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How Cloudways Proved Instrumental to the Growth of a Legal Marketing Agency

Elite Legal Marketing


In Conversation With

Brian Gomez
Co-Founder & CMO, Elite Legal Marketing

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Cloudways has been critical to our company’s growth. We have doubled in size 4 years in a row and one of the biggest tools in our expansion is Cloudways. The interface is great and easy to use. My team likes how easy it is to build servers and customize each one based on the client’s needs.
– Brian Gomez, Co-Founder & CMO, Elite Legal Marketing
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Elite Legal Marketing is a marketing agency geared towards law firms and attorneys. They offer a full range of marketing and white label services to legal professionals. But when they realized their existing hosting provider was holding them back, they decided it was time to switch to a more reliable, scalable option.

Things you will learn:

  • Why Brian and Dan decided to switch to another hosting provider.
  • Why they gravitated towards Cloudways.
  • How Cloudways helped their marketing agency grow.
  • Which problems Cloudways solved for a growing marketing agency.
  • Why they chose to stick with Cloudways.

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