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Cloudways Customer Reviews

Every decision we make about the Cloudways Platform, Support or Marketing is designed to improve your experience. That’s why it pays to listen when our customers talk about us. Here’s what people have said about us in Cloudways reviews.

Cloudways is a leader in Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) on G2
Cloudways is a leader in Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) on G2
Cloudways is a leader in Europe Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) on G2
Cloudways is a leader in Europe WebOps Platforms on G2
Cloudways is a leader in WebOps Platforms on G2

We Are Leader in Managed Hosting & Other Categories on G2

Cloudways is ranked at the top on G2 in the Managed Hosting, Web Hosting and WebOps categories for Winter 2022. User satisfaction scores play an important part in G2’s analysis, so we couldn’t have achieved these milestones without being customer-focused in everything we do, and earning great Cloudways hosting reviews.

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Customer Reviews and Feedback Drive the Cloudways Platform

We are proud of our intuitive and easy-to-use Platform, high performance technology stack and caring 24/7/365 support. Every day we hear what users like about the Platform, and how we can improve. And every day we work hard to earn better feedback tomorrow.

cloudways reviews
Kanika Sharma
Jan 04, 2022

The speediest web hosting service I have ever used

The best thing about the Cloudways is that is offers Ultra super speedy fast web hosting service. After utilizing the services from Cloudways the open rate of our site increased a lot and helps us in visitors loss.

Duane Siebert
Jan 04, 2022

Cloudways is FAST and the support is FANTASTIC!

Two things: 1. The speed of the Cloudways platform is FAST. From the moment we migrated to Cloudways our site load time improved by 80 – 120% each time we tested it. But, a super fast host by itself isn’t good enough because there will always be need for support. The Cloudways support is FANTASTIC. Though my needs for support have been primarily routine (all related to setup, migration, etc.) their support has always been there and been excellent and on point. And, they even follow up after the fact.

Daniel McLean
Dec 29, 2021

Easy to use and reliable service for non nonsense website hosting

Intuitive interface for non-techie business owners, with great support on-hand to answer questions. SMTP and email integration was probably the trickiest part to complete, but the instructions and guides were helpful.

Alexandre Cusson
Dec 27, 2021

Very good hosting company!

I love that they make WordPress hosting really simple and blazing fast compared to shared hosting. I also really enjoy their email add-on with Rackspace. I have been using their platform for multiple WordPress sites (Vultr high frequency) since the end of 2020 and it is really worth it.

Consultant in Marketing and Advertising
Dec 23, 2021


Tech stack is great. The UI is modern and smooth. Really glad I switched from a traditional cPanel VPS. Everything has been smooth. Their help docs are very thorough and live chat has always answered in a few seconds.

Sean Peacock
Dec 03, 2021

Great performance for the price, and plenty of control

The performance:cost ratio is far better than any managed hosting that I have used, you have some control over the server without the responsibility of keeping it updated and running, and it is just as easy to move CMS sites around and do routine maintenance as a managed host, if not easier.

John Weaver
Sep 01, 2021

Cloudways is Reliable and Makes Managing Multiple Websites On Different Servers Easy!

Super hyper ultra speedy fast. If you test the website on GTMetrix, TTB is below 50ms. That is 0.05 seconds! And with regular hosting I used, that number was somewhere between 0.8s to over 5s… Not exactly dislike, but user interface is not the common ‘cPanel’, so new users might find it difficult at the first. But second time you log in, you realise it is much simpler than cPanel and the rest. Just try it and you’ll love it! Working in the admin dashboard of the WordPress website has never been more pleasant. Time is the only resource you cannot retrieve, use it wisely. CloudWays will help with that.

Administrator in Education Management
Dec 23, 2021

Very Good Experience with Cloudways especially with customer care

The user interface is very friendly and easy to use. Secondly the customer care are amicable.

Agency in Internet
Nov 12, 2021

Fast loading sites, outstanding customer service

First, the customer support in getting set up was outstanding. The personal attention we received from Robert C. as we were learning the Cloudways system and getting our first few sites moved over was really above and beyond what I was expecting. Once we got a few sites migrated over and saw how fast they loaded, we knew we’d made the right decision.

Don Sturgill
Jul 19, 2021

Even Better Than I Had Hoped

I launched a site via a Cloudways-provided server to see if I could muster page load time stats good enough to meet Google’s core web vitals update rollout. Once I discovered how easy it is to move existing WordPress sites to Cloudways, I began moving others from a shared server. Love it.

User in Marketing and Advertising
Nov 09, 2021

Excellent platform for web hosting

We are able to set up and provide hosting solutions to our numerous clients. Cloudways has an excellent support team 24/7 that can be contacted via chat and can resolve things in a short period or sometimes almost immediately. The transition for websites from staging to live is pretty smooth.

Maarten van Rijn
Nov 03, 2021

Surprisingly good service and easier than expected system

I love how they have made it easier to host your own software and sites than ever before. Their service is also surprisingly quick and helpful. For a service that’s potentially quite technical they’ve tried hard to make it easier on the user.

Dec 16, 2021

They deserve congratulations

Without having technical knowledge ι have managed to maintain my page. Whatever problem occurred in seconds someone from the company appears and helps me find a solution. The service is amazing.

Leo Tervoli
Dec 11, 2021

They are an amazing team

I really can’t find a bad thing for cloudways. They are an amazing team. I’m very happy also with their quality products. I have almost 2 years here, and until now I recommend all my clients to be part of Cloudways.

Monogogo Network
Dec 4, 2021

Cloudways A Superior Platform

Superior platform, absolutely the leader in service and support. Cloudways Vultr is the must have machine in your computer toolbox. Cloudways offers and delivers outstanding uptime, computing power, and affordability all on-point, on-target. Yes, I’m extremely satisfied and look forward to a long business relationship.

Dane Berg
Nov 29, 2021

1 Year in Cloudways Review

I have been using Cloudways for just under a year now. As a Web Developer the experience has been nothing but phenomenal! I have used GoDaddy, Bluehost, and many other in the past. The price to performance ratio is unbelievable. Now the best part: Support Their support team is amazing, they respond within minutes no matter what time of day/night you reach out. The entire team is extremely knowledgable and I have never had a question go unanswered. In fact I have even been fortunate to learn a lot of things from them.

Dec 11, 2021

A Remarkable Onboarding Process

It was one of the most seamless onboarding process I’ve encountered. In my opinion, Ovais Hussain redefined the “hand-holding” part of it. There were some bumps along the way, but he made sure everything was successfully put in place, managed and completed. It was not only a painless, but exceedingly a pleasurable experience – from the beginning until the end.

Atom Technologies
Nov 22, 2021

Best hosting experience for me so far

I have been using Cloudways for almost a year with 5 different accounts. They are powerful hosting provider, support is awesome and I will list main points with my personal rating: 1- Support 10/10 2- Technology & Infrastructure 10/10 3- Ease of use 10/10 4- Pricing 8/10 5- Cloud Providers 9/10

Kyle McBurney
Nov 15, 2021

Really great company

The service is second to none, queries are always answered in a few minutes. Scalability is very easy too.

Younes Bidouli
Nov 11, 2021

Totally recommend

I had a huge size wordpress site which was causing me a lot of speed problems which many other hosting providers couldn’t offer the solution to. And I found the best service with Cloudways. it was the greatest choice I’ve made. Speed, customer service, excellent price. I totally recommend.

Oct 16, 2021

Few companies I know offer real free trial

Few companies I know offer real free trial for cloud based servers without the need for a credit cards. Tested out their services both online and e-mail. I must say I am very impressed and so much better than most tech companies I deal with before. End up signing up for their server and switch from my share hosting to their server. The speed is so fast making it impossible to return to shared server. Excellent Job.

Ahmed Bakashwain
Nov 9, 2021

Awesome support

Almost an hour long chat to debug an advance issue but managed to find the solution. speaking as an establishment owner with minimum team capabilities and being able to fixing advance issues with a cloud great engineer like Syed. Thank you …

Joel Mwakasege
Oct 28, 2021

Satisfying Support Experience

I was having a dilemma with SMTP there is a recommended SMTP called Elastic Emails – There is a guide to add the details in my domain registrar but the task is daunting. I asked for Technical assist I was assisted with Fatima Jafri. Patience, expertise, and kindness are what I can describe in my 20 minutes or so were. I’m extremely satisfied. The help was on time too.

Andrew Slabbert
Oct 20, 2021


Amazing! Lightning fast! Love the software. Super user friendly and tons of features. Well done Cloudways!

Massimiliano Gurrieri
Jan 17, 2022

Amazing service

I really think that Cloudways is the best hosting service I tried so far. Apart from the high quality of the service, I am amazed by the kindness and the good disposition of the support. I recommend it to everybody.

Mudasir Issah
Jan 13, 2022

Very reliable Service

Their Hosting Service is reliable , Their customer support is reliable and always there . Billing team very patient and understanding. In Short they are the best I have come across.

Suraj Sharma
Dec 31, 2021

Amazing and super fast hosting ever

I have used many hosting before…but now I only prefer to use Cloudways they provide a amazing service in very affordable price.

Thomas Kutscher
Dec 21, 2021

Easy to use, absolutely reliable and helpful support in case of any questions

Furthermore, the performance is great. I was Running WordPress-Sites with Livestream-Events without any hassle. I noticed Cloudways first by a promotional hint from Elegant Themes – glad that I read that. Comparing the multiple options of Cloudways an transferring some sites to keep them running fast was finished within 2-3 hours. I was really impressed how easy it is to deal with Cloudways. It boosted my Livestream-Project in short time 🙂

Jordache Burmeister
Dec 10, 2020

Best hosting support

I’ve been working with Cloudways for more than a year and every time I need support they are caring and focused on solve the issue. I like the easy-to-use platform and the extensive documentation available to help with some settings.

Ben S.
Sep 29, 2020

Simple, efficient, fast

I use CloudWays for clients who want : the speed of a VPS, the ease of use of a managed solution, a staging solution and their own account on the hosting provider (so that they can keep a close view of the hosting costs, usually). They have a 3-day free trial (no credit card needed) and a dedicated migration plugin (based on Migrate Guru). So the speech is usually the following : dear customer, your website is slow because your hosting is shitty. Oh yeah ? Prove it. Create an account, migrate the site, go drink a coffee, and presto, you’ve gained 2 sec on the TTFB. For all those reasons, CloudWays has been my go-to solution for a couple of years.

Raul Serrano
Aug 10, 2020

Great Cloud Hosting Platform

Cloudways is affordable, easy to set up and, above all, it is a powerful cloud hosting platform for WordPress sites. Cloudways has great benefits but for me it was the fast loading speed that my blog has now.

Cynthia Chesnutt
Apr 2, 2020

Love Cloudways

Have them for three sites now and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Great support.

Victor Alves de Assis
Feb 28, 2020

It have a amazing support

I was struggling with a problem for more than a week. In a few minutes he solved the problem… Just spot on.

Pär Schützer
Feb 1, 2020

Top Class every time!

We have used CloudWays for over 3 years now, I was very happy with the luck I had with the support they give the first years, until I realized it is not luck. The support CloudWays gives are top class every time. Earlier today I got just such top class help from Soban Abid!

Trevor Miles
Jul 30, 2020

Cloudways – Amazing Hosting Provider

Cloudways has been an amazing hosting provider. Setting up a new site is super easy and fast. I like that they’ve paid a lot of attention to the user experience, making the user interface and all of the processes really simple and easy to understand. The support at Cloudways is top notch. They have a “chat with an agent” feature that lets you instant message with a Cloudways support agent, who are always super knowledgeable and are able to quickly help me solve any problem that I’m having. The agent I most recently chatted with was Saud Ahmed, who did a great job at helping me figure out my problem. I’ve chatted with dozens of agents and they have all always been super nice and quick to solve my problem. I’m a huge fan of Cloudways, my experience has been outstanding.

Ryan Green
Jan 7, 2020

An Incredible Product with an Incredible Team!

First off, as a developer – the platform that Cloudways provides for booting up servers, installing SSL certificates, managing backups, and providing transactional emails through their SMTP partnership makes my job so much easier. I rarely run into issues or bugs, but when I do, the support is there to help. I’ve worked with a number of them, Naqi, Hasan, and so many more (so sorry that I forget their names right now!) have done an outstanding job at providing the support I need from a developer level. Great product with a great team! I’d recommend this service to any team who wants to take their development seriously.

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