This Infographic Teaches How to Promote Your Ecommerce Website

by Arsalan Shabbir  July 15, 2016

The world loves to shop online.

Don’t take my word for it though. There are solid statistics behind it.

According to US Census Bureau, 7.5% of all retail sales in US for the fourth quarter of 2015 were ecommerce related. The number is projected to grow by 1.5% in 2016. Per person spending is expected to rise to $1,738 this year as forecasted by Forrester.

A projection by eMarkerter notes that Ecommerce sales will reach $392.5 billion by the end of the year; an increase of almost $50 billion.

Well, it’s established that ecommerce is growing by leaps and bounds. So if you are new to the business or not making enough sales, there might be a problem with your strategy. This is why you need this infographic.

In this short document, I have compiled 8 actions you can take in order to improve the promotion of your online shop. These tasks are short actions that yield great results.

promote ecommerce store

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Arsalan works as Digital Marketing Executive for Cloudways – A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He looks after Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for Cloudways. (Cool, right?) In his spare time, he loves playing cricket.

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