12 Australian WordPress Influencers You Must Follow

by Immad Uddin Khan  October 12, 2016

WordPress achieved the accolade of running a quarter of the web and owning more than 50% of the content management system industry last year. As a provider of Managed WordPress Hosting, we believe that it’s an inspiring story that WordPress, which started out as a blogging platform, has now turned itself into a monetizable digital ecosystem. WordPress now supports many innovative and profitable businesses.

Despite the millions of people using WordPress on a daily basis for their businesses, WordPress also has an amazing, dedicated, and passionate community that is responsible for its success.

12 Australian WordPress Influencers

Today, I am going to share with you some outstanding WordPress influencers from Australia that are working towards improving the WordPress community and contributing to WordPress with their incredible products and services.

Take a look at the 12 most influential WordPress persons that you should start following now to learn everything about WordPress. By the way, the positions in this list are randomized. They do not represent any type of ranking.

1. Ramsay


Ramsay hails from South Australia. He is the brains behind Blog Tyrant, a couch-based business that provides help on how you can start your blog and master your blogging niche. Ramsay shares some great insights about mastering the skill of blogging and making a living out of it.

Twitter: Ramsay
Facebook: BlogTyrant
Website: Blog Tyrant

2. Dan Petrovic


Dan Petrovic is the Managing Director of DEJAN, a well-known Australian brand in the field of search engine optimization. Dan Petrovic is an author, an innovator, and a big name in the search industry. Dan has also been an active speaker at WordCamp events where he talks about optimizing WordPress websites.

Twitter: Dan Petrovic
LinkedIn: SEO Guy
Website: Dejan Marketing

3. Penny Butler


Penny Butler is an entrepreneur and internet marketer. She loves blogging about anything and everything. But, she loves WordPress more than anything. Penny also teaches about how users can improve their marketing with WordPress, social media websites, and SEO at WebWooky.

Twitter: Penny Butler
Facebook: Penny Butler
Website: Penny Butler

4. Herrin


Herrin is a sound engineer and music producer who wanted to set up his record label. In this regard, he set out to learn CSS, PHP, and WordPress. He found it useful, clean and easy to use, so decided to make WordPress a part of his online life. Herrin now runs WP Tribe and teaches about WordPress through his website.

Twitter: Tribe WP
Facebook: WordPress Tribe
Website: WP Tribe

5. Sue Waters


Sue Waters is the editor for The Edublogger, the Support Manager for Edublogs and CampusPress and a blogger at Sue Waters Blog. She is passionate about the use of technology for elearning and teaches the same through her courses.

Twitter: Sue Waters
Website: Sue Waters Blog

6. Adham Dannaway


Adham is a UI/UX Designer and Front End Developer from Sydney, Australia. Adham usually tweets about design news, tips, resources, and tools. You can learn a lot about WordPress design from Adham and also have a look at how he turns complex problems into simple, beautiful and intuitive interface designs.

Twitter: Adham Dannaway
Facebook: I Like Adham
Website: Adham Dannaway

7. Nik Cree


Nik Cree is the Manager at Positive Business Online. He along with his team helps small to medium businesses to unlock the real potential of the world wide web. He recently spoke at WordCamp Sydney 2016. Follow him for a constant dose of content, SEO and website optimization.

Twitter: Nik Cree
Facebook: Nik Cree
Website: Positive Business Online

8. Michael Wong


Michael Wong is a user driven and data-informed designer and front-end developer, known by the name of Mizko. Besides UI and UX, Michael works on Conversion Rate Optimization, iOS, and Android Design. Michael Wong is also credited as the maker of the simples visual bookmarking tool, bukketapp.

Twitter: Mizko
Facebook: Mizko Web Design
Website: Mizko

9. Frederique Bros


Frederique Bros is the founder and publisher of Women Love Tech, a well-established lifestyle technology digital magazine. She has over 10+ years of experience in multimedia, web, and graphic design. She is also a social media strategist and a web designer that works with small businesses and companies to optimize their online presence. She is a French woman that is currently living in Sydney and working towards empowering women in technology.

Twitter: Women Love Tech
Facebook: Women Love Tech
Website: Frederique Bros

10. Darren Rowse


Darren Rowse is the guy behind ProBlogger. He is a 41-year-old Australian who is currently residing in Melbourne. Darren is working as a full-time blogger and making a living from the medium since 2004. Darren is also the founder of Digital Photography School and is an ambassador for World Vision Australia.

Twitter: Darren Rowse
Facebook: ProBlogger
Website: ProBlogger

11. Chris Burgess


Chris Burgess is a web technology consultant from Melbourne, Australia. He is the co-founder of the digital agency Clickify and the WordPress Editor at SitePoint. Chris is the organizer of Melbourne WordPress User Meetups and the Melbourne SEO Meetups but is also available at a lot of other tech events.

Twitter: Chris Burgess
Website: Chris Burgess

12. Helen Denley & Warren Denley


Warren and Helena live in Melbourne, Australia and work with solo entrepreneurs all around the world to help them with their online strategy. Together, they run the WP Website Coach, which provides Website Strategy/Coaching, WordPress training, Website Care, and emergency website fixes. The primary mission of WP Website Coach is to empower solopreneurs with essential WordPress skills to transform their simple blog into a thriving online business.

Twitter: WP Website Coach
Facebook: WP Website Coach
Website: WP Website Coach

Help Us in Growing This List

Certainly, this is not a definitive list. Perhaps, you might know someone great who should be on this list. Tell us all about that person in the comments section below. Hooroo!

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  • Candice Eales

    Would love to see Troy Dean (WP Elevation) on this list!

    • Immad Uddin Khan

      Thank you @candiceeales:disqus for the heads up! Do let me know about more Australian WordPress influencers that you might be knowing! I would update the list accordingly or might include them in another list! 🙂

  • Hi Immad,
    Great list here,
    Happy to be here today for the first time.
    Great information to follow the influencers.
    Hey, When I read Australia first I thought Peter Bhaskerville of Google’s Knol fame blogger, author will be in the list, He is an Expert author at Quora too.
    Anyways, glad to meet some new faces too, of course some of them are already in our follow list.
    Season’s Greetings to you and all in the list.
    Keep sharing.
    Thanks for sharing