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How You Can Sell Your E-Learning Courses on WordPress Using Edwiser

Updated on  3rd April

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E-Learning is a complex domain and the level of intricacy needed to stand out in this space is challenging. Therefore, only a few have actually made an impact in this domain.

Moodle, as you know, is a mammoth in the E-learning space since 2002. Their CMS now runs on millions of websites including universities, corporates and many others.

How You Can Sell Your E-Learning Courses on WordPress Using Edwiser

Edwiser’s team is another group who have dedicated their time for the betterment of E-Learning community. Being an open-source WooCommerce integration, Edwiser has contributed to the Moodle community in abundance.

Edwiser offers wide range of plugins and themes for Moodle. Here is a list of what they have in store for you.

  1. Edwiser RemUI
  2. Edwiser Bridge
    • WooCommerce Integration
    • Single Sign On
    • Selective Synchronization
    • Bulk Purchase

All of these plugins and themes are specially designed to work with Moodle. As a user of Learning Management Systems, you are bound to get benefits from these plugins. So let us take a look at each of these in detail.

Edwiser RemUI

“RemUI is a Moodle theme” and it is itself is an understatement. It is much more than just a theme. A theme usually changes the outlook of any website, by introducing various colors, and eye popping designs but RemUI does it differently. It goes an extra mile by making the Moodle Dashboard more efficient.

Everything you need to have a distraction-free learning is one-click away on RemUI enabled dashboard. It provides easy navigation and quick access buttons for frequently needed features including quick messaging and instant notifications on dashboard.

You will never have to waste time on analyzing individual student reports. With RemUI, you get everything in understandable graph format..

In addition, the dashboard is completely widgetized. It allows you to add important widgets such as Calendars, Upcoming Tests/Events etc.

Click here to know about: Edwiser RemUI

Edwiser Bridge

Edwiser Bridge is exactly what it sounds like, a bridge. The bridge between the two most popular CMSs; WordPress and Moodle.

This plugin connects a link between WordPress and Moodle and brings a range of features that save your time. It is efficient enough to manage both CMSs, WordPress and Moodle.

Edwiser Bridge is kind of the parent plugin which attaches a host of child plugins like Single Sign On, to increase operability.

With this plugin, you can synchronize your users and courses between WordPress and Moodle is as simple as clicking a button.

Alright, so how much do I pay for this? $0.00. Yes. It’s FREE!

Click here to know about: Edwiser Bridge

 Edwiser Bridge – WooCommerce Integration

Are you looking for a solution to sell your courses on Moodle? Then WooCommerce Integration plugin is all you need. WooCommerce is one of the most popular WordPress ecommerce plugin available on the Internet.

WooCommerce Integration plugin brings WooCommerce to Moodle, enabling you to sell various courses on your Moodle site easily. One of its main feature allows you to sell your courses as “Subscriptions”.

It’s like having a shopping cart on your Moodle, checkout WooCommerce Integration by Edwiser.

 Edwiser Bridge – Single Sign On (SSO)

This plugin eliminates the need to have two different credentials for your WordPress and Moodle website. With SSO installed, you don’t need to login to WordPress and Moodle separately. You login to either WordPress or Moodle and get log in to the other site automatically; same is the case for log out. SSO uses a secret key mechanism that needs to be generated and verified through the plugin.

Click here to know about: Single Sign On

Edwiser Bridge – Selective Synchronization

Selective Synchronization adds a level of granularity to your course syncing process in Edwiser Bridge. With this plugin, you will be able to selectively synchronize individual courses from your Moodle to WordPress.d

In addition, other features include the ability to “Synchronize Courses by Category” and “Optionally Update Individual Courses”.

Click here to know about: Selective Synchronization

Edwiser Bridge – Bulk Purchase

Bulk Purchase is a plugin that enables the instructors/institutions to order courses in bulk and enroll them from your store. In addition, students list can be uploaded in bulk using CSV sheets.

Click here to know about: Edwiser Bridge – Bulk Purchase

So, it is a roundup of everything Edwiser is currently offering but I bet they have many things in the pipeline, waiting to be launched.

Go ahead and tell us what kind of improvements you are looking for  Moodle. Don’t forget to share this article with your e-Learning community.

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