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Gaming Platform Achieves 600% Growth and 100% Desktop Performance on PageSpeed Insights With Cloudways


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jopi homepage offers thousands of free online games for players of all ages. Its focus is on providing a fun and smooth gaming experience, and it constantly adds new and exciting content to keep its audience engaged.

However, maintaining a platform with many games accessible across various devices requires reliable hosting. struggled with previous hosting options, facing issues like slow loading times, server crashes, and difficulty with management.

Cloudways came to the rescue! With Cloudways hosting, was able to overcome these challenges and achieve increased speed, scalability, and security – all crucial factors for an online gaming platform.

Cloudways: Jopi has become a go-to platform for gamers seeking various free online games. What motivated Jopi to choose Cloudways as its web hosting service?

Stephan Eijer: Before Cloudways, we used different hosting providers, such as virtual servers, dedicated servers, and managed servers. Each option had its own flaws.

We quickly outgrew the virtual servers and went to a dedicated server; the problem was the management. We had to take care of each update ourselves and had to manage the server technically. This soon exceeded our heads, and we hired someone to do this for us.

But even with that help, we always had technical difficulties. The server crashed weekly, and you never knew what would happen after an update. Loading times were often slow.

That’s when we investigated Cloudways. The idea of everything in the cloud appealed to us. We started with a small server size, set up the domain and SSL certificate, and moved the website. This process went very smoothly. Even setting up cron jobs has never been this easy.

Cloudways: Offering thousands of accessible games across various devices must require robust hosting capabilities. How has Cloudways contributed to Jopi’s performance and uptime?

Stephan Eijer: With the addition of Varnish and some tweaks, our website is now faster than ever. In our market, it is crucial that our players can access the games as quickly as possible. Page speed is also crucial for SEO purposes.

Most of our pages have a very high page speed in Google PageSpeed Insights. The homepage of has a desktop speed of 100.

jopi google pagespeed insights

– Score on Google PageSpeed Insights

Thanks to the excellent monitoring options on Cloudways, we could identify a few bottlenecks in our code that would slow the site down during rush hour.

It’s easy to see the RAM, CPU, and disk usage per application.

We really optimized the website with the New Relic monitoring service. This really helped us out, and we could now run the same website on a less powerful server with more reliability.

Cloudways: As Jopi’s user base grows, the need for a scalable hosting solution becomes critical. Can you describe how Cloudways has supported Jopi’s scaling needs?

Stephan Eijer: has grown 600% since we switched to Cloudways, so we needed a bigger server.

With the Cloudways vertical scaling option in the platform, this could not be easier. Just slide to which server size you want to upgrade and click “Scale Now.” Wait a few minutes, and your website will be scaled to a bigger server without downtime.

I don’t know how Cloudways managed to do this; it’s like magic.


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Cloudways: With a vast array of games and a large user community, security is paramount. How does Cloudways ensure the security of Jopi’s platform and user data?

Stephan Eijer: Cloudways offers dedicated server-level firewalls that protect our site from malicious traffic and unauthorized access.

Cloudways also keeps the servers up-to-date with their regular security updates and patches.

You can limit access to the platform, SFTP, and databases with IP address access. This ensures that only the right people can access these critical areas.

We also launched a staging environment to develop separately instead of our live website without user data.

Cloudways: Jopi prides itself on providing an excellent user experience with no downloads or signups required. How has Cloudways helped in maintaining this seamless experience?

Stephan Eijer: The fast servers helped us enormously. This, combined with low latency and easy scalability, has helped us grow to where we are now.

Cloudways: Jopi offers personalized game recommendations. How has the hosting environment on Cloudways enabled the implementation of these recommendation algorithms?

Stephan Eijer: Before Cloudways, this caused lots of trouble. We couldn’t cache the site because of these features, which slowed down the site unnecessarily.

With the help of Varnish, we can cache most of the site and exclude the parts that handle these algorithms.

Cloudways: Most of Jopi’s games are cross-platform. How has Cloudways facilitated this feature, ensuring games run smoothly on all devices?

Stephan Eijer: We use code to detect if a visitor is on a computer or mobile device. If a visitor is on mobile, they are presented with the mobile version of the site, which is optimized for their use.

Cloudways: Engaging with a global community of gamers is key to Jopi’s success. How has Cloudways hosting impacted Jopi’s ability to manage community interactions?

Stephan Eijer: Cloudways’ stable, fast, and secure network allows us to offer various options for interacting with users.

Our users can suggest games to implement in our platform.

From time to time, we interact with users by just asking them what we can do better or what they don’t like. This is only shown to users who play for more than 10 minutes and are returning users, so we are sure we will reach the right people who are important to us.

We also like to work closely with game developers, and they are given access to their testing environment to optimize their games for our website.

Cloudways: Looking ahead, what role will Cloudways play in Jopi’s plans for expansion and introducing new game series or categories?

Stephan Eijer: We are constantly looking for new game series or categories our users may like. By monitoring the content on our website, we can see the trends and the games the users are looking for. We keep track of game views, time played, bounce rate, and more statistics.

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