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Use Chatbot For Ecommerce Stores For Ultimate Holiday Season Success

October 25, 2017

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Time to recollect yourself and prepare for the holiday season. This is the time when search volumes go through the roof as customers scour the Internet for the best deals of the holiday season. And right now is the time for retailers to opt for technologies and ideas that help their store stands out among the noise.

Chatbot for Ecommerce

If you’re out on the quest of finding that one idea that can help make you big this season, you need look no further than a digital representative at your store that never sleeps. Chatbots for ecommerce stores today are all but a living human being. They employ Artificial Intelligence to simulate human-like speech capabilities. More advanced versions incorporate Machine Learning algorithms and automatic speech recognition to offer a more natural sounding experience.

Whether the world likes it or not, chatbots have the prospects of taking over the customer service process of almost all businesses conducted over the web. Gartner predicts that “by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human.”  

Success Stories

There are numerous examples of companies that have incorporated chatbots in their customer-facing storefronts. H&M, a popular clothing store, uses its Kik based chatbot that helps customers choose the best outfit from the store. Similarly, American Eagle’s Aerie has a bot that helps users select products.

Social media based chatbots offer the best user-interaction and involvement opportunities because of the wide user base and the high interest level of the users. Capturing the audience attention on these platforms can prove to be easy and efficient. Examples of such companies includes Tommy Hilfiger and SnapTravel, that found success with their Facebook Messenger bot. SnapTravel has even reported to have raised $8 million to accelerate lead management in conversational commerce.

What Can a Chatbot Do for Your Store?

A chatbot doesn’t complain, it requires no holiday and you don’t even have to pay overtime for its services.In fact, chatbots offer services that far exceed the potentials of a human, and today has become essential to the success of your ecommerce store. So it’s not just about this Holiday Season; chatbots are the way forward in maintaining competitive edge in the face of the cut-throat competition.

Chatbots, when properly deployed could take the pressure off of the human customer service team. This is especially a blessing for small to mid-sized ecommerce stores where the customer service is handled as an in-house function. So, when you’re stressed out with the overwhelming pressures of the holiday season, you can count on your chatbot to transform customer experiences and boost sales.

Another important aspect of deploying chatbots at your ecommerce store is the increase in the quality of the customer interactions. Unlike a human agent, a chatbot could instantly look up available customer information from the local records. Several newer chatbots could go beyond the store’s records to pull information from different social media channels. The result is an enhanced user experience with highly personalized real-time responses.

To further convince you to deploy chatbot(s) at your ecommerce store, I will now discuss the three key benefits that address the woes of every business owner, and add great value to ecommerce stores.  

Cost Effectiveness

Nothing in this world comes free. That might not be true for a chatbot though. Once deployed, a chatbot can efficiently handle the customer services of your store without further expenses.

According to a report, chatbots could replace 29% of the amount spent on customer service representatives, resulting in billions in savings annually.

A chatbot can automate order processes, effectively resolve the queries of customers and maintain records of previous conversations. All this can be done at very low cost (as compared to comparable human agent). Imagine replacing your customer support telephone lines and the personnel behind them with the latest technology and an ultimate user experience.

At the same time, it is important to understand that customer service on social platforms is not just an option anymore. It has become an essential store-level requirement. You’re capturing customer attention across the Internet, Offering your customers more options and helping them out by instantly resolving any issues right there and then.

Highly Personalized Customer Service

Convenience should be the ultimate goal of an ecommerce store. In this age and time, when small and new ecommerce players struggle to succeed in a highly competitive market, customer satisfaction could mean everything for your business.

An important aspect of customer satisfaction is personalization, an element that makes customers feel understood and cherished. In fact, personalization is perhaps the biggest advantage of a chatbot. This is because a chatbot is able to record previous conversations and interactions. As a result, a returning customer doesn’t has to go into the details each and every time. At the same time, the chatbot is able to learn from previous instances and improves the responses by making them more personalized. Chatbot allows ecommerce stores make customers feel special. You can build personal relationship with customers and leverage the data (collected during the interactions) to create a better personalized experience that result in a better chance of conversion.  

Boost Sales and Grow Your Business

The advantages of chatbots are not just limited to customer satisfaction. In fact, the multiple level of benefits can add up to an overall success of your business. Ecommerce stores can use the power of a chatbot to accurately handle product orders from multiple customers and speed up the entire ordering and lead management process.

At the same time, with the adoption of chatbot, your business is perceived as an up-to-date brand that is innovative and efficient. This enhances trust and loyalty from your customers. In addition, these customers increase brand footprint through word-of-mouth advertising.

Wrapping Up

The use of chatbot can definitely boost the prospects of your business. But more than anything, it gives you a leg up knowing that the future is all about AI and a technology-driven online industry. A chatbot can do for you what it did for SnapTravel, a company that allows users to discover and book hotels over messaging. The company has recorded over $1 million in revenue on Facebook Messenger in less than a year.

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Sajjad Shahid

Sajjad is an Ecommerce Community Manager at Cloudways. He loves helping out Ecommerce store owners, merchants and marketers in establishing their businesses and startups. Sajjad enjoys playing table tennis and cricket over the weekend.

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