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This Infographic Has 17 Great Tips for Increasing Conversion Rate

Updated on  28th October

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Web shopping makes up 40% of the global sales. With the growing Internet boom, the number is supposed to grow 50% by 2018. Such a high demand on web shopping is mainly caused by the convenience of the process. You do not need to leave home for the shopping center to buy something. Your order will be placed right away and delivered to porch, which frees you from the necessity to stand in a long queue. Additionally, with the global shift from desktop to handheld devices, people have started making more purchases on the go. Taking into consideration all the aforementioned factors, we can assume that running an ecommerce site (that is both user- and mobile-friendly) is indispensable for any business that wants to boost sales.

Building an online store is only a tip of the iceberg. Next, you need to work out a clever marketing strategy that will help you succeed in your field. This is when a freshly-crafted 17 Ecommerce Conversion Boosters infographic by TemplateMonster should come in handy.


Created in the form of a puzzle, the infographic is made up of 17 pieces, each presenting one of the proven ecommerce techniques. Such a design was selected for the purpose – the more pieces you can merge, the more successful your online strategy will be, which results in the higher conversion rates. In that way, if you want to gain maximum profit, don’t miss a single piece of the puzzle.

For a more appealing and interactive look, the infographic features dynamic, animated elements. Thus, the guys at TemplateMonster have come up with a new term: Gifographic. By means of multiple colors and GIF animation, the design looks more visually pleasing and so much easier to navigate. What’s more, it is lightweight, so you can enjoy the interactive investigation of the world of ecommerce without worrying about the slow page loading.

Here it is! Take a tour yourself!

How to Increase Conversions infographic

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Owais Khan

Owais works as Strategic Partnership Manager at Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform.

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