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Cenia PWA Theme by CedCommerce: Best Magento 2 PWA Theme For eCommerce

Updated on December 31, 2021

7 Min Read

If you are running an ecommerce business and you are not going with the industry trends, you are losing a great opportunity.

In 2016, a technological revolution happened when Google announced the Progressive Web Apps at Google I/0 2016.

Nobody knew at that time that this technology would change the way users would shop online. It provides consumers an app-like experience without installing the app. The additional benefits of PWA are low data usage, fast speed and engaging user experience.

According to Adobe Analytics Holiday Report, more than 51.4% of the traffic comes from smartphones, and mobile phones generated about 31% of online sales.

Cenia PWA 1


The merchants who ignore the PWA trend have yet to crack the code for improving the mobile conversion rates and figure how to build and optimize user experiences.

To overcome these problems, Magento announced it’s PWA Studio last year in January 2019. Magento PWA Studio consists of tools that help merchants in adding an app-like experience to their stores. This helps in increasing conversions and delivers a great user experience.

Why Progressive Web Apps?

According to Gartner by 2020, progressive web apps will replace 50% of the general-purpose and consumer-facing mobile apps. It solves multiple challenges that merchants face because it provides a reliable environment, loads instantly, and works even in poor and uncertain network conditions.

Overview of CedCommerce Cenia PWA Theme for Magento

If you are a store owner and want to convert your ecommerce store into a PWA, the CedCommerce Cenia PWA Magento 2 theme is a great option.

The CedCommerce team has added a fresh new interface and a lot of new features. The theme has a solid foundation that includes Magento PWA Studio, ReactJS & GraphQL.

Cenia PWA 2

Cenia PWA Theme comes with a wide range of features that provides merchants and users an excellent shopping experience. With the help of Cenia PWA theme, you can create your own PWA regardless of your niche.

Features of CedCommerce Cenia PWA Theme for Magento

Let’s have a more detailed look at the Cenia PWA Theme and its awesome features.

Banner Slider

On the homepage, there is a useful banner slider feature that you can use to show your best offerings to the users.

Category Filters

Merchants can show different categories with the help of this feature. The category list menu appears in the form of a drop-down menu.

Cenia PWA 4

Product Sliders

Merchants can add and show their top products on the homepage with product sliders.

Cenia PWA 5

Newsletters Support

Newsletters are incredibly useful for building email lists and inform users about the latest promotions and offers. The theme comes with a dedicated Newsletter Subscription feature at the bottom of the homepage where users can subscribe to the store newsletters.

Cenia PWA 6

Static Blocks

With this feature, merchants can link and highlight trending or hot categories on the homepage.

Cenia PWA 7

New Footer Design

The PWA theme footer comes with a freshly designed with expandable vertical menus and social media links.

Contact Us Form

The Contact Us Form has been reworked to make sure the visitors and customers can reach out to the merchants when they need assistance.

Cenia PWA 8


About Us Page

The About Us page is an important component of the store where merchants can show store details and share the journey of their business. The footer of the PWA also has a direct link to this page.

If it incites you, check out the demo of PWA Cenia Theme here.

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Features of Cenia PRO PWA Theme for Magento

Now, it’s time to look at the great features of the Cenia PRO PWA Theme for Magento.

My Account

With the My Account feature, users can make changes to their personal details. This section mainly focuses on UI improvements, color/style tuning, and changing the appearance of the store backend.

Cenia PWA 9

Product Page Tabs

This feature allows the merchant to create tabs using headings based on the product page descriptions, and assign tabs to collections and/or products.

Cenia PWA 10

Related Products

Related Products feature in Cenia Pro PWA theme allows you to show the products that share the same tags or categories as the currently displayed product in order to offer the customers more options and increase the chances of up sells.

Cenia PWA 11

Product Reviews

Product reviews are a great tool to give customers an opportunity to rate and comment on products they have purchased, often on the product page. With this feature in Cenia Pro, the merchant can add a separate product review section for increasing customer engagement.

Cenia PWA 12

Customized Cart

Cenia Pro allows access to a custom shopping cart to fit your business needs and branding. This solution is very flexible and scales as your business grows. The cart complies with the industry standards and provides solid integration with all popular payment gateways.

Cenia PWA 13

One-Page Checkout

The One-Page checkout section displays all elements of a standard checkout including basket/cart contents, billing and shipping address, shipping options, and payment information on one page. This step simplifies the checkout process with fewer clicks and fewer hops for the customers, making shopping a faster experience.

Cenia PWA 14

Order Success Page

Order Success Page feature in Cenia Pro PWA Theme continues the post-purchase experience and  displays a purchase success page once the order has been placed.

Cenia PWA 15


The Wishlist section allows a registered user to create a wishlist, add their favorite products to it, and then share the link via email or social media.

Cenia PWA 16

CMS Pages

The role of CMS pages is to enhance the visibility of products for shoppers. In addition to the common CMS pages such as “About Us” and “Contact Us”, Cenia Pro allows the merchant to add custom CMS pages that direct to various portions of the website through the footer section of the website pages.

Cenia PWA 17

Hope the above mentioned features give you an immense idea about the Cenia PWA PRO Theme. Now, it’s to time visualize with the demo.

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How is CedCommerce Cenia PWA Theme better?

CedCommerce PWA Theme utilizes the robust technology of Magento PWA Studio, ReactJS & GraphQL. The developers have made several designs and feature improvements in the Venia storefront to facilitate improved user experience and traction for your website.

  • More easy to use than a web-native application
  • Works (extremely) faster than the web store
  • Supports message pop-up for Android gadgets
  • Totally responsive
  • Dispatches without the web or low-quality web
  • It closely resembles a local application
  • Users do not have to refresh the dynamic web application
  • No application store required

Pricing & Compatibility

The Cenia PWA theme is available in two packages:

1. PWA Cenia Theme: This package is available for free but you will not get features contained in the PRO package.

2. PWA Cenia Theme – Pro: The Cenia PWA Pro Theme is available for a one-time payment of $299. You will get more features and better user experience to power your PWA project. Customization charges will depend on the additional features you want to add or change in the prebuilt theme.

The CedCommerce Cenia PWA theme is compatible with Magento 2.3 and above. It works flawlessly with all browsers, such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.


You will get free of cost exclusive support for three months and a lifetime of upgrades without paying any extra.

Final Thoughts

Smartphone users are increasing year by year and this trend is not going to stop. PWA is a more reliable and future-oriented approach for ecommerce and it’s going to be an important leap forward for SMEs and entrepreneurs. There is a very high probability that you will adopt PWA for your Magento store in the near future.

You can securely bet on progress when you adopt the improved Cenia PWA Theme based on Magento. It consists of progressive features which gives merchants and users a feature rich experience. Cenia PWA Theme for Magento mixes the best requirements for ecommerce business solutions in a naturally responsive web application.

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