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    The backbone of your ecommerce store.

    Tips by Ecommerce Gurus

    I prefer Magento as it’s more customizable and more scalable for bigger enterprises.

    Will Brammer
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    Magento Support Manager at TwoJay

    I recommend shopify to my customers where they only have a small budget and the operation of the ecommerce are simple (like a regular ecommerce). On the other hand, I strongly recommend Magento when my customer wants to create a whole well done shopping experience.

    Roberto Carlos
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    CEO at Reevolution

    Improve your online presence with the right mix of tools.

    Tips by Ecommerce Gurus

    Unique product descriptions and good research in regards to search string queries you may be able to capitalise on.

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    Search engine optimization services

    My tip would be ” keyword research ” certain times of the year result in certain areas being searched for. Ensure you research well.

    Craig Campbell
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    SEO expert who has been doing SEO for 16 years

    Tips to reach out to the right people, at the right time.

    Tips by Ecommerce Gurus

    Be relevant, be different, be bold. If that don’t works, just run some ads.

    Tom Reidy
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    Head of Social media at

    Build a community and create a hashtag like I did to promote SMEs #buyfromansmethisxmas

    Samantha Kelly
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    Founder womensinspireIE

    Gain valuable customer insights, build relationships and enhance experiences for your customers.

    Tips by Ecommerce Gurus

    Marketing automation is key: it empowers marketers to review their processes and make the most out of it.

    Fanny Heuck
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    Digital Marketing Professional

    Marketing Automation facilitates lead management effectively & can be a huge empowerment to deploy segmented campaigns.

    Gillan Karren
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    Digital Marketer

    Learn how to deploy and measure the effectiveness of email campaigns.

    Tips by Ecommerce Gurus

    Build an email list through LinkedIn connections and Meetup groups. Extract the email addresses and then nurture them with high quality content.

    Jeremy Liddle
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    Entrepreneur and Co-founder of CapitalPitch

    Think of an awesome campaign that is different and stands out. Then create content for #Social that matches your #emailmarketing.

    Amanda Jeffs
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    Co-Founder of Russian Trading

    Learn how to easily build a successful dropshipping business

    Keep up with the latest innovations in ecommerce.

    Tips by Ecommerce Gurus

    Chatbots and AI can aid the customer journey by guiding visitors to discount deals — in alignment with their past behaviour. [Think: Amazon. Always!]

    Sam Hurley
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    Digital Marketing Professional

    AI is crucial to proper marketing automation for ecommerce. Think chatbots, predictive analytics and more

    Adriana Tica
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    Owner of Idunn1

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