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Website Builder Niche Lion Achieves 6-Figure Valuation and 200,000 Monthly Pageviews in a Year Since Hosting With Cloudways


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Daniel Shuttleworth
Daniel Shuttleworth

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About Niche Lion

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Daniel Shuttleworth, founder of Niche Lion and Grizzly Agency, provides digital solutions and resources for building high-performance content sites. These sites generate income from display ads and affiliate marketing. His goal is to help new content site builders succeed in SEO and content marketing.

In addition to this, Daniel hosts the Friday Rumble X spaces. This event, held every Friday, gathers prominent figures from the niche website building and SEO industry. It’s an opportunity for professionals to share their insights, discuss the latest trends, and learn from each other’s experiences and grow.

Imagine scaling a content site to a 6-figure valuation in just over a year, reaching 200,000 monthly pageviews. Sounds impossible? Not for Daniel. He turned this dream into reality with Cloudways and a lean tech stack. Read this case study to uncover the strategies and tools that made this remarkable achievement possible.

Cloudways: Can you tell us about your company’s mission and vision and how Cloudways fits into your strategy for delivering exceptional results to your clients?

Daniel Shuttleworth: My primary mission is to generate income by building sites that drive traffic and meet the expectations of the user’s search intent on Google.

Having Cloudways providing my hosting infrastructure allows me to quickly and effortlessly scale our servers as we experience exponential growth.

There’s no wait, no need to talk to support. The awesome admin panel easily controls everything.

Cloudways delivers the stellar performance that my content websites need to be able to rank on Google.

Cloudways: How has Cloudways hosting helped Niche Lion deliver better results for its clients in terms of website speed, performance, and reliability?

Daniel Shuttleworth: I have provided SEO services, web development, and hosting to my agency clients for many years.

Site speed is a ranking factor, and nothing is worse than doing everything in your power to increase your responsiveness and performance, only to be slowed down by a poor hosting service that uses dated tech on their servers.

I researched extensively and found that Cloudways offered the industry’s best site speed, performance, and reliability standards.

Despite already being highly regarded, Cloudways has exceeded my expectations and raised the bar to how a hosting company should perform.

It’s good to know that I have an edge over my competitors simply by choosing Cloudways as my hosting provider.

Cloudways: Can you share a specific success story of a client who benefited from Niche Lion’s use of Cloudways? How did Cloudways contribute to the client’s success?

Daniel Shuttleworth: As mentioned earlier, I have transitioned from agency work to building content sites.

My newest content site was placed on Couldways as I knew I needed the best in class performance to deliver content as quickly and smoothly as possible.

The reliability of the servers is an excellent asset to my site, as downtime affects the site’s rankings and profit margins.

I’ve never had any issues with downtime (touchwood), and the quick ability to scale my server as the website grows is awesome.

Cloudways: How does Niche Lion integrate Cloudways’ services into its digital marketing solutions, such as business consulting, malware protection, and online monitoring?

Daniel Shuttleworth: As Cloudways has helped me scale a content site into a 6-figure asset, I must have the right server monitoring and security tools to protect my asset.

We have now reached 200,000 monthly pageviews, which is a tremendous accomplishment for a new site.

niche lion monthly pageviews

Would you leave your front door unlocked in an area rife with crime?The web is not different; there are many security threats, and I can sleep easy knowing the site is protected by Cloudways security systems.


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Cloudways: What sets Cloudways apart from others that Niche Lion has previously used? What features does Cloudways offer to make it a valuable partner for Niche Lion?

Daniel Shuttleworth: What sets Cloudways apart is the ease of use and performance.

I can have a site set up and running in literally minutes.

Other hosting providers make promises but rarely deliver. I would often find myself frustrated and having to rely on the support team from other providers just to have basic features enabled.

The learning curve to using Cloudways is easy, and it’s great for all levels of business looking for hosting services, from a private blog to agencies needing a top-level provider for their portfolio hosting needs.

Cloudways: Could you elaborate on why you would suggest Cloudways as a hosting platform to others who are building websites primarily focused on content?

Daniel Shuttleworth: When building a content site, you need to scale quickly regarding the content you produce and the traffic you generate.

Cloudways works well throughout the life-cycle of developing a website.

A common mistake new website builders make is going for a cheap shared hosting plan with dated server tech.

This is a mistake, as your site’s performance is influenced by other accounts with which you share the server.

A slow-performing website or intermittent host issues is a sure way to lose ranking in the SERPs.

Cloudways: In your experience with Cloudways, could you share the three features that you appreciate the most and explain why they stand out to you?

Daniel Shuttleworth:

1. Onboarding – This was a dream. It’s so easy to start, install WordPress, and start working on the site.

It’s great for someone like myself who has used 10+ hosting companies and has felt the frustration of just wanting to work on a site yet getting delayed due to finicky UI & UX on other platforms.

2. Speed – I knew that I wanted my hosting company to work with me, not against me, delivering content quickly to my website visitors while allowing me to breeze through Core Web Vitals scores.

3. Scaling – Cloudways takes the guesswork out of whether you would benefit from a server upgrade by providing real-time monitoring tools of CPU, Bandwidth, Memory, and Traffic.

Then, if you do require an upgrade, you manage that yourself, and it happens instantly with upfront pricing.

No need to wait to speak to sales reps or customer service. Cloudways puts you in the driver’s seat.

Cloudways: How does Niche Lion’s use of Cloudways contribute to its track record of delivering spectacular client results? Can you provide specific examples to illustrate this point?

Daniel Shuttleworth: In my case, my clients are the visitors to my website.

Due to the topic of my content site, I can experience large surges in traffic.

As traffic equals money, I need a partner who can ensure a top level of performance at peak times.

If there is a failure, it could cost me thousands of dollars and cause my customers to lose confidence in my brand.

I can’t speak highly enough of how a reliable and solid partner Cloudways has been, and they are the backbone of my success online.

Cloudways: What advice would you give to other digital marketing companies considering using Cloudways for their clients’ websites?

Daniel Shuttleworth: Just save yourself the headaches!

I have a decent-sized following on Twitter, and I have been testing out the different hosting companies and providing feedback to my followers.

When you are running an agency or are building a portfolio of sites, you need a lean setup process that works.

This is one of my favorite things about Cloudways: a simple UI with an overview of your portfolio.

You can also run multiple servers and assign sites to the server that has the best fit, and it’s a seamless experience that gives you an excellent overview of your projects.

Cloudways: How does Cloudways help Niche Lion deliver exceptional results and value to its clients? Would you recommend Cloudways to others? If yes, why or why not?

Daniel Shuttleworth: Cloudways has helped me concentrate on what I must do… My work!

Nothing is worse than wasting valuable time and resources trying to set up hosting and optimize your site’s performance.

Cloudways just works! It’s not only that, they live up to their promises. I have not experienced any downtime the whole time I have used them as my hosting company.

In addition to this, I have consistently passed all Core Web Vitals assessments due to the speed and responsiveness of their servers.

I recommend Cloudways!

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