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How to Configure Product Attribute Sets in Magento

Updated on  13th August

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Magento product attributes
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Magento is a popular ecommerce platform, using which merchants can build a store with a huge amount of products and set attributes for each product. Doing so makes products differ from other items on offer. By default, Magento offers us 66 product attributes. With the help of this Magento product attributes we can set features for products like color, size etc.

Any merchant or developer can change these product properties except “Catalog Input Type for Store Owner” option. If you need to change this option, a new product attribute should be created. Magento product attributes are also used as a tool for navigation to extract products in the catalog. Only “Multiple Select, Dropdown and Price” options can be used in layered navigation.

What Are Magento Attribute Set?

All the listing of a particular Magento product attributes, also known as Magento Attribute set, describes the characteristics and features of the product completely. Whenever a new product is created, the attributes are set to make it unique. This step allows you to import all the information regarding the product in just a single step. And Magento includes 14 attribute sets by default in which every single set is produced when multiple specific attributes are combined.

Let us take an example of an attribute set named Default. (showed in the picture below).

To change the Magento attribute set grid to go to Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attribute Sets

Manage Attribute Sets

A configuration page is open upon clicking any Magento attribute set.

Edit Attribute Set

There are three divisions in this page:

  1. Set Name- to set the name and for internal use.
  2. Groups – the attributes that are related to each other are combined. If we take the example from the above picture of group “Prices”, this group combines all the attributes regarding product prices, which includes “group_price”, “price”,”special price”,”cost”, etc
  3. Unsigned Attributes – the attributes which can be used after or which are not used in the current set is placed here.

If you want to add a new group in the list of attributes set then click “Add New” button and drag-and-drop any suitable attribute from unassigned attributes to the newly created group at the bottom of the list of the attributes of the product.

For removing an attribute from the set, just drag-and-drop the attribute from “Group” to “Unassigned Attributes”.

Combining Product Attributes With Magento Attribute Set

Product attributes are used to set up a specific product to be different from the other products, as mentioned above, by setting up different properties of a product. The products are separated into groups, allowing us to easily create Magento attribute set, which has all the needed attributes related to the product.

Creating new attribute set:  Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attribute Sets and then click “Add New Set” button.

Add New Attribute Set

First, select a base template on which a new attribute set will be created. Through this step, you can achieve a way through which the attributes of the same “Groups” will be included in a new set. When you installed Magento, some of the available attributes sets were installed which includes, Camera, Cell phones, CPU etc. The admin can change the list of attributes in a more usual way whenever a new set is created.

Changing the Existing Magento Product’s Attribute Set

Magento doesn’t allow you to fully change the Magento attribute set from say, “Set A” to “Set B” of the already created product say, “Product A”. But it is possible to only add or delete attributes inside of the set. That’s why it is always an essential step to plan the product structure correctly to avoid issues related to the attribute set.

If you want to apply the action “Change Attribute Set”, it can be done right from the product grid and can be applied to every product that you want it to. To apply this action just follow these simple instructions and at the end, you will be able to apply this action on the simple products:

  1. Go to Catalog > Manage Products > Select “ Simple Product”
  2. Click on action “Change Attribute Set” from the action drop-down
  3. A new drop-down with the list of all existing sets will appear. From there you can select any set you wish to.
  4. To finish this process simply click the “Submit” button which is the most important part to apply the action.


Nowadays, merchants want to make their products different from other products.

To make your product unique, you have to set some of the attributes regarding your product. To do so, this tutorial will help you so you can take advantage of it. Still, have questions? Simply leave your comment in the comment section below.

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