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How to Create Powerful Headlines Quickly for Your Next WordPress Post

October 14, 2015

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When you write your blog articles, one of the most important and essential ingredients is the headline. How many times have you stared at the blank “Enter title here” box? Struggled to come up with a killer headline for your excellently written blog post.

Or, conversely, thinking of a headline before you write an article. We are all different. Some people prefer coming up with a headline first, others write the content first. How do you structure your article? Well, It doesn’t really matter, as long as you are comfortable with your approach. Everything is editable up until the publication of the article.

In fact, the headline is the biggest determining factor if people will click and read your article.

headline quickline

This is where many bloggers, including myself, are deficient. We don’t take the time to ponder and hopefully create a killer headline that expectantly can go viral. The more exciting and interesting headlines will grab attention. Just think about when you read your RSS feeds, if a headline does not look interesting, I promise, you won’t go ahead and click the specific link.

In today’s article, I’m going to explain how you can easily create outstanding and eye-catching headlines.

Magic Words for Irresistible Blog Headlines

To give your headlines a boost, there are words, magic power words that can help to catch your prospective reader’s attention. I read an interesting article about Magic Words by Betsy Kent that really caught my interest. Words that can be extremely useful the next time you’ll want to to come up with a kick-ass blog title. The article gave me new ideas to build headlines.

Boost Blog Traffic has also compiled a list of 317 power words you can experiment with to get to an outstanding headline. When taking a closer look at what you really could do with all these words are both very fun, and above all, you begin to think in a completely different way of creating headlines. Well worth it to take a moment and check out.

To create with the help of the above mentioned posts about power words, I decided to use 3 words, WordPress, WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins. Feel free to use all the titles I will come up with within the article. I have Googled all the headlines without finding any duplicates (yet). Here are my 5 WordPress headlines I came up with using different power words.

  • 5 Proven Ways To Use WordPress Like a Rock Star
  • Surprising WordPress Secrets To Boost Your Blogging
  • Mind-blowing Techniques To Write Effective Killer headlines
  • Grab These 5 Ridiculously Easy-To-Use WordPress Plugins For Free
  • Exclusive WordPress News That Will Blow Your Mind

By using the selected words it’s easy to put together lots of headlines variables, all it takes is simply putting in a little time and creative ideas.

Cheat Sheets & Fill-in-the-Blank Blog Post Headline

Another effective solution if you run into a writer’s block, which happens to us all at some point, is to use cheat sheets. Why reinvent the wheel again and again? There are many useful templates that experienced writers have put together for just this purpose.

Karol K, a well-known writer and a friend of mine writes frequently about WordPress and I’m sure you’ve read many of his awesome articles. In his article, you will find several brilliant headlines that you can make your own by just filling in the blanks with your own words and ideas.

There are more excellent articles with more templates you can use to make your headlines stand out from the crowd, simply by filling in the blanks. Some of them are: 52 Headline Hacks and 43 Powerfully Simple Fill-in-the-Blank Blog Post Headline Templates. By using these templates the outcome of my WordPress headlines were these:

  • 10 WordPress Tricks, So Powerful They Can Change Your Life!
  • Is This Why You’re Not Succeeding With WordPress?
  • To People Who Want to Learn WordPress, But Can’t Get Started
  • Are You Making These 7 Mistakes When You Install WordPress?
  • Get Rid of These WordPress Plugin Once And For All

By using ready-to-use templates and just filling in words is an easy-to-use solution for everyone. Choose a few keywords. Usually, what you normally write about and are an expert on. Test and experiment with different angles to create unique headlines.

What about Blog Titles and Blog Ideas Generators?

“Kill That Creative Block!” are the words you face when you visit WebpageFX blog post idea generator. Which is a great expression generally for all title and idea generator. The bottom line is actually to find new ways, new ideas, and you should not underestimate these tools. Honestly, you can generate headlines that can be beneficial to your blogs. There are a lot of these online tools, but I will mention a few that I use when my ideas run out. Same as before, I list a few examples of headlines which I accomplished with these easy to use tools.


ContentIdeator is one of the best tools to find great titles and content ideas. Simply enter a keyword you want to target. The outcome becomes a list of titles using your specific keyword. This is a frequently used and popular tool by writers. Check out how my headlines turned out.

  • 4 Steps For Comprehensive Installation Of WordPress Locally On Your Computer
  • Ten Important Resources for Beginners In Building WordPress Themes
  • Build Your Tech Skills: WordPress Plugins to Know And Love

ContentIdeator is simple to use, but a lot of people use it, so double check on search engines like Google if  your selected title has already been published.

Blog Title Generator

This is a tool from SEOPressor to deliver suggestions for catchy titles and blogging topics by typing in a keyword. Yet another easy-to-use tools with headlines that work to boost your WordPress articles. My headlines created by the Blog Title Generator are.

  • 5 Ingenious Ideas You Can Do With WordPress Themes
  • Hidden WordPress Themes Features That Will Make Your Life Easier
  • The Ultimate Revelation Of WordPress Themes

By using Blog Title Generator, I found some titles that I could easily write about on my own blog. You only need to get an extra push and an idea occasionally to get things started. These tools are perfect if you suffer from writer’s block.

Blog Topic Idea Generator

The company WebpageFX is behind this generator. With the Blog Topic Idea Generator, you use specific keywords to generate great headlines. Here are my headlines:

  • The Simplest Advice About WordPress You’ve Ever Heard
  • 20 WordPress Strategies You Should Try
  • Why I’m Passionate About WordPress

The Blog Topic Idea Generator has a lot of matching titles to use. It also helps if you are a bit flexible and occasionally replacing a few words, to boost the title even more. But overall this is a useful tool.

More blog title and content generators.

Analyze Your Headline

When you found / created / built your killer headline, there is a tool to confirm if your title is up to standard or not! Blog Post Headline Analyzer from CoSchedule is a valuable free tool for headline analysis to get an overview and points assessment of the overall structure.

The tool checks grammar and readability of your headline. The tool analyzes common words, uncommon words, emotional words, power words and compiles a final result that can be used as a criterion for your headline. In my opinion, this is a very useful tools headline optimization everyone should use before you publish an article.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are many aspects to consider before you press the “Publish” button. And whether you are a beginner or more experienced writer, I hope that these tips can help you create more attractive, eye-catching and interesting headlines for boosting your articles with more visitors.

Have you had the opportunity to try some of the tips and tools in this article?

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