two products so far: Gluten tester and Peanut tester. The users could test the foods within seconds and thus enjoy travel and dine out with friends without worrying about food allergies.

Nima has been funded by National Institute of Health (NIH) and is recommended by professional doctors in USA.



Molekule is an air purifier that uses nanotechnology to break down pollutants. It actually destroys the pollutants to make the indoor air breathable. According to research, indoor air is 5 times more polluted than the outside air. Molekule aims to fix that.

Plume Labs- Flow


  • Industry: Medical and Healthcare
  • Funding: $4 million
  • Founders: Romain Lacombe

Plume Labs is working on a clean air tech that detects harmful pollutants indoors and outdoors. They have named it ‘Flow’ which is a mobile-connected air tracker. It lets its users track the amount of pollutants in their area and then map them, letting them use the ones that have lowest level of pollutants and more fresh air.

The startup is focusing on parents with small children, hospitals, day-care centers, and old-age homes.



NeoLight is a medical startup focusing on developing alternative treatment methods for small children. Their core product is ‘Skylife’ a phototherapy treatment system for newborns. This device treats hypothermia and jaundice in new babies.

The company has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market the Skylife portable phototherapy system.

Helium Health


Helium Health is an African startup that aims to digitize the medical recording system in Africa. It will handle doctor’s visits, prescriptions, medical billing and will sync all this to the cloud when internet connection is available. The aim of the founders is to make the medical documentation and billing system more effective with a robust database and a smart UI.

Ninja Blocks

Ninja Blocks

Ninja Blocks is an IoT startup that promises to revamp the way we interact with devices. The team is working on IoT OS and devices that will improve micro-location and gesture technologies. The OS is based on Ubuntu and allows developers to easily integrate it with their devices and create complex interactions.

Ninja Block comes with a Ninja block device and a simple UI. The company has raised $1 million in seed funding. It initially launched the product on Kickstarter where 500 backers provided $0.1 million in funding. After that it started working on the product. Now, the developers have a ready-to-ship product and aim to improve the UI and gesture tech further.



DAZL is a small IoT device that allows women to send an SOS alert to two people at any time if they feel threatened. The alert is sent by the pressing the button for three seconds. The message contains the person’s name and location. It has a battery of 45 days and can easily blend with other jewelry worn by women.

Dazl is made by a mother-daughter duo, who aim to make the roads feel safer for women. As India has one of the highest rape incidents presently, the device aims to curb that.



How would you like if your home thermostat adjusts itself for your arrival without you making a single movement? Ween, the smart home tech just does that. The company has grabbed a $1.6 million funding and aims to change home automation for the better. Its first product is Ween thermostat that does what we have already mentioned – control room temperature. It comes with a mobile app so you can also control it if need be.



Homma is a smart home technology that shows great promise in enriching lives of the users by providing them a simple device that controls everything in their homes. Homma has received a seed fund for a wireless home automation systems. The founder of the company is a former Rakuten executive Takeshi Homma. He vows to change the home automation ecosystem and calls his startup the ‘housing version of tesla.’



LinkBee is a home automation startup working on end-to-end solution of connectivity. It is starting from light bulbs. The company has not yet disclosed full details of how its automation system will work but it says that it will use neural networks to map activity and then predictive analytics to control the amount of energy consumed. The end result will be a better, safer and secure lifestyle of the user.



Alpaca is a multi-portal AI trading platform for investors and traders. Unlike the conventional trading platforms, AlpacaDB is based on AI technology. It uses deep learning for guiding users and also allows them to make their own efficient algorithms for trading – the users won’t even need to learn programming to do that because the system works using drag-drop features.



Morty wants to change the mortgage industry by making the mortgage facility available online. This will allow for a safer, simple, and transparent way for users to buy and lend to others. The founders call Morty, ‘Kayak for Mortgages.’ Morty scrutinize the borrowers bank account details and then provides suitable loan options. It doesn’t provide loans or collect payments but does all the paperwork so to decrease the need of more loan officers.



Mespo is a fintech company that wants to manage your finances and make you safe more money. The company was founded by Lukas, who worked in banking sector advising power companies on how they can save more. After a few years, he decided to help consumers because they never reaped the savings that were made by these power companies. So, Mespo was born. It is made on Facebook chat bot and works using machine learning and AI technology. Mespo uses algorithms to analyze your finances and identify how you can make more money, and save already made one.


Shine Fintech

Shine is a services platform that allows freelancers to easily generate invoices and make payment. The app is connected to Mastercard and makes it easier for users to set up deadlines, sign contracts, and send smart notifications to other users. It also acts as a freelance bank that takes care of all the paperwork while keeping your money protected.



Trezeo is a smart income management solution that allows you to receive stable income and save the excess amount. It is part bank, part income consultant that can even loan you amount in case your income gets short and you are not able to manage your regular bills.

It has received €130K in funding and was named as the top Fintech startup at NDRC Investor Day.

Fair Cent

Faircent India

FairCent is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace for loans. The borrowers and lenders can use the platform to decide upon a mutually agreeable loan rate for the loaned amount. The company provides a simple and easy way for both to carry out the process and settle on a deal.

Faircent undertakes the complex verification process based on personal, financial and professional information provided of all its registered Borrowers and Lenders. The website only works in India.


Deal Flicks deal

Dealflicks has a unique idea for selling movie tickets. The basic idea of the startup is to sell those tickets that are unoccupied for a 60 percent discount. But that’s just a conventional cinema revival idea. The reason I have added this startup to this list is because it has raised $2.9 million and it is already a profitable company with revenues exceeding $1 million last year. The company has partnered with 750+ theatres in USA and helps them get their empty seats booked through the iPhone Dealflicks.


News Store

NewStore converges the digital and physical shopping experience into one omni-channel experience. The startup has received $30 million in Series A and $50 million in Series B funding, both from the same VC fund. It empowers brands to provide extraordinary end-to-end shopping experience through mobile, GPS and geo-fencing. And, provides a simple UI for merchants and users to improve conversions and customer satisfaction.


Shippo API

Shippo combines all shipping services on a single platform to allow the best ones for your needs. It provides its clients instant access to multiple shipping carriers for rates, printing facilities, automated paperwork, package tracing and return shipping.

The company has received $20 million in Series B funding and aims to revamp the shipping sector by using AI and machine learning algorithms.


Air Tasker

AirTasker is a freelance platform for local communities. Currently the service only operates in Australia allowing Australian businesses and individuals to hire community members for small tasks and save money. It works just like many other freelance services except that you can hire workers for physical services like cleaning the house, running errands and many more.

Airtasker will keep the amount in escrow until the work is completed and then send it to the worker through his account. It also allows the users to rate their taskers through the built-in platform to help community.

Relativity Space

Relativity rocket manufacturing

Relativity Space is a fully automated rocket manufacturing factory that makes affordable rockets for transporting things into space with ease. It has its own 3D printing machinery and a launch service. The company aims to revamp the way rockets are produced so to take the humanity to space faster and safely.

Bear Squeeze

Bear Squeeze Drink

  • Industry: Food and Beverages
  • Funding: $93,022
  • Founders: Max Baumann

Bear Squeeze is a performance-driven milkshake made of super food ingredients and minerals that are hard to get from food alone. It includes tons of proteins, nutrients, vitamins and fats. The best thing about this protein shake is that it can easily be made in minutes.  This plant based diet is completely paleo and keto friendly and includes only five net carbs. It is currently being crowdfunded at Indiegogo.

All Set

All Set Reservation

AllSet is a reservation booking platform that allows you to book a table in your favorite restaurant in advance, cutting cost and time. Currently, people have to wait hours to get a table in busy restaurants around the world. AllSet wants to remove that by providing a pre-booking service. The app works with the users providing real-time statistics of their booking and order preparation.


rumie initiative

  • Industry: Non Profit Organization
  • Funding:  >$1 million
  • Founders: Tariq Fancy

Rumie is an NGO focusing on K12 education for poor children. The non-profit has made a tablet with K12 curriculum for underprivileged children. The whole content is available on the tablet that can be used offline. Its uniqueness is that the tablet is available for a small price equivalent to that of a book.

Tariq, the owner of the Non-profit, wants to provide education to at least 1 billion people around the world and his solution is this tablet app that is easily available and don’t need to be upgraded to better versions. Any child with electricity can use it as many times as he wants to learn.



  • Industry: Services
  • Funding: $9.5 million
  • Founders: Scott Hempy

Filld is an on-demand car fueling service that takes the hassle of refueling out of your life. It lets you focus on important tasks while it fills the gas in your cars. The Filld app allows you to easily schedule a refill from the app by choosing your location. Users can repeat the process daily by by clicking on the repeat option and setting the duration.



Away is a modern, high-quality and affordable luggage manufacturing company. It aims to solve real-travel problems for life by providing unique carry-on, checked, and kids luggage options to the users. These luggage items are sturdy and the company claims its products to be ‘unbreakable.’


Zum Travel

Zum provides safe rides for children between age 5 and 15 years. The startup is founded by Alumni of Stanford Graduate Business School and aims to make the daily commute of smaller children safe and secure. Zum claims their market is around $1billion alone in the USA and they aim to expand further around the globe in the coming years.

Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL)


It wouldn’t be wrong to call this startup a real-life football game, because it actually is! FCFL is a fan controlled football league in which viewers can become the coaches, general managers and owners of the league. The whole league is powered by fan tokens – a cryptocurrency used to call the shots.

It will employ drones, biometric sensors, live feed to report live action and viewers can vote for the shots through the mobile app – available only to the currency holders. The CEO of the company says that it is something never seen before in real life as the action will be governed by the public.



  • Industry: Entertainment & Recreation
  • Funding: $8 million
  • Founders: Bora Celik

Jukely lets you attend different concerts every week for just $25 a month. It is a mobile app platform with a guest list updating daily. The users can select shows to attend within a rolling 3-day window; Tonight, tomorrow and the next day.



Anchor is a simple way to hear, share, and create music that is loved by your ears through this simple platform. You can then share this music to Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud and other music sharing platforms.



  • Industry: Entertainment
  • Funding: $99.2 million
  • Founders: David Baszucki

Roblox is an online MMORPG game for kids and adults alike. Users in it can create their own 3D world. It has 64 million monthly active users and the popularity is rapidly growing. It has its own marketplace where users can sell their 3D created objects that can be used in games.



Arbit is a social polling app that allows brands, celebrities, and athletes to get instant answer for their questions through a simple poll based on two pictures. The startup has raised $1.1 million in funding so far. It has already gained 0.1 million downloads and aims to capitalize on the data generated by the users. The CEO says these polls will provide better insights into social trends generated by the followers of the app.



  • Industry: AR/VR
  • Funding: $0.5 million
  • Founder/CEO: Jonny Peng

Cinego is a VR headset that makes your living room a virtual cinema. It has a screen 60 feet away from your eyes [virtual] that allows you to watch movies, play stream from your favorite site such as Netflix or YouTube, or play your favorite game from the console. The headset can easily be connected to all gaming consoles through HDMI cable.

The company had a goal to raise $25,000 but it has raised more than $0.5 million. It is currently in manufacturing stage.



WigWag is transforming the world by making connected devices more efficient and secure. They are working on open source operating system DeviceOS and runtime environment DeviceJS. These programs can be used not only to run IoT devices and protocols but to manage and scale these with ease.

They first introduced their product through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter where around 1600 people backed them with $0.4 million.

Have we missed any best startup that should be a part of our list? Let us know by commenting below.

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Arsalan Sajid

Arsalan is a business graduate and digital marketer by profession. He works as a Startup Community Manager at Cloudways. He loves to create value for the Startup community. He is a big fan of cricket and does Netflix and chill in his free time.

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