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Switch Your WooCommerce Host If You See These 7 Signs

May 4, 2018

5 Min Read
Reading Time: 5 minutes

Are you afraid of change? You think it’s too late to change your WooCommerce Store hosting?

If you have tried everything and your online store is not performing the way you would it to, maybe your current hosting provider is the real culprit.

Signs That Should Encourage to Switch Your Ecommerce Host

The problem is that many ecommerce store owners and administrators simply forget about the hosting provider. Thus, they try every performance hack they read on forum and blogs. Sometimes, the hacks work and sometimes, they don’t. The fact is that your hosting provider should ensure fast page load and adequate security as bare minimum ROI.

Here are the signs you need to watch out for and that are clear indicators that you need to switch your web host immediately.

  1. Your Store Goes Down Regularly
  2. Your Hosting Provider Doesn’t Provide Free SSL Certificates
  3. The Pricing Model is not Clear
  4. The Customer Service is Anything But
  5. Your Store Is Too Slow
  6. Your Hosting Provider Failed to Anticipate Your Success
  7. Your WooCommerce Hosting Binds Your Hands

1. Your Store Goes Down Regularly

Your Store Becomes out of Order Regularly

Uptime is the most basic feature of any WooCommerce-focused hosting solution. If your store goes down regularly, you are losing money every second of the outage. If your visitors find the “404 Page Not Found error,” they will never come back. Ensuring uptime is the core responsibility of your web host and if they fail at it, you should consider moving to a more dependable hosting provider. A choice at this point is cloud-based hosting that is designed from the ground up to be fast and always available.

2. Your Hosting Provider Doesn’t Provide Free SSL Certificates

If Your Hosting Provider Doesnt Provide Free SSL

If your current hosting provider is not able to offer you free SSL certificates, it’s time to change your hosting provider!

These days, security is an essential consideration for ecommerce stores. SSL certificates add a basic security layer. In addition, Google awards extra credits to ecommerce stores with SSL certificates and place them higher in SERPs. In fact, absent or expired SSL certificates could cause browsers (such Chrome and Firefox) to mark the store as unsecured. That leaves a very bad impression on the visitors.

3. The Pricing Model is not Clear

If You Take Advantage of Lower Prices

If you could not understand the pricing model of your hosting provider, you will never be able to calculate the cost of doing business accurately. This means that you could never be sure of your profit margins and what you could do to increase your revenue.

Market leading hosting providers base the invoices on pay-as-you-model. This means that they only charge you for the resources your store consumed during a billing cycle. If this is not the case, you should pay close attention to your invoice. Billing is one of the areas where unscrupulous hosting providers could do serious damage to your finances.

4. The Customer Service is Anything But

Customer Service Is Not Focused on Customer

Problems are an avoidable aspect of running an ecommerce store. There are so many things that could go wrong and you couldn’t possibly deal with them all on your own. This is why the quality of customer service is a make-or-break deal for many WooCommerce store owners. Many hosting providers either outsource their customer support or cut serious corners. Either way, it is you, the customer who has to face the consequences. Less-than-optimum customer service is ample grounds for switching your web host without thinking twice.

5. Your Store Is Too Slow

Your Ecommerce Store Is Too Slow

The bitter truth is that the attention span of an average online visitor is just 3 seconds. If your store doesn’t load up at this time, the visitor will close the tab and will perhaps not return. Worse yet, slow stores lose their position in Google’s SERPs. Ensuring fast page load time is the responsibility of your hosting solution provider. If your store is slow, you should test the load time through multiple tools and then look for another hosting with better load time.

6. Your Hosting Provider Failed to Anticipate Your Success

Your Hosting Provider Did Not Anticipate Your Success

If your hosting provider is unable to keep pace with your success, it is time to switch to a faster web host. As an ecommerce store grows, the requirements for physical resources and bandwidth increase exponentially. Many hosting providers, particularly shared and dedicated hosting providers fail to increase the allocated resources. A good choice for growing WooCommerce stores is cloud-based hosting that is better equipped for dealing with the sudden and gradual increase in requirements for resources.

7. Your WooCommerce Hosting Binds Your Hands

Your Ecommerce Hosting Binds Your Hands

You must be in control of your ecommerce store. This means that regardless of your skill level and ecommerce expertise, your hosting provider should be flexible enough to cater to the requirements of your online store. In many cases, ecommerce stores fail because the hosting providers failed to go an extra mile. If you think you need a better hosting, switch immediately.

If You Don’t Like Your WooCommerce Hosting … ESC!

If You Dont Like Your Ecommerce Hosting ESC

You should be comfortable working with your ecommerce host. If you think the hosting provider is not suitable for your current and future requirements, it is time to switch web host.

If you are thinking of switching web hosts, it is time you give Cloudways managed WooCommerce hosting a try. You have the choice of selecting your cloud infrastructure providers and other server related parameters. Since it is optimized for ecommerce applications (Magento and WooCommerce in particular), the ecommerce stores hosted on Cloudways experience industry standard page load time and virtually no downtime.

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