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WordPress Agency Ingenius: 10M+ Annual Revenue, 280+ Scaled Sites, 30% Faster Performance with Cloudways


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Tristan Gatellier
Tristan Gatellier

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Did you know that a 1-second delay in page load time can result in a 7% conversion rate loss?

For WordPress agencies managing multiple high-traffic websites, maintaining peak performance is crucial. This case study looks into the story of Ingenius, a French WordPress development agency that achieved a remarkable 30% performance improvement with Cloudways.

Learn how this boost in speed, coupled with the ability to scale and manage over 280 websites, helped Ingenius generate over 10 million in revenue.

Cloudways: Ingenius offers a range of WordPress development services. What challenges did you face with your previous web hosting provider that led you to explore Cloudways?

Tristan Gatellier: I needed flexibility in managing my servers. I needed an easy-to-manage cloud interface that would allow me to manage servers in Europe and the USA from a single interface.

What made my choice at the time was that Cloudways was one of the few to offer localization in France while still delivering good performance.

Cloudways: Website performance is crucial for client satisfaction. Did Cloudways offer a noticeable improvement in website performance compared to your previous provider?

Tristan Gatellier: Yes, clearly. Cloudways offers high-performance solutions, and with Vultr’s high-frequency servers, we’ve seen a performance improvement of around 30% compared to a conventional hosting provider.

The recent integration of Cloudflare Enterprise add-on is also a good step forward. All that’s missing is php relay, in my opinion.

Cloudways: Ingenius is a growing agency that could potentially attract more clients and increase website traffic. Does Cloudways offer the scalability to accommodate your business’s growth?

Tristan Gatellier: We maintain over 280 sites on Cloudways, including 100+ ecommerce stores. We manage a portfolio of ecommerce sites generating more than 10M+ annually. We’re growing at around 30% a year.

I’m not sure I could have easily managed all that on another platform.


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Cloudways: Your core business revolves around WordPress development. Did Cloudways’ managed services free up your internal resources previously dedicated to server management?

Tristan Gatellier: I built my agency with Cloudways. So, let’s just say I didn’t need to hire any devops.

Cloudways: Do you collaborate with others on your projects? How do Cloudways’ features, such as site maintenance, multi-server management, or team access controls, support your workflow?

Tristan Gatellier: We use user management, with its practical 2FA security feature. However, my biggest plus is the Slack channel available for my agency, where we always get a quick response.

Cloudways: Ingenius creates custom WordPress websites. Does Cloudways offer the flexibility to deploy various development environments or integrate with your specific development tools?

Tristan Gatellier: Yes, the one-click staging feature is practical and allows us to create development environments easily.

Cloudways also offers easy SSH access and Git integration.

Cloudways: Managing client website costs is important. Did Cloudways’ pricing model contribute to your decision to switch and allow you to offer cost-effective solutions to your clients?

Tristan Gatellier: Yes, we charge our customers back part of the hosting through a subscription so we can easily manage their resources/prices.

Cloudways: Downtime can damage your brand reputation. How has Cloudways’ uptime and reliability impacted your business operations compared to your previous experience?

Tristan Gatellier: Since the beginning, we’ve had two major incidents with Cloudways on uptime. I don’t realize the difference elsewhere, but it doesn’t seem that high in 4 years. For all minor concerns, Cloudways Support is very responsive.

Cloudways: Ingenius works with clients in various industries, some of which may have specific security or compliance requirements. How does Cloudways address these concerns?

Tristan Gatellier: Yes, we have security measures for certain customers. The security compliance of subcontractors such as cloudflare enables us to respond to calls for tender.

Cloudways: Considering your experience, would you recommend Cloudways to other WordPress development agencies prioritizing a reliable and secure web hosting solution?

Tristan Gatellier: Yes, without a doubt.

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