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Soulheart - Case study

Soulheart Finds Perfect Solution in Cloudways to Deliver High Performing Sites to its Clients

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Tim Jennings

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Cloudways helps us get lightning fast websites that are secure. Their customer support has helped us troubleshoot issues we may have been experiencing, and ensures our sites are all running as they should. Creating and restoring backups is also very easy.
– Florence Le Vot, Soulheart
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With more than 40 clients, Soulheart is a digital marketing agency that is on the up and up. But their previous hosting provider was holding them back. They needed a new reliable hosting platform that would free them from their hosting troubles. That’s when they went with Cloudways. They are also a member of our Agency Partnership Program.

Things you will learn:

  • Why Soulheart wanted to switch
  • How Soulheart resolved their hosting issues with Cloudways
  • They key advantages Cloudways offers to Soulheart

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