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How to Check Concurrent Visitors with Google Analytics

Updated on  2nd May

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Having an idea about monthly and concurrent visits on your website is important as it helps you in running load tests to determine the traffic your site can handle against spikes. Since load tests require you to specify concurrent or simultaneous users, you’ll have to generate a custom report within Google Analytics, and this article will show how you can do so.

Using Google Analytics to get number of Concurrent Visits

Over the years GA has added a number of features and now you can see visitor activity in real time, as well as on a hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. All you need to do is select the “Hourly” tab on the right, in the “Audience Overview” Report.

Maximum Concurrent Users

Maximum Concurrent Users — Google Analytics

Time on site

You would also get a better picture if you take Target Traffic level and Average time into consideration. Previously, this option would’ve been possible with ‘Custom Reporting’, however, now you can easily view average time through  ‘select a metric’ right next to visits in the Overview tab.

Translating visits to concurrent visitors

So there are 195 visitors / hour and lets say each user spent 3 minutes on an average. So the number of concurrent visitors would be:

Concurrent Visitors = Hourly visitors * Time Spent on Site/ 3600

                                     i.e. 195 * (3*60) / 3600 = 9.75 (~10)

Note: We’re using “Visits”, and not “Unique Visitors (UV)” for calculating number of concurrent users, since the same visitor can access the site multiple times in one hour, and using the UV metric will not take this into consideration.

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Omer Siddiqui

Omer Siddiqui oversees Marketing Communications, Digital Partnerships and PR at Cloudways. He has 6+ years of experience in the IT Services Industry.

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