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How Cloudways Helps Bobby Run His Agency Single-Handedly


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About Rezult

Rezult is a Singapore-based freelance digital marketing agency. It was founded by Bobby Dennie, who solely manages its operations. The agency delivers top-quality work to the clients while keeping its prices lower than its competitors. And the availability of premium services at affordable rates contributes to its success. Read to discover how Rezult has been using Cloudways hosting to deliver the best value to its clients since 2017.

Cloudways: Let’s start with your introduction. What are your core responsibilities as an agency owner?

Bobby: I’m the founder and only real employee; I’m a jack of all trades. I lead by my passion for digital media and marketing.

Cloudways: What services does your agency provide, and how many clients do you currently have? Share a bit about your agency; what you guys do, your team size, your USP, and which market you serve.

Bobby: We are Rezult freelance digital marketing studio and have around 50 regular clients. Most of our clients are based in Singapore, but we do have some overseas clients as well. Rezult is a unique digital marketing agency because we make a bridge between big expensive agencies and the ones with a small price tag but with no quality or standard. I mostly work alone but get help from some other business partner when needed. The hiring model varies from task to task. Usually, I outsource work on a per-project basis. Our services are affordable but professional and give our clients a boost of knowledge and possibility.

Cloudways: How did you first hear about Cloudways? What inspired you to switch to Cloudways? Were there any issues that Cloudways helped you resolve?

Bobby: I was looking for a managed hosting solution that can take out the burden of taking care of complex tasks surrounding backend server technical. I tried many solutions like cPanel, and server pilot. Finally found Cloudways in 2017. I have never looked back since. With Cloudways, the support is great. Plus, feature offerings by Cloudways keep getting better, which is amazing.


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Cloudways: Which hosting did you use before switching to Cloudways? And which hosting service are you currently using?

Bobby: I’ve used so many in the past: blue host, RFE hosting, Digital Ocean, and Linode with server pilot. Nothing was a good match for me. Right now, I only use Cloudways. Sometimes, my clients have their servers on services like Siteground or Vodien, but my first choice is always to do it all on Cloudways.

Cloudways: How was your experience with Cloudways when you first signed up? Did it require a learning curve, or was it simple?

Bobby: Working with Cloudways is always smooth sailing. It’s pain-relieving knowing that all is safe. And if any problem ever comes, I go to live chat 24/7 by Cloudways, and someone helps me in real-time. The best part is that there’s not a bot or support ticket box that unnecessarily delays the processes. It’s always live support which is commendable.

Cloudways: How do you think Cloudways differentiates from other leading hosting providers? Has the in-built support for PHP-based apps like WordPress, Laravel, and Magento eased up work for you?

Bobby: The fact that we can deploy a WordPress app quickly, clone, or stage any website is a game-changer. Also, collaborating with clients via Cloudways is so easy. With services other than Cloudways many server optimizations are unavailable and are a pain to find or enable, but thankfully, this isn’t an issue with you guys.

Cloudways: How do you use Cloudways to solve your client’s issue(s)?

Bobby: If I face a problem, I go directly to the chat hook with a technician, and we team up to troubleshoot and solve any problem quickly.

Cloudways: How has Cloudways contributed to the success of your agency? Do its features align with your needs?

Bobby: Managing the websites’ backend and troubleshooting happens like magic. These server-level operations are a breeze— optimization, backup, security, and HTTPS certificate.

Cloudways: Which IaaS cloud provider do you prefer from the five options on Cloudways?

Bobby: I used Digital Ocean because it’s cheaper and reliable. Another major reason for using DO is that they have a data center in Singapore.

Cloudways: How do you resell Cloudways to your clients?

Bobby: I resell hosting by offering all the web hosting and servicing through Cloudways; if a client has a lot of traffic and needs a dedicated solution, I always recommend them to use Cloudways. This way, they also avoid performance problems that usually arise with shared hosting or other services. Plus, the clients get the best service.

Cloudways: Would you briefly describe the values you perceive from Cloudways?

Bobby: The value comes from the performance, peace of mind, and knowing security will be at best possible. Cloudways has always got my back covered since 2017. I never had a substantial problem I can name.

Cloudways: How do you feel about being a part of the Cloudways Agency Partnership Program? What additional value does the program provide? Do you think this program will help your agency grow in the long run?

Bobby: I think it is a great opportunity. I really enjoy the product and services, and it’s easy to back the product. Union always makes the member stronger. It’ll be a great help if other agencies can join and share their journeys of successes and failures which’ll help agencies perform better and grow.

Cloudways: Were you able to free up resources at your end after switching to Cloudways? If yes, how did you utilize those?

Bobby: No doubt! I am saved from many headaches and can offer better quality and reliability to my clients without investing a lot of time and money. It leaves me with time and energy to focus on other important matters. The time I save is spent on looking for more client leads and getting more prosperous.