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Boost Your Magento SEO Using Magento Rich Snippets Extension

Updated on  23rd August

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magento rich snippets
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Magento is currently the most preferred solution for building ecommerce websites. Within itself, you can develop a functional store by building it on Magento. But, basic won’t cut it. You need to embellish your website with Magento Rich Snippets to help your visitors make good buying decisions.

What Are Magento Rich Snippets?

Well, Rich Snippets are the pieces of information that you find under a Search Result. See the example below.

You can see the 4-star ratings underneath the Search URL. These are pulled by using the Rich Snippet that was set on this website. It also tells the reader that the review was done by CMS Critic.

Don’t Forget: The rich snippets will work best with Magento hosting providers that offer optimum performance of your Magento ecommerce store.

FME Rich Snippets Magento

Rich Snippet Magento Extension by FME Add-ons allows the merchant to highlight their product and services in Google Search Results. It gives merchants the opportunity to put additional information displayed on SERPs to improve dthe ecision-making power of the customer in the fastest and elegant means possible.

The extension can support the name, breadcrumbs, SKU, URL, image, description, price, currency, status, attributes of brand and product, product specifications such as color, weight, and quantity with useful reviews about the product. Adding such useful data enhances the click-through rate and diminishes the bounce rate of product pages that hinder exposure of the products during SEO.

To find out more about this Magento Rich Snippet Extension, view the demo here.

Why You Need Magento Rich Snippets Extension

To make the details stand out in the SERPs, the module voluntarily attaches structured data to the HTML of the product pages. Google helps to rank snippet enabled sources with the top results for better user experience and coverage of the brand.

How to Participate in The Giveaway?

To become the part of this giveaway from FME, go to the comment section and tell us why you need this extension along with your email address to win a free Rich Snippet extension for your ecommerce store. The countdown starts now and will end on November 9. We’ll announce the winners on November 20 at 3 pm UTC.

Magento Rich Snippet Extension by FME Add-ons


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