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Why Are We Becoming a Part of brightonSEO?

Updated on December 22, 2021

3 Min Read
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It all started with Google’s announcement of the page experience update, which included the Core Web Vitals as a ranking factor for all pages. This update which was earlier planned to take place in May 2021 (later moved to June 2021), alerted the SEOs worldwide, and Cloudways stepped in to facilitate the community.

What Cloudways presented had never been done before. It offered a one-click free Google Page Experience Checker tool that amalgamated all the tests provided by Google.

What differentiated our tool was the coalescence of the 7 factors required to cover Core Web Vitals in one place for the user’s feasibility. Google already provides all those tests, but they are scattered in different APIs and guidelines, which becomes time-consuming for a user looking for instant results from all metrics.

The Cloudways tool included mobile-friendliness, HTTPS, Visual Stability, Interactivity, Safe Browsing, Interstitials, and LCP tests on one page, putting the work at ease for all SEOs. As a result, the tool gained massive popularity among the community and got covered by several blogs online.

Cloudways x Joe Williams: Google’s New Page Experience Signal [Webinar]

While we were building the tool, we wondered how we could reach out to an extensive and relevant audience (including our existing customers and the SEO/webmaster community) via our live webinars. We started looking for SEO professionals who understood the latest SEO changes and Google’s algorithms.

It was at that moment when we found a profound piece on scoring a 100% on Google’s Page Speed. The content relevancy, extensive research, and explanation convinced us to reach out to the blog’s writer, who happened to be Joe Williams (founder of TribeSEO). We hurriedly emailed him to appreciate his blog. That’s how our first interaction occurred.

Cloduways Hosting Challenge: Joe’s Switch From Kinsta to Cloudways

Cloudways offered Joe to test his website’s page speed performance on our servers, to which he agreed and was astonished by the results. Not only did his Google page speed mobile score jump from 97% to 99%, but also he saw massive improvements with the Largest Contentful Paint and Time to Interactive metrics.

We stepped back and let the results convince Joe to switch to Cloudways, and that’s exactly what happened. Joe, who was using Kinsta, switched to Cloudways as the outstanding performance results and cheaper rates motivated him to join our family. For more control over your websites and servers, you might have to search for a Kinsta alternative that puts you in the driving seat.

Now that Joe had become a part of the Cloudways family, we offered him a collaborative webinar and promised him coverage on all our social media platforms.

The webinar opened to an excellent reception as Joe shared his journey and educated our existing customers and the broader audiences with his precious tips. The webinar did not just enjoy appreciation from the SEO community, but it also was our most viewed webinar for the 2nd quarter of 2021.

Cloudways has a practice of promoting its users and extending that practice, we gave Joe an opportunity to represent Cloudways and tell his success story at the gigantic SEO event brightonSEO. The brightonSEO event is a major conference held twice every year that brings the SEOs and Web Masters on one platform and discusses the techniques and secrets to performing better in the respective domains.

What can you expect from Cloudways at brightonSEO?

  • Listen to Joe on Friday 10th of September at 11:45 am at the brightonSEO event venue. Syndicate 3&4 | Tech SEO | Talk Title: 5 Steps to 100% Google PageSeed Success
  • Visit us at our booth no. 13 and grab free swag, including Cloudways t-shirts, caps, stickers (don’t forget to tweet a picture).
  • Meet Santi Costa (CMO, Cloudways) and Lee Jackson (Cloudways Maverick).
  • Enter Page Speed Challenge (An exciting contest to win over $1000 Cloudways credits.).
  • Get connected with our team at brightonSEO.

Click a picture at our booth or with our swag and tag us @Cloudways on Twitter. We will be happy to share it with our followers.

See you soon!

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Saad Khan

Muhammad Saad Khan is Growth Hacker & Content Marketing Strategist at Cloudways. He is a columnist at VentureBeat and a full stack marketing advocate. He works on business growth, influencer engagements, and innovative content strategies.


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Webinar: How to Get 100% Scores on Core Web Vitals

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