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How Mitchell Digital Uses Cloudways and Beaver Builder to Create an Effortless Workflow


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kane mitchell
Kane Mitchell
Founder of Mitchell Digital

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About Mitchell Digital

Mitchell Digital is a web design and SEO business based in Barnard Castle, Durham, which promises to make your website ‘work harder and smarter.’ But for the client’s websites to work harder and smarter, Kane Mitchell, founder of Mitchell Digital has to live up to the values he promises to his customers and focus on the main services he provides. And live up to those values, he does, as is evident by the raving reviews that all his clients leave behind.

Kane has also worked with Hullabaloo, a creative design agency, for 7 years where they’ve served companies like Sainsbury’s, Timberland, Speedo, Samworth Brothers, and Target.

The Challenge/Problem

Kane’s real challenge while serving clients at work and at his own agency, though, was to find a solution that would let him focus on his core services instead of worrying about website speed and server management.

When you promise your clients a quick turnaround on their projects and websites that sail through the business effortlessly, first you need to lay a foundation that’s truly built to fulfill that promise.

So Kane needed a solution that delivered truly fast websites. On top of that, he needed to get rid of WHM and cPanel that take a lot of time to set up, and can sometimes even be painful to play around with FTP files and databases. Because only after setting up everything did the real job begin of developing websites and satisfying the client.

Too much effort, to sum up.

The Solution

The solution, Kane discovered, lied in choosing the right hosting partner and the right tools to create websites that didn’t take up too much time.

In his search for better solutions, Kane stumbled upon Cloudways. After going through many reviews and articles about Cloudways, Kane’s mind was pretty much made up. He cloned his first site with Cloudways in 2018, and an immediate increase in page speed had him convinced that this was the hosting solution he was looking for.

In fact, both the cloning feature and the improvements in speed meant that Kane could provide faster service and save tonnes of time. However, he still required a solution for his core part of the job; developing & designing websites.

For that, he chose Beaver Builder. The page builder allows Kane to bypass all the time-consuming parts of developing websites. It also eliminated the need to create a separate design process because Beaver Builder allows saving templates and using them for future projects.

The Results

Kane is now convinced that the Cloudways and Beaver Builder combo is a winning solution. He successfully applied the formula for success at Hullabaloo and now looks to emulate even greater success at Mitchell Digital where his clients are already singing praises for his work.

He currently hosts 30 websites with Cloudways with virtually zero challenges or problems.

In Kane’s own words, “To put it briefly, my workflow was quicker, my websites were quicker and I managed more sites in less time. These three factors make Cloudways critical to my business.”

For any new entrant in the digital agency

According to him, for long-term success, you need to “Create a process and stick with it and evolve it. Don’t try to change everything each time. The only thing better than this would be to automate as much as possible.

And from his experience, both Cloudways and Beaver Builder have proven to be the choice of cloud hosting and page builder that allows him to stick to his processes as much as possible while he focuses on the business!

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