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Web Design Agency Viral Methods Achieved 80% Faster Optimization with Cloudflare Enterprise Add-on


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“Customer satisfaction has soared since we started using the Cloudflare Enterprise add-on at Viral Methods. Before this, we had been using in-house methods to optimize website performance for our customers.

However, this was not scalable and took up much of the team’s time. The add-ons advanced edge caching, mobile & image optimization, and security features have drastically improved page load times and Google PageSpeed ratings, delighting our clients. We can now consistently offer lightning-fast, reliable websites that exceed industry standards. We’re grateful for the impact and excited to explore its full potential.” – Daniel Oliveira, Founder at Viral Methods

Meet Viral Methods

Viral Methods, founded by Daniel Oliveira, is a web design & marketing agency specializing in WordPress development, UX consulting, and advanced automation services. Daniel Oliveira has crafted a company that’s all about pushing the boundaries of digital possibilities.

With a strong background from the Federal University of Ouro Preto and over 17 years of tinkering in the digital world, he’s turned Viral Methods into a go-to for standout WordPress sites, smart UX consulting, and automation that keeps businesses ahead of the curve. They’re the folks you turn to when you want a website that’s not only beautiful but also smart and engaging, serving a wide array of clients from bustling startups to established giants.

The Hurdle

Previously, Daniel’s team at Viral Methods was manually optimizing client sites using in-house techniques to keep them up to speed. However, this was not scalable long term. It was also eating into their time—time that could be better spent on innovating or expanding their services. Plus, the thought of setting up and managing a traditional CDN seemed more trouble than it was worth, so they hadn’t gone down that route yet.

The Game-Changer

That’s where the Cloudflare Enterprise add-on came into play. It was an ideal solution to all of Daniels’ problems! It was a managed CDN that took the heavy lifting off their shoulders with half the hassle. Daniel and the team just needed to configure DNS records and watch their load times shrink. No learning or messing around with complex page rules!

With the add-on stepping in to automatically optimize their sites, Daniel and his crew could now redirect their focus towards bigger projects, nurturing new ideas, and refining their services. This wasn’t just about easing their workload; it enabled them to focus on what they love: designing and creating sites that stand out from the crowd.

The Outcome

“By implementing Cloudflare CDN, the process of optimizing websites to achieve higher Google Page Speed rankings has become 80% faster as it is easier to improve load times.” – Daniel Oliveira, Founder at Viral Methods

With the Cloudflare Enterprise add-on, Viral Methods has seen its clients’ websites perform like never before—faster, smoother, and without a hitch. This boost in performance has translated into happier clients and higher engagement on their sites. It also significantly simplified the processes used by Daniel & his team, allowing them to deliver consistently high-quality results to their clients while reducing the time and resources required for manual optimization efforts.

A win that has Daniel looking forward to the future, ready to leverage this newfound efficiency to keep growing his business and exploring new frontiers in the digital space.


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