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Cloudways SafeUpdates Helped LokalEngage Reduce Hours of Tasks Into Minutes and Automate WordPress Updates


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Leon Sokolski
Leon Sokolski

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About LokalEngage

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Meet Leon Sokolski, the owner of LokalEngage, a digital agency specializing in website design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for local businesses. Leon is a man of the world, boasting not one, not two, but three passports – German, Canadian, and Australian.

With a team of 5, Leon manages 10 clients and handles critical website-related tasks, including site maintenance, security updates, and user experience improvements. One of Leon’s biggest challenges was to find the right people to fill important roles and maintain his clients’ websites.

After using SafeUpdates for WordPress, Leon found that managing client websites has become a breeze. SafeUpdates allows Leon to set up WordPress update automation, allowing his team to focus on their core competencies and grow the agency’s business.

Leon enthusiastically vouches for SafeUpdates, calling it a “game changer” for any digital agency engaged in website management for clients. So why not give it a try? You might just be surprised at how much easier your life can be with SafeUpdates on your side.

The Goal

Grow LokalEngage With a Focus on Exceptional Client Service

Leon’s primary objective has always been to ensure the highest quality of service for his clients. With a growing list of local businesses relying on LokalEngage for their digital needs, finding a solution that would allow the agency to manage multiple websites efficiently without compromising on reliability was crucial.

Before SafeUpdates, LokalEngage had to rely on a developer to handle WordPress updates when they could have had the developer do more nuanced work than website maintenance, which is a repetitive, predictable task to a great extent and better suited for robots/automation. They spent at least 1 hour per website for updates; that’s 10 hours for their 10 websites.

The Tool

SafeUpdates – Automation and Reliability for Client Websites

SafeUpdates changed everything by automating the entire process of detecting WordPress updates, testing, and safely deploying them, providing a streamlined solution for updating WordPress. “Cloudways empowers web design businesses like ours to thrive thanks to its seamless integrations like SafeUpdates,” says Leon.


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Calling Safeupdates just a “tool” would be an understatement. It’s a complete solution for updating WordPress Core, themes, and plugins that do more than just take backups.

It automatically detects new updates and, whenever updates are scheduled or on-demand, takes a fresh backup, spins a temporary staging site, runs multiple tests on it, and then safely deploys them on your live website. You get to choose which updates to perform and schedule them on a day and time of the week that is best for your business.

Here’s a little more about the tests that SafeUpdates performs:

  1. Visual Regression Testing: Compares screenshots of the site on staging and production sites before and after an update to ensure the user experience is visually perfect.
  2. HTML Testing: Compares HTML before and after to ensure nothing breaks.
  3. Performance Testing: Ensures updates did not slow down the website.
  4. Logs Checking: Searches for any errors caused by the update in the browser console and network log.

The Outcome

Streamlined Operations and a Worry-Free WordPress Update Process

Adopting SafeUpdates has enabled Leon’s team to deliver top-notch service, ensuring that their clients’ websites are always up-to-date and running smoothly. “It’s just one less stress I have to worry about, all the updates are scheduled for a specific time, and I get a report on if it was successful or not, allowing me to focus on other crucial aspects of business,” Leon proudly states.

The scheduled updates and reports on their success have allowed Leon to focus on other crucial aspects of his business. “It’s a no-brainer, in my opinion, for the face value cost and the time it will save you and peace of mind, it’s completely worth it!” Leon adds.

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