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Social Media Experts On How To Make It Big This Holiday Season

Updated on  6th November

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Social media has taken the world by storm. Whether you have a B2B, B2C, C2C business model, you simply couldn’t ignore the impact of social media on your sales. In the context of ecommerce, social media is among the most important aspects of your overall sales strategy. Given the approaching Holiday Season, it is essential that ecommerce stores should start planning social media strategies for maximizing  sales.

Social Media Experts Tips

According to Statista, “There are over 2.46 billion social network users worldwide in 2017 with Facebook being the most popular network with over 2 billion active monthly users”

If you still have any doubts, see what Neil Patel has to say about social media marketing in one of his article:

“Social media marketing gives you the chance to ‘humanize’ your brand. Social media is powerful, because it gives you the chance to connect with people, in a personal way.”

Realizing the importance of social media, my colleagues and I decided to reach out the top social media experts for their top tips for making the most of this Holiday Season. I believe that these tips could make a significant impact on the performance of your ecommerce store this Holiday Season.

We asked the experts a simple question, “What’s your top social media tip for this Holiday Season?”

The responses from the experts were:

Identify Your Audience

Mike Allton, Content Marketing Practitioner, The Social Media Hat, advised:

“First and foremost, I always remind businesses to put themselves in their customer’s shoes, particularly during the busy holiday season. If your target audience is consumers, for instance, you likely know that they’re started to feel stressed about upcoming holiday expectations and demands, as well as bombarded by more and more commercials, ads and sales. The last thing a business wants to do is add to that, yet too often we see business owners and marketers just trying to yell louder in the hope that it’s their message that might be heard through the noise.

With your customer mindset known, you can craft social messages that help them and are different from the non-stop calls to Buy Now.

What sets your product apart? What issues does it solve? What can you do for your customers that may only remotely relate to your product?

You see, the Holiday Season presents unique opportunities and challenges for most businesses. It’s a busy time of year and highly competitive space to be marketing in. Yet at the same time, it’s also a season that’s almost uniformly applicable, with obvious tie-ins. You know that weekend shopping traffic is only going to get worse and worse in the weeks leading up to Christmas. You know that some people will be dreading family events and activities, while others will be thinking of nothing else. You know that kids are going go be excited – as will the kid inside many adults – how can you speak to those truths?

It’s worth taking the time to think these things through and come up with ideas, themes & messages that will resonate best with your audience.”

How you can make the best use of social media to generate more leads

Value Your Audience

Jessica Northey, a social media entrepreneur with over 549K followers, advised:

Brian Fanzo, founder and CEO of iSocialFanz, added:

Soy Carito Ruiz, an inbound marketing consultant, gave her top tip:

Wanita Z Fourie, CEO & founder of The Online Business Academy, advised:

Jeff Brown, founder & CEO of  Alpha Social Media®, added:

Amar Trivedi, a social media community manager at Samsung NZ, said:

Don’t Forget Hashtags

Samantha Kelly, founder of womensinspireIE, advised:

Videos Are The Game Changer

Michael A. Stelzner, founder of SocialMedia Examiner, added:

Daniel, an honest webmaster at, added:

Madalyn Sklar, host of #TwitterSmarter chat gave her top tip:

Run Social Contests

Gina Schreck, CEO SocialKNX, offered her top tip:

Align Social and Email Efforts

Amanda Jeffs, co-founder of Soul Code, said:

Ad Retargeting Can Make a Huge  Difference

David Iwanow, SEO manager at SchibstedMediaGroup, gave his top tip:

Bryce York, Founder  UTM Link Manager, advised:

Vilma Núñez, founder of Convierte más, participated in the discussion:

John Paul Aguiar, Owner and Publisher at Money Dummy Blog, gave his top advice:

“The best things an ecommerce business can do this holiday season on social media is to create super targeted content directed at different audiences.  Also taking advantage of retargeting is a smart move, it is cheaper to resell to an existing customer then it is to gain a new customer.”

Review Your LinkedIn Presence

Jo Saunders, a social media & content marketing strategist, brought attention to an oft-ignored point:

Keep It Simple

Deb Lee, founder of D. Allison Lee LLC, said:

Produce Holiday Themed Content

Lilach Bullock, a Social Media Specialist, speaker and trainer, advised:

The last few months of the year offer a lot of opportunities for great social media content; plus, it’s the perfect time to post some holiday-themed videos – both live streamed and regular videos.

Videos are some of the best performing forms of content on social media; the more quality videos you produce, the more people you will reach, which then leads to more engagement, more traffic, more leads, and more conversions.

Try showcasing your products in vides, particularly if you have any holiday-themed products. There are so many ways to do so, such as ‘how to gift wrap’ videos, unwrapping videos, holiday events from around the office, and so on – just use your imagination and start spreading some holiday cheer to your social media audience :)”

Nicolina Wroblewski, founder of Wobbly Media, mentioned:

Segmentation Can Give Great Results

Amir Zonozi, CSO at Zoomph, gave his top tip:

Wrapping Up

According to Mordecai Holtz, co-founder and chief strategist of Blue Thread Marketing:

All I want for the holidays is user-generated content.

Want to connect with audiences when they are already inundated with advertisements?

Make them the hero!  

Any brand that can actively leverage user-generated content are the ones that will drive deeper connections with fans.

We’ve become immune to social ads.

Showcasing authentic photos of your audience drives your intended message while encouraging a deeper, emotional interest from new and loyal fans alike.

Relate to them with real people, in real moments, using your product and services.

Featuring fans earns you social cred, engagement, and trust. Not to mention that your brand will get a better sense of how your audience uses your product and what motivates them.

Everyone is jolly.

Deck the walls with social media

Give your product and campaign a ‘viral’ boost…by making the entire experience interactive.  

Try creating a social hub that shares and highlights all of the aggregated content from all of the social campaigns. Consumers that share with their community….featuring them, you and spread the holiday cheer to the world.

Make the experience great but don’t forget the in-store live wall experience.  

[Bonus Tip] Be Consistent

Nika Stewart, CEO of Ghost Tweeting, gave her top tip:

That’s it for today!

But if you want to read more about making it big this holiday season check out ecommerce experts’ tips for hitting a  home run this holiday season and SEO experts offer top tips for holiday season.

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Sajjad Shahid

Sajjad is an Ecommerce Community Manager at Cloudways. He loves helping out Ecommerce store owners, merchants and marketers in establishing their businesses and startups. Sajjad enjoys playing table tennis and cricket over the weekend.

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