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How to Create a Free Business Email With Zoho Mail Service

October 24, 2019

6 Min Read
business email
Reading Time: 6 minutes

Whether it’s business or personal use, email is still the easiest, cost-effective and simplest mode of communication.

In today’s world, your business email is as important as the office address; an address that is associated with your business name. Business emails contain business domains in the last half of the address (see

Business emails can be set up through a whole lot of vendors and providers, both free and paid. Today, I am going to guide you on how you can easily get a free business email address (that you can integrate with your Cloudways hosted website) using Zoho business mail.

Features of Zoho Mail:

Zoho Mail is bundled up with a lot of free features. Popular features include:

  • 5 user accounts
  • 5GB storage/user
  • Email Attachments up to 25MB
  • File upload limit: 1GB
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Email hosting for a single domain

Looks impressive, doesn’t it?

If you are a small business owner and on a tight budget, getting a free business email from Zoho Mail can add great value to your business processes.

Sign up for Zoho Mail

For signing up, visit Pricing & Sign Up page, scroll down a bit and look for Free Plan.

Zoho Mail - Pricing

You will be redirected to a new page. If you don’t have a domain name for which you want to create a free email account, just choose “Buy a new domain for my business” and follow the on-screen instructions accordingly. In my example, I select “Sign up with a domain I already own,” as I already own a domain.

Zoho Mail - Domain Setup

Enter the required details:

Zoho Mail - Account Signup

Next, click the Proceed button.

After successful account creation and phone verification, you will see a warning sign asking you to verify the ownership of the domain. But don’t worry, I will cover this in the next step. For now, click on the Continue Setup option.

Verify Domain Name Zoho Mail

Domain Setup of Zoho Mail

Once the signup process finishes, you will be guided to the domain verification page. Here is how the domain setup of Zoho Mail looks like:

Domain Verification in Zoho Mail

Verify Domain Ownership

Zoho mail needs to verify purchased domain ownership to complete the process. From the left pane, navigate to Verify Domain and then move to Select your DNS Manager. Expand your drop-down menu and choose your particular domain name provider. Please note that this step is necessary to create a free email account.

I selected Others as my domain is registered via Namecheap and it’s not mentioned in the available options.

Zoho Mail further allows you to verify the domain by using three methods:

  1. CNAME Method
  2. TXT Method
  3. HTML Method

Domain Verification on Zoho Mail

Navigate to the particular method for complete instructions. In this example, I will be using CNAME Method. For that, I need to login to my Namecheap account and then navigate to the Advanced DNS tab of my domain.

I need to add a new CNAME record and enter the values provided by Zoho Mail. Here is how to do it:

Adding CNAME Record in Namecheap

Once configured properly, go back to the Domain Setup of Zoho Mail and click on the Proceed to CNAME Verification at the bottom of the screen.

CNAME Verification

In the next popup that confirms that everything is configured correctly, just click the Verify Now button:

CNAME Verification Confirmation

There you go! As soon as you are done with the domain verification steps, you will be guided to a new page asking you to create a free business email address.

In this example, I have created Once created, visit the workplace section of the Zoho Mail account, and then access the Mail option.

It will automatically log you into your default email account ( Here is the screenshot of how your business mail dashboard looks like:

Zoho Mail Dashboard

As you can see, it is similar to other personal and business email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo Mail.

Send Test Email from Zoho Mail

So, I have created my business mail account for free. The next step is to check whether the free business email address is working fine. In this test, I will send an email from my business email address to Gmail.

Sending Emails from Zoho Mail

And here is the test email I received in my Gmail inbox.

Receiving Email from Business Email

Hurrah! My business email address is now all set to successfully send out emails now.

Receive Emails to Business Email Address

To receive emails at the free business email address, you need to set MX records in the domain registrar. For this, go to your Zoho Mail cPanel and then navigate to the Domains tab. Here, you will see different values for MX records. If you are not sure how to set up MX records for your respective domain, give this guide a read, or contact your domain registrar.

Zoho Mail - DNS Setting

As mentioned earlier, my domain provider is Namecheap, I will add the above-provided values of MX records in my Namecheap account inside my domain. Navigate to the Advanced DNS tab and choose Custom MX under Mail Settings.

Zoho Mail - Namecheap

Note: It can take up to 24 hours to update MX records. However, there is an online tool that helps you verify whether the record has been updated.

Assuming that the MX record has been updated, let’s send an email from Gmail.

Send Email from Gmail

Hurrah! I’ve received the email at my free business email address.

Testing Email from Gmail


In this guide, I tried to offer a solution to a common issue of many small businesses – a corporate email address. I demonstrated how you can integrate Zoho Mail with your domain and use it as the official email address for your Cloudway hosted business. All you need is a domain and use Zoho Mail as your free business mail provider.

There are a lot of features of Zoho Mail which you can get with the premium plans.

You may notice that there can a delay in sending and receiving emails via Zoho Mail.

If your business cannot bear such delays, I would suggest you get a Zoho premium account or look for alternative business email provider such as Rackspace where you can get a business email at $2.00/mailbox/month. However, if you are a Cloudways customer, you can get it for $1.00/mailbox/month.

If you face issues in setting up your free business email using Zoho as Cloudways email, feel free to discuss via the comments section below.

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