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Best WordCamp Events to Attend in 2017

Updated on  27th January

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In time, a large community has circumferenced around WordPress. WordPress started off as a simple blogging tool, transforming into a credible CMS; it is now a highly customizable and flexible web app builder. Today, it powers more than a quarter of the websites on the Internet.

WordCamps 2017

The community of WordPress is made of bloggers, developers, engineers, entrepreneurs, designers, marketers, and—well, everyone’s a part of it.

Without a doubt, the tightly-knit clan is always on a constant quest of creating, learning, and growing this fantastic CMS. To keep the spirit of giving back rolling smoothly, the community organizes multiple events in different parts of the world.

The aim of organizing such events is to enlighten enthusiastic minds to make use of this CMS in the most different of ways. The best thing is each WordCamp event has soul and message of its own.

So, in the light of collective learning, here is a list of the top collaborative events happening in the year 2017.

WordCamps in India

WordCamp in India

India has now become one of the greatest hubs for software technology. It is home to around 1 billion people and generated minds like Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella. The country is creating newer opportunities by integrating technology with common businesses and nothing fulfills these requirements best as much as WordPress does.

We found out that this year India is working on launching several major WordPress related events. If you are located in India, then there is a hard chance that you might want to miss that.

WordCamp Kochi

WordCamp Kochi

WordCamp Kochi is organized under the supervision of WordPress Kochi Meetup group. If you choose to visit WordCamp Kochi, you will get the chance to interlink with a diverse set of attendees. These may include bloggers, developers, enterprises, entrepreneurs, executives, service providers, and even users who are getting started with the WordPress framework. Plus, they are open for sponsorships, so your company/brand will be highlighted too.

WordCamp Kochi is being held on the 19th of February at Udyan Convention Centre, Vennala, Kochi, India. Don’t miss out and get your passes at the earliest.

WordCamp Bangkok

WordCamp Bangkok

This year Bangkok brings a fantastic WordPress event, and the great part is everyone is invited. Bangkok WordPress community is well known for its Banana Stock Mascot Wapuu. Each year, they send Wapuu as a Mascot to Japan WordPress events. This year Bangkok WP is going to introduce a new Mascot, “Khan Kluay Horse”.

The event WordCamp Bangkok 2017 will be held on February 18, 2017, at CP Tower, Silom Road. So, don’t miss the debut of Khan Kluay Horse.

WordCamp Auckland

WordCamp Auckland

This year, like many other countries, New Zealand doesn’t stop its venture of growing the WordPress community equally at a massive scale. Last year, the event closed down with a total of 150 candidates attending, and it was sold out. They made it a thriving success by bringing in speakers and creating session notes.

Currently, the WordCamp Auckland is at its initial stage of organization. It is a two-day event which will be held on March 11 and 12.

WordCamp London

WordCamp London

WordCamp London has always been an elegant experience for WordPress enthusiasts. Each year, the WordPress team in London put incredible effort in aligning the goals and objectives set by the team to motivate individuals. The pre-event planning consists of getting runners (pre-volunteers) on board. The team comprises of a lead organizer, organizer roles, communication team, swag team, design team, website team, contributor day team, social event coordinators, speakers team, sponsors, budget team and Quality Assurance team.

Hopefully, all these volunteering teams have pitched together an amazing WordCamp London 2017. If you are located in the UK, and you are an enthusiastic WordPress supporter then don’t miss out the event on 17th, 18th and 19th of March.

WordCamp Bordeaux

WordCamp Bordeaux

WordCamp Bordeaux is one of the amazing WP events that is taking place for the first time in France. To make it possible, the Bordeaux WP team have pitched in 15 different ideas for the WordCamp Bordeaux. They will be discussing email management, translation, Debugging, Git and much more.

The overall event is being sponsored by JÉROBOAM: WP SERVER and O2Switch.

WordCamp Bordeaux will be held on 18th of March 2017 in the Cité Mondiale Congress Centre in the historic heart of the Gironde capital.

WordCamp Atlanta

WordCamp Atlanta

WordCamp Atlanta is taking place on 17th of March, 2017. It is an event aiming to cover most of the WordPress related information for novices, designers, and developers accordingly. No less than 48 sessions have been pre-planned for the big event covering a wide range of topics. These topics are aligned in accordance with all levels of users.

The event is affordable as it is only $20/day including breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks. Plus, you get a t-shirt and other goodies alongside as well. The best part is that WordCamp Atlanta will enable local Meetup groups to actively participate with each other and share knowledge.

WordCamp Miami

WordCamp Miami

WordCamp Miami is one of the longest running WordCamps and one of the largest volunteer-run community-based tech events organized in Miami. With over 800 different bloggers, developers, marketers, and kids attending it, it is expected to be one of the greatest events in the history of WordPress.

WordCamp Miami is taking place for the 9th time in Miami on March 24-27, 2017.

WordCamp San Diego

WordCamp San Diego

Yet another year ahead WordCamp San Diego is a casual and a locally organized conference creating engagement in almost everything. This year at San Diego, enthusiastic CMS users are going to talk about only one thing… WordPress. The local community is vibrant and looking forward to hold this event at a large scale. In the past years, the WordCamp has drawn some of the most talented speakers, generous and innovative sponsors, and an enthusiastic and diverse group of attendees. Let’s hope that it is much better than the last year.

WordCamp San Diego is taking place on March 25-26, 2017.

WordCamp Torino

WordCamp Torino

WordCamp Torino is more about fun as they quote there. At Torino, WordPress enthusiasts are searching for WordPress individuals that are motivated to participate in making WordCamp Torino a real buzz. The volunteering responsibilities may include,

  • Deal registration and reception of the participants;
  • Distribute and swag t-shirt;
  • Helping during lunch and coffee breaks;
  • Helping speaker;
  • of the room deal, or even just to carry around the microphone, during the talk;
  • Give information, guide and orient speakers and visitors.

The event is scheduled for April 7-8 in Torino, Italy. For further details. You can visit the official website of WordCamp Torino 2017.

WordCamp Madrid

WordCamp Madrid

If you are looking forward to an awesome opportunity to sponsor, then WordCamp Madrid is your place. With WordCamp Madrid, you can support the community to grow and have a widespread breakthrough among the content managers in the world. Entrepreneurs, bloggers, designers, developers and educators around the world will be attending it. The WordCamp enthusiasts at Madrid are aiming to make the event accessible for almost any kind of people. To do so, the have kept a low entry price which you can find out on their official website.

WordCamp Madrid is taking place on 22 and 23 April 2017, so don’t miss out on it.

WordCamp Halifax

WordCamp Halifax

WordCamp Halifax is a single day rushed up the conference. Here, they are all going to talk about WordPress. The place will swarm with developers, designers, web professionals, and bloggers. At Halifax, volunteers and organizers have planned a variety of tasks to be fulfilled. There will be refreshments, and people will share their ideas and knowledge. This WordCamp is 100% volunteer run and part of the larger movement.

WordCamp Halifax is taking place on May 27, so if you are nearby, don’t miss out to attend this fantastic event.

WordCamp Europe

WordCamp Europe

This year WordCamp Europe needs your help. They are building one of the biggest Volunteer team as their aim is to accommodate almost 3000 people who will contribute to WordPress in this three days occasions. You can apply there as a volunteer from their official website and read all about their past ventures there. Have an amazing experience at the event held on 15-17 June 2017.

Other WordPress Events that will be further held down the lane in the coming days are:

WordCamp Kent, OH June 24-25
WordCamp Ann Arbor October 13-14

WordCamp US, Nashville

WordCamp US

WordCamp US Nashville is an amazing event that is taking place in Nashville, Tennessee. They are aiming to discuss different applications in collaboration with a pipeline of communities. A number of volunteers are taking part in this event and the aim is to revolutionize the event, a thriving one.

WordCamp Nashville is taking place on 1st-3rd December.

Pack Your Bags

That’s all for the day, we have covered a few main WordCamp events that are taking place this year, but that’s not all there is to it. To have a closer look at other WordPress Meetup events taking place around the world in 2017, visit the official Meetup page.

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Ashad Ubaid ur Rehman

Ashad was a Digital Content Producer at Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. Looking for latest in WordPress developments? Look no further than Ashad! In his free time, you’ll find him listening to trance music, playing FPS games, and hanging out with his friends.

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