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WordPress Agency WPFlat™’s Clients Experienced 2x Speed, 20% Traffic Growth, and Reduced 50% Load Time After Moving to Cloudways


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Great Opomu
Great Opomu
Chief WordPress Officer

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About WPFlat™

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WPFlat™ is a Nigerian-based WordPress agency that provides solutions beyond design. As a trusted partner for businesses relying on WordPress, WPFlat™ offers different services, including building Learning Management System (LMS) solutions, automation services, corporate websites, and ecommerce platforms.

In their pursuit of reliable and scalable web hosting, WPFlat™’s Chief WordPress Officer, Great Opomu, found a perfect match in Cloudways. Before migrating to Cloudways, he hesitated to switch to cloud hosting due to concerns about complex server configurations and the tedious task of server and package upgrades.

However, Cloudways’ performance and reliability quickly won him over. The Platform proved to be incredibly reliable, simplifying the management of servers and packages. This convinced him that Cloudways was the ideal choice for a seamless and hassle-free hosting experience for his clients’ websites.

In this case study, Great Opomu tells us how Cloudways has been helpful to WPFlat™ and the benefits he has experienced since migrating his clients’ websites to the Cloudways Platform. He also explained how cost-effective pricing has helped WPFlat™ effectively manage client projects and overcome scaling challenges.

Cloudways: What is WPFlat™, and what services does it offer as a WordPress agency hosted on Cloudways? Please also tell us about your projects.

Great Opomu: WPFlat™ is a growth-driven WordPress agency focused on offering WordPress solutions beyond design. We build LMS solutions, automation services, corporate websites, and ecommerce. We offer best-in-class WordPress solutions tailored to businesses’ unique needs.

Those who choose WordPress can rely on WPFlat™ as their trusted partner. With WPFlat™, clients can expect a seamless web experience without any hassle, as the agency prioritizes providing the best possible service.

Cloudways: Can you tell us about your experience with hosting WPFlat™.com on Cloudways? What made you choose Cloudways as your web hosting provider?

Great Opomu: Cloudways has exceeded my expectations, providing me with an exceptional experience. It was in February 2020 when I started using Cloudways. As a WordPress Agency, we recognize the undeniable advantages of cloud hosting over shared hosting. However, the prospect of dealing with intricate server configurations and the tedious task of upgrading servers and packages through SSH made us hesitant to switch.

Then, I stumbled upon Cloudways, which seemed like the perfect solution to our WordPress hosting needs. Intrigued, I decided to give it a test run for a few months, and I was pleasantly surprised by its performance. The Platform proved to be incredibly reliable, making the process of managing servers and packages a breeze. From then on, I was convinced that Cloudways was the ideal choice for our agency, offering a seamless and hassle-free hosting experience.

Cloudways: How has Cloudways contributed to the performance and reliability of WPFlat™.com? Have you noticed any website loading speed or uptime improvements since migration?

Great Opomu: Every website we migrated to the Cloudways Platform experienced a remarkable speed boost of at least 2 times faster than before. These impressive results are primarily achieved through a powerful combination of Apache and NGINX servers, working in perfect harmony to optimize website loading times.


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Unlike traditional hostings, where server limitations often lead to frustrating downtimes for our clients, Cloudways provides a reliable solution that ensures uninterrupted website availability. With Cloudways, you can wave goodbye to sluggishness and embrace a seamless web hosting experience.

Cloudways: As the founder of WPFlat™.com, what were the key factors you considered when selecting a web hosting provider? How did Cloudways meet those requirements?

Great Opomu: Cloudways may seem pricey compared to direct cloud hosting providers, but we were willing to pay, seeing that we will save the stress of server maintenance and have free regular backups for all websites. We value our time and the value cloud hosting gives on websites. Cloudways delivered our needs without any fear or consideration.

Surprisingly, Cloudways is a cost-effective option because it hosts multiple websites on a single server. This distinctive feature sets it apart from traditional hosting providers and challenges the misconception of its doubled expense. Cloudways is a more affordable choice, offering excellent value for money.

Cloudways: How has the combination of Elementor, WordPress, and Cloudflare on Cloudways positively impacted WPFlat™.com’s website development and management services?

Great Opomu: Elementor empowers us to effortlessly recreate any Figma web design, whether it’s crafted by our clients or ourselves. Its user-friendly interface and useful features allow us to bring our designs to life easily and precisely.

In addition to Elementor, Cloudflare enhances the security of our clients’ websites by actively detecting and blocking malicious bots and potential phishing attacks. With this powerful security measure in place, we can ensure that our clients’ valuable online assets remain protected from unauthorized access and data breaches.

Moreover, Cloudflare provides a seamless experience when connecting new domains to Cloudways. By eliminating the typical waiting time for DNS records to propagate, Cloudflare enables us to swiftly establish connections, saving us valuable hours and streamlining the process of launching websites on new domains.

Cloudways: What specific features of Cloudways have helped WPFlat™.com effectively manage its clients’ projects and streamline its workflow?

Great Opomu: Cloudways offers an exceptional backup-and-restore feature that surpasses our expectations. With this feature, any issues encountered on a website can be easily resolved by reverting to a recent backup. This seamless process ensures that our data remains secure and our problems swiftly resolve, granting us peace of mind.

Cloudways: Can you share examples of how Cloudways has helped WPFlat™.com optimize its website performance and enhance security measures?

Great Opomu: Technext, a prominent Tech Media Company in Africa, has witnessed a remarkable 20% surge in website visits. Moreover, their website’s load time has significantly improved, boasting an impressive 50% reduction. These remarkable results demonstrate the efficacy of our services in enhancing website performance and attracting more visitors to Technext’s platform.

Another satisfied client, Alvina Schools, faced persistent downtime issues on their Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) platform. However, since migrating to Clouways, they have enjoyed uninterrupted service for 3 three years. Alvina Schools’ successful experience highlights the reliability and stability of the Cloudways Platform, ensuring smooth and seamless access to their VLE platform for students without complaints of website downtime.

Cloudways: Can you provide insights on how Cloudways’ pricing and billing structure has benefited WPFlat™.com as a WordPress agency?

Great Opomu: Cloudways may initially appear more expensive than other hosting providers, but a closer look reveals that it offers better value for your money. While a DigitalOcean server costs around $11 per month and Namecheap is priced at approximately $5 per month, Cloudways stands out by providing free SSL certificates for all websites. In contrast, Namecheap only offers free SSL for 1 year.

Furthermore, Namecheap’s $5 per month plan allows a maximum of 3 hosted websites, whereas, with Cloudways, you can host more than 3 websites on a Cloudways single server (I’ve hosted up to 10 websites on a single server for some months, and everything was fine). I don’t advise you to do so because it will slow your server performance, but you may not notice. That’s how good Cloudways is.

In summary, despite its seemingly higher price, Cloudways offers cost savings in the long run. With free SSL for all websites and the ability to host multiple websites on a single server, Cloudways provides a reliable hosting solution that surpasses its competitors.

Cloudways: How do you manage the scalability of WPFlat™.com on Cloudways? Have you faced any challenges in scaling your website, and how did Cloudways help you overcome them?

Great Opomu: Scaling servers with a simple button tap offers huge convenience. However, the process poses a significant challenge due to the substantial downtime experienced when scaling a server while visitors or users actively engage with the website. Addressing this issue is crucial for enhancing user experience and overall website performance.

Cloudways: What would be your recommendation to other website owners or businesses looking for reliable web hosting, particularly regarding Cloudways?

Great Opomu: I will always recommend Cloudways. The only challenge is for individuals or businesses who need customized emails without paying extra. Shared hosting services offer free customized emails, but it’s not enough reason to sacrifice website speed and performance. Due to this challenge, I usually recommend Zoho. It offers customized emails at no extra cost for up to 5 users. With Zoho, Cloudways becomes an unbeatable hosting choice.

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