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Cloudways: A User-Friendly cPanel Alternative for Everyone, Not Just Coders

Manage your websites visually, in half the time and clicks. Experience a balance of functionality and ease of use. Switch to Cloudways today and feel the difference!

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“I like the fact that I can set up a VPS server in no time at the best providers and control everything from one place. Server performance is great even on the cheapest machines… I like the tool options like backup, machine and application settings. Support is also very good and competent.”

Rick Powell

WordPress Consultant

Benefits of Our Unified Interface

As a Cloudways user, you’ll enjoy our newly integrated user experience. Designed for effortless navigation to all your crucial settings, offering you benefits such as:

  • A one-stop dashboard.
  • Global navigation menu.
  • Easy server & app management.
  • 1–click settings & integrations.

Here’s Why Users Love Our Unified Experience!

“Cloudways provides a user-friendly control panel which makes easier server management. Even people having minimal technological knowledge can simply navigate and manage server settings.”

Verified cPanel review on G2

“Cloudways’ most important benefit is its user-friendly control panel which is easy to use and implement. It doesn’t require much technical know-how to work with its platform.”

Verified cPanel review on G2

“Implementing Cloudways is pretty easy, especially if you’re knowledgeable about cloud web hosting techniques. Cloudways is ideal for frequent use, specifically if you handle several sites or applications.”

Verified cPanel review on G2

“Cloudways includes a user-friendly user interface that makes easier the management and administration of cloud servers. The easy-to-use control panel enables us to set up programs, handle web servers, keep track of performance, as well as gain access to important features and settings without the need for superior technological know-how..”

Verified cPanel review on G2

“Cloudways provides a user-friendly user interface which makes it simple for us to handle their hosting settings. The user-friendly control panel enables us to simply set up servers, install applications, manage domains, and monitor overall performance. Overall Cloudways helps us in boosting the speed of our site to a great extent.”

Verified cPanel review on G2

“Cloudways is the missing piece in the web hosting equation. It’s a powerful, standardized control panel that supports a variety of VPS providers, from Amazon to Digital Ocean.

Add-ons address the actual needs of website administrators. We use Cloudways for all of our client sites. The software is solid. The hosting partners are reliable. And the service is top notch.”

Verified cPanel review on G2
You don’t need to be a developer to love Cloudways

Manage Hundreds of Sites Without Hassle, Even if You’re Not Tech-Savvy.

Easy to Use, Visual Interface

Our Unified Interface combines a modern, minimalist interface with ease of use. Every setting is conveniently located, ensuring a smooth and optimal user experience.

Free up Time Spent on Maintenance

No more upgrades & patches. Cloudways solves the boring admin stuff for you.

Best for Agencies, Not Hosting Providers

Agencies that don’t want clients dealing with admin tasks, love Cloudways managed services.

cPanel vs Cloudways

Cloudways Makes Hosting
Management Faster and Easier.

The online world is becoming increasingly competitive. Choose a hosting solution that saves you time and guarantees performance as your business grows.

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User-Friendly Interface
Advanced Performance Optimization
Enhanced out-of-the-box security
Pay-as-you-go pricing
24/7 chat & ticketing Support
Zero Setup
High degree of Control
1-Click Vertical Scaling
Automated Backup & Restore
Email Hosting
Global Server Locations
Developer-Friendly Tools

You Don’t Need to Be a Developer to Use Cloudways.

Get free access to your dashboard for 3 days. Migrate your site and experience how easy it is to set up, manage and host your sites.

“Speed is great and it’s easy to use and manage. It’s also easy to explain to non-techies how to use Cloudways.”
Rubén Castellanos – Online Teaching Platforms

Your First Migration Is on Us!

Considering moving to Cloudways? Our migration team will take care of your 1st site migration — free of charge and with minimal downtime.

No Bugs Guaranteed! Our migration pros work closely with you to make sure your site looks, works and loads as you expect.

Cloudways vs cPanel

Frequently Asked Questions

At Cloudways, security is our top priority. Rest assured that our staff takes a proactive approach to keeping our servers safe and secure from malicious traffic, malware and attacks.

Keep in mind that the following security features are available on ALL plans:

  • Dedicated Firewalls
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • IP Whitelisting
  • SSL encryption
  • Regular Security Patching
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Bot Protection

If you have any additional questions or concerns about securing your sites, don’t hesitate to contact the Cloudways customer service team. We’re always happy to help.

Yes, cPanel is very versatile in that regard. You can install just about any Content Management System on cPanel.

Cloudways also supports more than WordPress hosting. Any website that’s based on a PHP Content Management System such as Drupal, Magento, Laravel, and Joomla, can be hosted on Cloudways.

You betcha! If you’re looking for the best cPanel alternative for ease of use, you can’t go wrong with Cloudways. Forget about command lines, using separate control panels for server management and multiple clicks just to do a simple task. The Cloudways interface gives site owners a visual web panel where you can drag and drop to manage your cloud servers and sites.

No, cPanel is neither free, nor there are free cPanel alternatives as such (a common misconception). They allow new users to download test licenses for free, however. But even these test licenses should be installed cautiously because they can’t be uninstalled afterward. The only way to remove cPanel from your server is to reformat the entire hard drive. Yikes.

But not to worry. There are plenty of best cPanel alternatives. Cloudways offers a free 3-day trial for new users to test our platform. We even cover the costs of your first site migration to ensure everything is working smoothly.

Cloudways is more geared toward managed hosting with powerful features and services to help you manage your website. Whereas, cPanel is more focused on providing a control panel for managing your web hosting account.

As a cPanel competitor, Cloudways lets you host websites on cloud infrastructures like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, and more. When you host your website with Cloudways, you get access to features such as managed security, automatic backups, and one-click staging environments, among others.

It is easy to migrate from cPanel to Cloudways. You can use the Cloudways Migrator Plugin for WordPress. If you have a website other than WordPress, then you can use the Cloudways Free Migration Service. Besides, you can chat with the experts and request them for the migration.

Overall, the process of migrating to Cloudways from cPanel should be relatively straightforward. Although it can take some time depending on the size and complexity of your website. If you run into any issues, Cloudways provides 24/7 customer support to help you through the process.