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How Cloudways Helped Marinus Klasen Overcome Resource Limitations and Stage Environments Easily


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About Marinus Klasen

Plugin and web developer Marinus Klasen is also an independent business owner at mklasen, and has a fondness for challenges, for making the impossible possible. But for that, he needed something extra from his hosting providers. Constrained by the resource limitations imposed by other hosting services, Marinus faced difficulties creating staging environments he could use to test out the innovative solutions he developed for clients. That’s when he found Cloudways. Read on to find out how superior resource availability neatly resolved Marinus’s concerns and compelled him to stick with the hosting provider.

Cloudways: Hi, hope you’re well! Can you tell us a little about your company?

Marinus: Hi, yes, definitely! It’s great that you’re asking since, on the 15th of May, my company celebrates its 10-year anniversary. My main focus is on extending WordPress with extra functionality or customization, from automatically sending an e-mail to all group members in Learndash to launching a group of new docker containers after a post is saved. I make possible what WordPress users/creators call impossible.

Cloudways: What hosting challenges were you facing that compelled you to start looking for a better solution?

Marinus: Mostly the limitation on resources and number of websites. A lot of hosting companies limit the amount of websites you can run on a server. In Cloudways you can run as many as you want. This works great for me as I have a lot of staging environments running as well.

The interface and creation of websites in Cloudways is also great – I did need to get used to this new interface and configuration, but I wouldn’t want to switch back anymore.

Also – you can start small, and upgrade where necessary, I think I’ve upgraded twice now.

Cloudways: What specific solution were you looking for in your ideal solution to your problem?

Marinus: Easily creating new environments without hitting any limits.

Cloudways: How did you figure Cloudways had the best solution for your problems?

Marinus: I was just browsing around, trying several hosting options. Back then, I was actively discussing hosting options with a couple of developer friends. After experiencing the speed of Cloudways, all three of us made the decision to move our websites to Cloudways. There was one issue I couldn’t find a direct solution for; clearing the cache via a command. So I wrote my own solution for this.

Cloudways: Has Cloudways helped you save money or increase productivity?

Marinus: Yes – no extra costs for staging environments and new environments are created within minutes!

Cloudways: What overall impact did Cloudways have on your business in terms of speed, performance, security, or multiple site management?

Marinus: Cloudways’ speed is tremendous. The caching systems in place are also great. I don’t even look into the configuration for most websites anymore. As said before, site management is really quick, you can create new sites (and also new servers) within minutes.

Cloudways: What cloud providers did you choose? What do you think of the flexibility of choosing a cloud provider at Cloudways?

Marinus: My go to choice is DigitalOcean. The fact that Cloudways allows you to choose betweens several providers is phenomenal. Choose which provider you trust most, and host on the locations that fit you best. Great work on flexibility!

Cloudways: Do you have any advice for developers or businesses that may face the same problem as you did?

Marinus: If you’re running into limitations on the amount of websites you can run with your current hosting provider, go for Cloudways. As soon as you do run into resource issues, you can easily upgrade to the next package. Fast and flexible hosting, running on the stable platforms of proven cloud providers.

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