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Magento Master Bogdan Nicoara Talks About Magento 2, Community and Entrepreneurship

Updated on  1st February

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Bogdan Nicoara is a CEO and Founder of 4ideas. He has years of diverse experience. In this interview, Bogdan talks about the challenges of his initial career and he also talks about how he started 4ideas, Magento 2, and how he connects himself with Magento.

Bogdan said “When we received the first requests to develop e­shops, we did rigorous research to find out the best open source eCommerce platforms. At that moment, just like now, Magento offered a great set of features and it was love at the first sight.”

Bogdan Nicoara Interview

Bogdan also discuss his personal life with our readers and shares his early morning routine. He said “I meditate every morning and I don’t eat meat anymore. Now I’m in a better mood and I have more energy which allows me to spend more time with my family and friends.” He is an attendee of Meet Magento Romania and he shared his Meet Magento Romania experience with our readers. I hope the readers will love this interview with a very experienced developer.

Cloudways: Bogdan, currently you work as Co-Founder & CEO at 4ideas. You are an entrepreneur in your own right. How would you define success? What challenges did you face during your initial career?

Bogdan: For me, it means to have a goal, a concept and to be persistent. It may sound like a cliche, but for an entrepreneur, it’s really important to understand that every obstacle actually aims to teach you something. If you change your perspective, you can realize that at the end of the day, actually it works to your advantage. Accept the challenge, learn the rules like a pro because at some point your biggest weaknesses will become your greatest strengths. Well, over time I faced many challenges especially because the Romanian IT industry has undergone many legislative changes and we were forced to think and rethink our solutions to offer the best results for our clients.

Cloudways: What is the reason behind starting 4ideas? How was the experience? What were the big challenges you guys faced in setting up this company? Share with us the idea that triggered you to come up with this company. Where do you see the company in the coming years?

Bogdan: 7 years ago, there were very few digital agencies in Romania. So, 4ideas has appeared as a response in order to educate the brands about the importance of digital tools in business development. 4ideas means digital engineering for smart brands. It also means that we’ll always ask you what? why? where? when? We help entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life.

Cloudways: Bogdan, how do you connect yourself with Magento? You chose the Mage life or did the Mage life choose you 🙂 ? Share your interesting experiences from the Magento community with our readers.

Bogdan: When we received the first requests to develop e­shops, we did rigorous research to find out the best open source eCommerce platforms. At that moment, just like now, Magento offered a great set of features and it was love at the first sight. Magento differentiates itself from other platforms and the marketers who developed it did a really good job. Since then, we continued to specialize in it in order to create effective shopping experiences for users.

Cloudways: As a Co-Founder of the Magento development company, what is your advice for merchants who want to make their ecommerce stores smooth?

Bogdan: They can choose to install Magento and to learn from community members which are the best practices or they can go for hosting to some professionals (such as us 🙂 ) to add the right extensions and a suitable customised theme for their e­shop.

Cloudways: Magento 2 is on the market. As we all know, ecommerce is growing with each passing day. In your opinion, what is the impact of Magento 2 on the ecommerce industry? What are your favorite changes in Magento 2?

Bogdan: Magento continues to innovate and the newly released Magento 2.0 offers easier and personalized multi-­channel shopping experiences in a more cost effective way. Another good news for merchants is that with Magento 2.0 you’re able to offer more relevant information to the shopper, such as special content, offers and product recommendations based on the customer profiles, online behaviour and purchase history.

One of my favorite changes is the replacement of the JavaScript Prototype with jQuery library, which is more permissive and it helps interaction designers to create better interfaces. Also, responsive design is a change that can’t be overlooked because it allows the consumer to continue his shopping journey across different devices, offering better conversion rates.

Cloudways: You attended Meet Magento Romania 2015. Share some of your best moments from MM15RO with our readers. In your opinion, what are the main advantages of Magento events like Meet Magento? Do you think Meet Magento is the platform where persons can involve themselves in the community? What are the benefits of Meet Magento for newbies?

Bogdan: MM15RO represented a useful experience for newbies, entrepreneurs and developers as well. Meet Magento events are a good opportunity where you can meet worldwide professionals who share the same interests as you, to get in touch with the latest trends in eCommerce industry, and to meet good developers which can answer your questions or to end up working for you :).

Cloudways: Bogdan, some people find it hard to manage their work-life balance. With a hectic schedule already in place, how do you find time to manage yourself? Is there any secret that your friends don’t know about you? Share it with our readers.

Bogdan: Keeping a work/­life balance is a challenge because there’s always something to do, especially when you believe in excellence and professionalism, as I do. So, in order to attain it, I choose to start with changing my lifestyle. ­ I meditate every morning and I don’t eat meat anymore. Now I’m in a better mood and I have more energy which allows me to spend more time with my family and friends.

Cloudways: Magento uses extensions and modules. Name 5 must-have extensions for Magento-based websites.

Bogdan: SEO Suite Ultimate, Sphinx Search Ultimate, BelVG, Facebook Connect, One Page Checkout.

Cloudways: Every one of us gets inspiration from some influential personalities. Name some of the people within the Magento industry who have influenced and inspired you throughout your life?

Bogdan: Alan Storm, Ben Marks, Thomas Goletz, Thomas Fleck.

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