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Magento Store Ciyapa Sees 22% Boost in Conversion Rates, 40% Increase in Page Visits, and 30% Faster Load Times After Moving to Cloudways


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Yogita Khasturi
Yogita Khasturi

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About Ciyapa

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Ciyapa is a distinguished clothing brand that was founded in 2022 by Yogita Khasturi while she was pursuing her MBA. The brand has quickly gained recognition for its commitment to providing high-quality T-shirts that cater to the contemporary tastes of young people, all while maintaining competitive pricing.

Despite initial challenges, Ciyapa gained its users’ trust through effective strategies and high-quality products. It has served over 700 satisfied customers in just one year and has become a benchmark for comfort and style. Ciyapa demonstrated that fashion is not limited to trends but is a dynamic expression of oneself.

After moving to Cloudways, Ciyapa was able to boost its conversion rates by 22%, increase page visits by 40%, and achieve 30% faster load times. This has helped the brand to further establish itself as a reliable and trustworthy provider of fashionable clothing that possesses an innate ability to enhance beauty and confidence.

Cloudways: Can you tell us about your business, Ciyapa? What inspired you to start a fashion store, and how did you come up with the idea of offering hyper-minimalist t-shirt essentials?

Yogita Khasturi: Certainly! Ciyapa is a clothing retailer that aims to redefine basics with our line of ultra-simple T-shirts. My appreciation for minimalist clothes and desire for comfort in all-day clothing motivated my launch of Ciyapa.

I saw a need in the market for simple, high-quality T-shirts that go with anything. Our clients can easily dress our T-shirts for any occasion thanks to our concentration on hyper-minimalist designs that represent the philosophy that less is more.

Cloudways: How did you decide to use Magento for your ecommerce store? What factors influenced your decision, and what other platforms did you consider before choosing Magento?

Yogita Khasturi: The decision to choose Magento was driven by the suggestions of ecommerce development agency Webiators and its open-source features that allow customization without any limitations. Magento’s flexibility, scalability, and many extensions made it stand out from the competition. We looked at several other solutions, including WooCommerce and Shopify, before deciding that Magento best fits our vision.

Cloudways: What were the challenges you faced before switching to Cloudways? Did you experience any issues with speed, uptime, or security? How did they impact your business?

Yogita Khasturi: Before moving to Cloudways, we faced several problems like slow website speed, downtime, and security. These problems directly impacted the user experience and resulted in a loss in business.

Customer interest was lost due to lengthy load times (TTFB) and broken confidence during outages. The safety of sensitive client information was questioned due to security flaws. Solving these problems was essential to maintaining our company’s expansion.

Cloudways: Have you noticed any website speed and uptime improvements since switching to Cloudways? Can you share any metrics or data that demonstrate these improvements?

Yogita Khasturi: The shift to Cloudways has unquestionably been life-saving. The load time and availability of our website have been increased. As a result of the 30% drop in load times, page visits are up by 40%, and conversion rates are up by 22%.

In addition, our uptime has averaged 99.9 percent, guaranteeing that customers can always shop with us. As a result, both customer experience and sales have improved, and we are doing great in our business.


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Cloudways: Are there any tools or services offered by Cloudways that have helped streamline your operations, improve the customer experience, or be helpful for your business?

Yogita Khasturi: Cloudways makes automatic backups and restoration easy and has scalable server resources that have all changed the game. With these features, we’ve simplified how we build things so changes go smoothly and keep the customer experience manageable.

Also, the built-in cache management (Redis, Memcached, Varnish) has greatly improved the website’s speed, making it run faster and easier. Customer Support is also outstanding and always available to solve our queries.

Cloudways: How has the integration of Cloudflare helped improve the performance and security of your store? Have you noticed any reduction in security threats or attacks since then?

Yogita Khasturi: Integrating Cloudflare through Cloudways has been very effective. It has improved our website’s speed and helped us maintain the security of our customers’ data. DDoS attacks and malicious traffic are now efficiently mitigated, ensuring uninterrupted service.

We’ve observed a 50% reduction in security threats and a more secure online environment for both us and our customers, which is crucial in the ecommerce space. It is really a boon for our online store.

Cloudways: How do the pricing plans compare to other web hosting providers, and have you found them to be cost-effective for your business?

Yogita Khasturi: Cloudways’ pricing plans are quite competitive. They offer excellent value for the features and performance they provide. While they might be slightly higher than some shared hosting options, speed, scalability, and customer support benefits far outweigh the cost difference.

Cloudways: Can you share any experiences with Cloudways Support? How responsive and helpful has the team addressed any concerns or problems you have encountered?

Yogita Khasturi: Cloudways Support has been exceptional. The staff is quick to respond and very well-informed. We have never had to wait long for them to respond to our requests for help or fix our technological problems.

Their assistance in the relocation and optimization phases was priceless. We are certain that our shop is in good hands thanks to their vigilant server monitoring and management. Glad to have their services.

Cloudways: How has using Cloudways positively impacted your business overall? Have you noticed any improvements in sales, customer satisfaction, or other key performance indicators?

Yogita Khasturi: Our company has benefited greatly from using Cloudways. Increased sales and happier customers directly result from our efforts to make the site faster, more reliable, and more secure. Our ecommerce KPIs, such as page views per session, have improved.

We have also benefited from a decline in our bounce rate. We’ve been able to put more resources into expanding our customer base and developing new products. All credit goes to our platform’s reliability and responsiveness resulting from collaboration with Cloudways.

Cloudways: Would you recommend Cloudways to other ecommerce businesses using Magento? Why or why not? What are the key benefits of using Cloudways?

Yogita Khasturi: I would wholeheartedly recommend Cloudways to other ecommerce businesses, especially those using Magento or WordPress. The combination of top-notch performance, comprehensive support, and robust security measures is unparalleled.

The ease of scalability, proactive monitoring, and integration with essential tools like Cloudflare make Cloudways a powerful choice. The peace of mind it brings allows businesses to focus on what truly matters: delivering a seamless online shopping experience to their customers.

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