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Here’s How ipulse Has Accelerated Application Deployment Through Reselling Hosting with Cloudways


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Ben Browning
Design Director

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About ipulse

ipulse is a creative agency in Hong Kong that stands out for its simplified approach of fostering honest discussions in a comprehensive manner. It has been in the agency space for 25 years and ensures it completes its projects with the same zeal that it wins it. Ben Browning and Steven Crane believe in creating designs collectively, and this is what has taken ipulse so far as a design agency.

Cloudways: Tell us about yourself. What is your designation at the agency? What are your core responsibilities?

Ben Browning: I work in the capacity of a Design Director – Responsible for carrying projects through from inception to delivery, working with the business owner on budgets, project scopes, client pitching, technicals internally and externally, and generally managing the day to day design work being carried out by the team.

Cloudways: What services does your agency provide and how many clients do you currently have? Please tell us a bit about your agency here, like which capacity do you operate in, your team size, your market, and your USP.

Ben Browning: We are a branding agency at our core, but stretch to include services spanning web design, marketing, and graphic design as well. At any one time, we can facilitate around 5/6 clients. We like to only take on projects we can give our full attention to and don’t take on work that is beyond our skillset.

Cloudways: Before Cloudways, which hosting solution did you use? Are you currently using any other hosting service(s)?

Ben Browning: Before switching to Cloudways, we used to steer clear of hosting clients’ websites. We would simply build and ship to hosting owned by them. However, we now exclusively use Cloudways.

Cloudways: What challenges were you facing that compelled you to start looking for a better solution? How did you come across Cloudways, and how was it able to help you overcome your problem?

Ben Browning: We were recommended Cloudways by an intern who was interested in digital solutions. We were in the market for a scalable platform to build our digital business around. It had everything we needed. We found the live chat, support, and knowledge base articles particularly integral to our understanding of servers and hosting.

It was also incredibly affordable for what we needed. It gave us the opportunity to offer the platform as a white label solution to our clients giving them peace of mind that their digital products were optimized with professional-level security.

Cloudways: What was your experience when you first signed up on Cloudways? Please tell us about first impressions.

Ben Browning: Simple and transparent. Everything since then has been a pleasure, even when we have had some security issues with our applications they have been more than happy to step in to diagnose the problem and offer solutions.

Cloudways: How do you use Cloudways to solve your client’s problem(s)?

Ben Browning: We use Cloudways in some capacity with all our digital clients. We develop an application until the client is happy with the build before shipping the application either to their server or we easily push it live via the domain tools in Cloudways. Cloudways has helped us through many problems, technical issues of shipping, email, security threats and more.

Cloudways: How has Cloudways contributed to the success of your agency? Tell us about how Cloudways’ features align with your needs.

Ben Browning: We have managed to build a maintenance arm to our business where we manage clients website security, host their applications, and offer scalable solutions as a result of Cloudways. The CMS makes it easy to scale our server size, clone applications, backup and manage all settings easily and confidently. There’s also someone always on hand to refer a knowledge guide or speak to directly.

Cloudways: Out of five cloud providers available on Cloudways, which one(s) do you prefer to use and why?

Ben Browning: We use Vultr (Singapore) and have recently launched a Linode (UK) to support our European clients.

Cloudways: How do you resell Cloudways to your clients?

Ben Browning: We build, host, manage and maintain clients’ applications based on our server and charge a fee for their peace of mind that their digital business is in safe hands. And luckily, reselling hosting with Cloudways has worked out extremely well for our business’s profitability.

Cloudways: Use three words to describe the value you perceive when you think about Cloudways?

Ben Browning: Attentive, polite, knowledgeable

Cloudways: How do you feel about being a part of the Cloudways Agency Partnership Program? What additional value does the program provide you? Do you think this program is going to help your agency grow in the long run?

Ben Browning: We are excited to be a part of the programme and hope to keep building our business as an agency in partnership with Cloudways. We understand the more clients we bring through hosting the better our partnership benefits will be.

Cloudways: Do you think that by switching to Cloudways, you were able to free up resources at your end? If yes, how were you able to utilize those?

Ben Browning: We launched this business objective exclusively with Cloudways so, it’s hard to say but the fast response, live-chat makes communication a breeze.

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