Tips to Use Social Media Marketing for Your Startup

by Tahha Ashraf  January 10, 2018

Almost everyone is seen busy with their social media accounts. According to latest social media stats, Facebook has over 2 billion active users, Instagram’s audience is 800 million, Twitter’s followers are approx 330 million, while LinkedIn now have a chunk of 500 million users. This huge active presence of people on social media is a picture of how social media has become a world itself.

Social Media Marketing for Startups

Abovementioned stats should left no doubts for you about practicing social media marketing for your startup, right from their launch.

Startups that don’t pay attention to their social media presence are destined to fail and lack of social media strategy is one of the core reasons why startups fail to get noticed on a broader level.

To help startups get started with their social media marketing, I have compiled some tips and practices for a startup to create its impression and impact on its followers on social media.

Focus on Target Market

You have to hit the right zones of the right audience to extract some sales. Facebook’s target audience feature is the best when it comes to market your startup to the right people.

Facebook offers the option to market using attributes such as interests, age, behavior, area, country and bio’s, related to your startup’s niche. Targeting your audience will not only make your startup earn a great reputation but it will also ease out the data collection process of people interested in your startup and brand recalling.

Go Live

According to a visual content marketing statistics report for 2017, video content will gain a huge share of 74% in the overall internet traffic. Following this fact, it is essential to include videos and specifically live streaming in your startup’s social media marketing strategy.

Live Video streaming has gained immense popularity in the past year and it helps startups to directly interact with their audience without any obstacle in between. In this way, you can gather live reviews and comments of your customers that also builds trust of people on your offered service or product. Keeping all these good gestures in mind, live streaming should be at the top of your priority list when it comes to social media marketing campaign of your startup.

Creativity Creates an Impact

With over 300 million photos uploaded daily on Facebook, it is you who needs to market your startup in a way that your content including pictures and videos catches the eye of your target audience.

Your content should be visually engaging, creative, and pleasing in order to achieve your objective. It’s all about representing your startup graphically and enticing your customers to click on your advertisement.

Capitalize on What’s Trending

Facebook and Twitter provide you with complete insights regarding the top trends on social media. Use this information to market  your startup according to the trends. You need to keep an eye on all the latest trends and see which one you can capitalize according to your brand.

You can use hashtags that are always in the trend, or you can make your own personalized hashtags to promote your social media marketing campaign. You can even capitalize on certain events, like the recent Valentine’s Day, or Christmas, to market your startup. Hashtags are a great way to be in the news and making a mark on the market accordingly.

Start Tracking Your Data

You should always keep a close look on your content’s social metrics about how much of engagement, impressions, views and reach it is creating. Another thing to consider is the time to post. There are certain times when audience isn’t really active on social media and you should avoid posting your content at that time.

If you have a regular look at your startup’s social media metrics, you will understand the do’s and don’ts of your social media marketing strategy. Simply, by analyzing your data, you can decide what, when and for how long a content should be posted.

Market Your Startup Through Snap Stories

Over 100 million Snapchat users watch approximately 10 billion videos daily and your startup can be a part of these snaps too. Snap stories is a creative way of marketing your startup instantly to this huge number of audience.

A short term story based video is what pulls people towards this application by applying Geo-filters on your story. You can use your brand name on it for as low as $5. In this way, you can market your startup’s culture, story, product etc. You can have a look at this awesome piece on how to run great influencer campaigns on Snapchat.

Use Virtual Reality

June 2016 was the time when Facebook started supporting 360 videos, photos, and since then, Virtual Reality has taken the social media by storm. VR and Augmented Reality is a totally unique and exciting experience for users and you can market your startup by creating real impressions.

You can always create a buzz on the internet by creating a Virtual Reality based social media marketing campaign for your startup. Have a product? You can create a real augmented experience for your product and show your offering to your audience.

Final Thoughts

In the end, all I would like to say is applying all these social media marketing tactics will help your startup grow more prominently than ever. It’s all about marketing a startup by keeping your target audience in mind and with the use of latest trends, applications, and the right tools and techniques, to accelerate social media marketing for startups more efficiently and gain better results from it.

How do you plan to use social media marketing for your startup? What techniques are you going to incorporate into your marketing strategies? Let’s talk about them in the comments section below!

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