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The Top 20+ Ecommerce Website Design Examples You Need to See

Updated on March 14, 2023

15 Min Read
Ecommerce Website Design Examples

Website’s design is the heart of any ecommerce business.

And if you’re planning to have one, you’ll need to be careful with your store’s design. Impressive designs convert visitors into customers.

Lackadaisical designs result in abandoned carts, increased bounce rates, and an overall decline in business health. Sloppy ecommerce stores also struggle to fetch high rankings on the SERPs.

The key is to optimize your website to offer a top-notch user experience. Without that, you’ll have a hard time running the business online.

But fret not.

Here’s a list of 22 of the best ecommerce website designs you can review and take inspiration from when building or relaunching a website for your ecommerce business.

How to Make the Best Ecommerce Website Design

Well, this can be a little subjective since every business will want a website with design elements that are true to its brand.

But, there are some key ingredients of a high-performing ecommerce website. Let’s look at them!

Focus On User-Friendly Navigation

A confusing website is a bad omen for an ecommerce business.

Everything from the first touch point to your checkout process must be so simple that a 10-year-old can handle it. Complex layouts will make your visitors bounce off. Most of the websites we’ve covered have a neat and user-friendly layout.

user friendly navigation

Have a look at this one as an example. Looking at the homepage, you can see how easy it would be to get what you want from this store.

There’s actually a rule called KISS – Keep it Simple, Silly!

Be sure to follow it at all steps of crafting your ecommerce website, and you’ll reap great results.

Create a Mobile-Responsive Design

92% of people who access the internet do so via their mobile devices. It was estimated that mobile ecommerce sales would reach $314 billion in 2021, making up approximately 54% of the total ecommerce sales.

In this light, you can expect a significant percentage of people hitting your ecommerce site with their mobile phones.

The following elements may require adjustments to ensure a proper response:

  • Buttons: The size and margin should be adapted to prevent errors.
  • Menu Navigation: It may be necessary to create a separate menu navigation to ensure adequate sizing and padding.
  • Phone Numbers: They should be displayed as numbers, not images, to allow users to tap to call easily.
  • Form Fields: The size of fields should be increased for easy completion and submission on smaller screens.

If your website isn’t mobile responsive and mobile-friendly, they’ll instantly bounce away. And you’ll lose business.

Leverage Customization

The internet is filled with generic ecommerce themes that many sites use.

Make sure your’s isn’t a copy cat as well. Sure, you can start working with a theme but make sure to customize your site and make it truely reflect your brand’s identity.  Customization options are available for various website elements, ranging from design, animations, and typography to colour themes and pop-ups.

By leveraging these options, website owners can tailor their website to meet their brand’s and audience’s specific needs. Whether adjusting the layout to suit mobile devices better, experimenting with font choices to improve readability, or adding eye-catching animations to engage visitors, there are many ways to make a website stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Make sure you make the best customizations to attract as many visitors as possible.

Think Like the Customer

Ecommerce store owners often think that what’s beautiful and simple for them is also beautiful and simple for the visitors.


You’ll need to think like a customer and design a website that meets their needs.

Want to know the 3 simplest ways to do that?

Here’s what you should focus do:

  1. Visit your competitors and look for problems in their layout. Determine what their customers could be struggling with and then fix that in your website. Voila! You’ll have a customer-friendly website without losing a dime.
  2. Build personas of your customers and see what they like and don’t. Then make an appropriate site that they’ll love.
  3. Do test runs from potential customers on your site before taking it live. Integrate their responses to offer a more tailored site to your visitors.

Use High-Res Product Images

High-quality images are an absolute essential for ecommerce stores.

Unlike brick-and-mortar transactions, people can’t have the true feel of products online. However, with high-res product images, you help your visitors imagine the truest picture of your product, making it easy for them to buy from you.

Using High Res Images

Check out Mahabis to better understand how a store populated with high-res images can look so awesome.

Social Proof/Trust Signals

Again, when shopping online, people heavily rely on feedback.

Statistics show that 99.9% of people read reviews before getting something, and 96% hunt for negative reviews specifically.

So, not having reviews on your site can be a mistake. Also, only displaying positives can be an  augury as well.

It’s best that you paint the truest picture to your clients. It’d be even better if you could share ratings from credible third-party sites such as G2 or Trustpilot.

Cloudways Trustpilot ReviewExample of Cloudways Rating from Trustpilot

This will make your business appear trustworthy, and people won’t hesitate much to purchase your products.

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22 Amazing Ecommerce Website Design Examples to Seek Inspiration From

As a business owner, staying informed about industry trends and learning from peers and competitors is essential. One way to do this is to examine some of the top ecommerce websites and identify elements that could be successful for your business.

You can gain valuable insights into what works well in your industry by taking notes on design elements, user experience features, and marketing strategies. By incorporating these successful elements into your own website, you can improve the overall user experience and increase the likelihood of attracting and retaining customers.

With that in mind, here’s a list of 22 ecommerce website designs we believe you should definitely take inspiration from.

1. Bliss

Bliss Homepage

On #1, we have Bliss. Bliss is a fantastic ecommerce website. The company manufactures and sells various skincare products, including masks, face washes, etc.

True to its brand voice, Bliss maintains an aura of fun throughout their marketing and branding efforts.

One glimpse at the website is enough to leave the viewer with cheerful, joyous vibes. Plus, they’ve kept the website easy to navigate.

Also, they get to business fast and don’t waste time with unnecessary information.

From the very first page, you start seeing products and offers.

One prominent thing about the Bliss website is that it loads really fast. They’re likely using a fast online store hosting that lets the website load quickly.

2. Greats

The Reign

Greats captures everything that is good about modern UI elements.

It has a very minimalistic interface with oversized pictures of its products. No matter how far you scroll, a picture of their sneakers accompanies the page.

It’s pretty forceful. Also, no picture of the product is without an action button. Looks like Greats knows it’s easy to lose a visitor at any point of their surfing journey, and they don’t want them to go away.

Caution — Though Greats has done a good job on the action buttons, but without careful designing, it’s easy to overdo it. If you want to implement action buttons everywhere, ensure it’s natural and doesn’t look forceful and annoying.

3. Nalen Ayurveda

Nalen Ayurveda Website Design

Nalen Ayurveda sells ayurvedic skin care products.

In the about us section, the owners say they want to bring back a sense of harmony and balance in people. That’s certainly true for their website.

At first glance, you’ll see that the home page has a unique balance of colours, design, animation, and text. And it’s a super simple website with just 3 tabs in the navigation bar.

You should keep things simple for your store, as complicated stores scare customers away.

4. Dress Up

Dress Up Website Design

Dress Up is a women’s clothing boutique.

Their website is just Awesome. It’s has a nice contrast of bright colours and big, bold text copy, which is pleasant on the eyes yet easy to view.

Their layout is simple, which would definitely contribute to their ecommerce sales.

Filled with vibrant, striking images of their products, this website will lure in customers and make them drop some dollars on a beautiful new dress or two.

5. Magic Spoon

Magic Spoon Website Design

Magic Spoon looks like a super jolly brand that sells high protein cereals. Reminds me of that one Powerpuff Girls episode about the Lucky Captain Rabbit King Nuggets cereal.

The website is lively and has a simple navigation bar. And on the top part, you can see an offer immediately.

One thing that could be improved is the text color on the navigation bar. The white color for the About Us button isn’t clearly visible and fades in the background image.

This is something to keep in mind when developing your own website – to keep all the text readable.

Moving on, Magic Spoon flaunts reviews from famous personalities to make their site more credible.

6. The Nuff

The Nuff Website Design

The Nuff is a children’s book with a powerful story.

The author od this book was a cancer patient. While battling cancer, she worked and produced The Nuff to inspire her daughters in her absence. But the book is now an inspiration for girls around the globe.

Coming to the website, The Nuff has a pretty simple design. It’s built to attract young kids and their parents alike. The web copy on the page is appealing. Plus, there’s a buy button right in front with payment options and offers clearly stated.

Overall, the website is neat and easy on the eyes — definitely a worthy option to take inspiration from for your website if your audience is young.

7. Decibullz

Decibullz Website Design

Decibullz is an ear care brand that sells airpods & customized earplugs and earphones.

Their website is a treat to browse as well. First impressions – it’s so simple. The elegant black-and-white theme catches the eye instantly. Then, right off the bat, they offer action buttons for their products.

And that’s necessary for ecommerce stores. Because people are looking for quick solutions online. Don’t make them struggle unnecessarily. Else, you’ll lose them.

Also worth noting is how they’ve coloured their discount offer on the bottom left side. Amidst the black-and-white theme, this really becomes noticeable.

Overall, Decibullz is a simple and effective ecommerce website for sure.

8. Hebe

Hebe Website Design

One look at Hebe’s ecommerce web design makes it clear that the company relies heavily on its photography.

Contrary to several other examples in this list, Hebe’s colour scheme isn’t too loud, that lets people focus more on the visual elements and reduces distractions.

The store uses high-quality images, which helps people understand what the products look like.

They also use a thicker font, making for easy readability and a unique aesthetic. What’s really likable about this website is its simple navigation bar. Users don’t have to make much effort to find what they need. This eventually results in better conversion rates.

9. Bohemian Traders

Bohemian Traders Website Design

For people looking for ecommerce website design inspiration, look no further than Bohemian Traders.

True to its name, the website has incorporated a bohemian touch into its aesthetic.

Visitors can navigate easily between different clothing categories, accessories, and promotions and occasions.

The use of muted colors keeps the attention firmly on the products. And the folds on the home page show product categories you can browse.

A deeper dig into the website shows that the products are neatly categorized with the price and description.

Bohemian Traders is definitely a store to look at when playing around with your ecommerce store’s design.

10. Allbirds

Allbirds Website Design

Allbirds sells shoes made with natural materials.

The website has a pretty engaging hero section with an interesting copy. It piques interest and pushes people to explore more.

Again, action buttons are in the hero section to let people start shopping from the first touchpoint.

And the photo with shoes in the lab is also something new for visitors. Surely, something that hooks attention and can turn eyeballs into conversions.

11. Beardbrand

Beardbrand Website Design

Beardbrand is an ecommerce store that sells beard products.

It’s different from most ecommerce websites we’ve covered so far. The site has zero images in the hero section and displays the brand’s conception story.

The layout, however, is super simple. Just hover over the ‘shop’ button to see all the products this store sells.

Scrolling down a little, you’ll see the website also has high-res images. Beardbrand also flaunts the platform where this brand has been featured. This is essential if you want your brand to appear credible in the eyes of your visitors.

12. Moreporks

Moreporks Website Design

Moreporks takes a slightly different approach to website design.

The website opens with a strong, hi-res visual of a river captured from inside the deck of a ship. The video resonates with the brand’s outdoorsy vibe.

So, video visuals is another element to put in your bag for your website’s design.

Back to Moreporks, the store is really simple. It’s not the most beautiful out there, but with the least distractions and such easy navigation, it makes it super easy to buy from them.

Just one scroll on their homepage will take you to their new arrivals section. This shows that they want their visitors to get straight to shopping without wasting a minute with unnecessarily flowery web texts.


RYDER Website Design

RYDER means straight-up business.

Simple design, limited choices, nothing confusing – that’s the RYDER style.

It’s actually a great strategy to funnel in more sales from your store. Because messy and flashy websites can confuse people, making them bounce away from your store.

RYDER has really kept it simple. The navigation bar is also noteworthy.

If your business doesn’t have many categories, then RYDER’s design elements can fit your site’s structure pretty well.

14. Mahabis

Mahabis Website Design

Mahabis is a footwear store. The best part about their website is the colour scheme. It’s bright, creative, and doesn’t fall heavy on the eyes.

There are action buttons everywhere that the visitors can click and go directly to the product pages.

Overall, it’s clean, classy, and action-oriented.

Also, as you scroll down the home page, you’ll see their promotions under 3 sub-categories:

  • Bestsellers
  • New in
  • Last chance

And they’ve also shared their Trustpilot rating to build credibility.

If you’ve also got something to build credibility, like ratings or user reviews, do share them. It’ll make your store look trustworthy, and the audience will be more confident when purchasing from you.

15. Jackie Smith

Jackie Smith Website Design

At number 9, you have Jackie Smith, yet another example of a phenomenal ecommerce website design that manages to pull off bright colors.

The bright color palette is splashed all over the website as well as the products. It’s a fantastic design aesthetic that has become quite popular in the past few years, and it’s obvious that it’s here to stay.

Again, Jackie Smith also has a simple website layout despite all the bring colours. They’ve kept navigation simple so that their visitors aren’t distracted and can shop easily.

16. Muroexe

Muroexe Website Design

Muroexe has a very intriguing ecommerce website design!

The buttons are neatly placed, and the nav bar isn’t complex either. The images on the home page look pretty decent and well-sorted. From the first page only, you can start filling the carts with Muroexe’s best-seller products.

Overall, it’s a simple and effective design that you can take inspiration from for your store as well.

17. Natural Force

Natural Force Website Design

Natural Force is an Aussie organic training supplement website with a pretty simplistic ecommerce web design.

The website is engaging and immediately offers visitors a quiz, after which they’ll get a customized offer based on their responses.

The best part?

The website doesn’t look cluttered at all. The general vibe of the website is pretty cheery and something that you can have for your own business as well.

18. Hippie Runner

Hippie Runner Website Design

Hippie Runner is an apparel store with an interesting website.

The home page shows a clear contrast between the navigation menu and the offers.

The offer part is colorful and exciting enough to catch attention, while the menu is so simple that visitors won’t have any difficulty finding what they need.

The website maintains a cool, flashy vibe, true to its name – Hippie Runner.

19. Appliances Online

Appliances Online Website Design

Appliances Online sells tons of products. If your store is also one that sells lots of products, then take inspiration from Appliances Online’s design.

Notice how the design isn’t boring at all, yet so simplistic that it doesn’t take the focus away from the product categories.

The moment you log on to the page, you will notice that the design speaks for itself, with a simple white background and well-sorted categories. Also, when you however over the categories, you are presented with subcategories as well.

This makes it easy for visitors to purchase what they want without wasting time sifting through unnecessary stuff.

20. Bremont

Bremont Website Design

Bremont is a luxury watch brand. Everything about the site speaks of luxury.

It starts building a solid impression from the first interaction with the visitors. Instead of bombarding visitors with all of their products at once, it takes them through a journey and slowly shows all that they sell.

Plus, if you a visitor is looking for something specific, they can easily find that from the simple navigation bar on top.

The hero section is really elegant and aligns with the brand’s luxurious theme.

21. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club Website Design

The Dollar Shave Club has a pretty simple and sober design. The choice of colour is also brilliant. Blue is generally considered a masculine color which is perfect since the business sells products to men.

The design is simple, navigable, and has the right words to keep the visitors intrigued.

The Dollar Shave Club also has put up reviews to make their website look credible to new visitors.

You’ll surely find a few things from this website that you can implement for your ecommerce store as well.

22. Boohoo

Boohoo Website Design

Boohoo doesn’t wait for a second to throw offers on your eyeballs.

The design and text style is such that the focus stays on the offer, and the visitor isn’t distracted by anything else.

Always keep this point in mind – don’t overdo the design so much that your visitors get distracted.

You want to impress them, sure, but it’s not in your best interest to make things complicated for them.

Ecommerce Website Design Checklist for Pages

It is a fact that even the most brilliantly designed website will fail without the right pages.

Your users will need different sorts of information from your site when they land. Not everyone will just be impressed by your flashy high-res pictures and place their orders.

Many visitors will take a deeper dig before handing over their hard earned dollars to you. But, with the right pages, you can ensure that it happens smoothly.

Here’s a must-follow page checklist when building up your ecommerce store:


This one’s a no brainer – put in the maximum effort on your homepage. This will often be your first touch point with your customers. If they don’t like the homepage, they’ll ricochet fast!

Keep it pleasant and engaging, and the visitors will keep going deeper in your funnel till they actually make a purchase.

Category pages

Messy websites never convert. Ensure that your products are neatly categorized in different pages so that the visitors don’t struggle to find what they need.

Product Landing Pages

Double-check that each product has the necessary details on its page. Such as size, colour options, make, model, etc.

The more thorough your pages are, the more assistive they’ll be for your visitors to make the decision.


Make the simplest possible checkout pages.

Complex checkout processes make ecommerce stores lose sales. Keep it simple. Have lots of payment options available. Also, allow guest checkouts. If people are forced to make an account, they likely abandon the carts.

About Us

Introduce your business on the About Us page. People are curious to know about businesses. Make sure you leave the right impression via your About Us page.

Introduce your values, your team members, and other relevant information here. Many people become loyal to businesses just because their values align with that of the business.

Shipping and Return Policy

Again, very important. Shipping and returning goods worry people the most when it comes to online purchases.

Be thorough with your return and shipping policies. Clearly-stated return policies make people confident in going through with a purchase. And knowing clearly about the shipping terms also let people decide whether they want to purchase from you or not.

Contact Form

There’ll always be a segment of people who’d want to connect with you. Either to clear up a query, inquire about sales or discounts, or even drop feedback. Make sure you have a contact form with which people can approach your business.

Conclusive Thoughts 

Ecommerce website design is super important. It’s all about using the design of your website to accentuate the personality of your business.

You can come up with a unique design and color palette, but it also has to best reflect your brand and design aesthetic. Carry out some A/B testing on your website to determine whether it’s effective or not, and don’t stop tinkering!

Remember, finding the best ecommerce website design isn’t going to be easy, but once you hit the sweet spot, you’ll have a windfall of customers!

Q1. What is ecommerce website design?

Ecommerce website design is the act of setting up an Ecommerce store for your prospective customers. While you envision the design of your Ecommerce website, you need to propose an elegant layout, and user-friendly product labels and images for an impactful appearance on the Internet.

Q2. What makes a good ecommerce website design?

A good ecommerce website design is made up of a mix of striking images, bold texts, artsy graphics, and easy navigation. Great user experience is the key to having a fully-functional ecommerce website design for your prospective customers.

Q3. How to build a healthy relationship with your dropshipping suppliers?

There’s no way to describe one “best” ecommerce platform. It depends on your needs. Some top options for the best ecommerce platforms include WordPress (Woocommerce), Magento, Joomla, Bigcommerce, and Shopify.

Q4. Which is the best free ecommerce platform?

If we measure in terms of the market percentage, WordPress is the most popular ecommerce platform, with a market share of 64.3%

Q5. How much money do ecommerce sites make?

According to data, a freshly established eCommerce store can generate just over $63,000 in monthly revenue after three months. However, keep in mind that several factors affect how much money your website generates, including your marketing efforts, the quality of products, the customers’ journey from browsing to shipping, and your support. It’s best to do your research depending on your niche before you launch an ecommerce site.

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