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Agency Spotlight: How a Determined College Dropout Runs a Successful Digital Marketing Agency at 16

Updated on September 6, 2022

3 Min Read
Main- Avlanche

Avlanche is a digital marketing company founded back in 2017. The company was started by a 16 years old dropout who was determined to make an impact in the digital marketing landscape.

Avlanche started operating from Sri Lanka and now has branches in China and the UK. The company is run by a team of young and talented individuals and now serves 50+ businesses worldwide.

Avlanche’s Niche

According to Niresh, Avlanche mainly works with B2B manufacturing niche clients. They’ve chosen this niche since it’s highly challenging, and the agency loves to tackle such challenges.

What Are Avlanche’s Proud Achievements?

Avlanche takes pride in creating job opportunities for youngsters in Sri Lanka and helping them improve their lifestyles. They are also opening up a branch in Australia, serving as another milestone for them.

Challenges Avlanche Faced and Overcame

The ever-evolving landscape of the digital marketing industry itself is a major challenge for the agency. Avlanche believes that you must stay updated with the latest digital marketing happening and SEO trends & technologies for sustainable growth.

According to Avlanche, recruiting the right people is among the key challenges in the digital marketing domain. However, they have learned that experience isn’t everything. It’s more critical to hire resources who are passionate about their work and keen to learn, research, and adapt to the latest trends.

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3 Most Fruitful Strategies for Avlanche

Consistency, research, and systems are the factors that have always worked well for Avlanche. Whenever clients reach out to them for help, they initially don’t change their current way of handling things.

After the initial client onboarding process, Avlanche starts making gradual but consistent changes. And these changes are a slow-burning fire but give tremendous results in the long run.

They also consider Research as a critical part of their strategy.

“We can’t simply take one client’s success strategy as an example and apply it to another client’s business.”

Avlanche always spends more time researching and crafting tailor-made strategies for its clients.  Once that’s done, they get closer to building systems as they believe everything in this world has a pattern. When they get the hang of the problem, they tweak, test, and implement the right solutions.

Avlanche has scaled up its business and provided positive results to its clients, thanks to its systems. So, they believe in upgrading their systems with time, or they’ll go outdated and stop giving results.

Avlanche’s Most Challenging Project and Their Learnings From It

Avlanche most challenging project was with a client who sold wholesale custom medals. They had to revise the client’s website more than 3 times, creating many landing pages, and eventually generating leads.

They worked hard, and it gave them more than 1000+ leads and clients within one year.

Niresh said “What we learned is that sometimes you have to keep trying and put yourself in the buyer’s shoes to understand the pain points. That’s the way to solve problems for your clients!”

3 Tools Avlanche Uses

Avalanche uses using the following three agency tools:

  • Ahrefs/Semrush for keyword research, overall SEO tasks
  • Lark Suit for team communication
  • Nifty PM for project management

How Has Cloudways Contributed to the Success of Avlanche?

Cloudways has been pivotal in the success of Avlanche.

“For us, Cloudways is a one-stop solution for an agency that is serious about their clients’ results. The ease of use and still being able to host in servers from Linode, Vultr, and Digital ocean is a huge game changer. Adding to it, customer support is always a delight.”

They are a satisfied Cloudways customer and have made their agency’s workflow simpler and more manageable with our platform. When asked for a comparison with other hosting services, Niresh commented:

“We have used many servers and server providers in the past, and most companies lack something with their service. For example, if you take a shared hosting, so-called cloud hosting, people are not aware that they have noisy neighbors sharing servers with them, which might affect their SEO results.”

Cloudways makes it easy for people to host their websites on multiple IaaS providers like Linode, Vultr, or Digital Ocean which is otherwise, as Niresh said, “tangling and something that brings headaches”

Avlanche’s Advice for Those Starting a New Agency

Niresh has some tips for budding digital marketers and those who want to start an agency:

“Don’t give up. I know this is not original, but the truth is in whatever we do, there will always be challenges that may put you down, or drag you back. Mostly, you won’t see any sudden growth even though you spend most of the time of your day working on getting your agency on track. 

But, Keep going on because even the small things you are doing now will have a huge growth impact in the long run, and you’ll thank yourself for that.”

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Raza Aslam Lakhani

I'm a digital content producer at Cloudways. I'm also a hodophile- always ready to explore new places and cultures. Other than that, I play guitar and love to indulge myself in deep, meaningful conversations. Always looking for opportunities to learn new things.


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