The Only Ecommerce Optimization Guide You Will Need in 2017

by Danial Khan  December 2, 2016

The days are dark, the nights forlorn and your ecommerce store is not making much money.

An important reason why the store is not performing as you hoped for is the simple fact that you forgot to cover the basics ecommerce optimization! These are the fundamental aspects that ensure that the online store is fully optimized for business in a digital world.

Ecommerce Optimization

The good news is that all is not lost yet! You could still catch up and make sure that you have a fantastic holiday sales this year.

Here are some crucial areas where you could focus on this holiday season to make sure that your online shop is ready for some serious action!

Get the Right Platform

There are a number of ecommerce hosts and applications. Here is a list of my personal favorites!


Arguably, one of the best application to host an online store. Learn why Magento is the best ecommerce platform?


PrestaShop joins in the party and these 10 advantages of using Prestashop aptly justify the claim.


WooThemes rolled out this free WordPress Plugin to serve the needs of their community. WooCommerce did just that, and more. There are some good reasons to love WooCommerce and this is the perfect list of those reasons.


OpenCart has become a trusted and reliable application for online stores owner. Why? Here is your answer.

Zen Cart

Zen Cart, a PHP & MySQL based open source shopping cart solution, got public recognition after it parted ways with osCommerce. Here are 3 good reasons why Zen Cart has become a popular ecommerce application.

Designing an Eye-Catching Homepage Design

Now that you have a good idea of which application to use, it is time to design an attractive homepage. It all comes down to the well known adage: your first impression is your last impression.

You want to impress and dazzle your visitors? here is how you do it!

Without further ado, let’s dig into the anatomy of an impressive homepage. All you need to do is to make sure that the homepage has all the elements that bedazzle the visitors.

Need more help?

Quench your thirst for a perfect homepage design and start planning. Alexis Goodrich offers some more ideas.

Optimize Your Product Page Conversion

I have a question for you: Do you think you can sell?

Yes, you certainly can.

However, without product page optimization, you can’t do much. I have an idea! You can learn it,

Maybe, this might help you a little more, and this too.

Product SEO

In my opinion, Product SEO is very important for your online store and if you can’t work it out, you are in seriously troubled waters. Perhaps the most important thing at this stage is to learn quickly and extract maximum benefits from 5 best practices of ecommerce product SEO.

There is more (trust me, a lot more) you should do because when it comes to SEO and your business, the sky is the only limit.

Search Engine Land comes up with some helpful tips with its excellent list of 17 SEO best practices that could double your ecommerce sales. Magento is here to help too with SEO best practices for ecommerce product pages.

SEO and its contribution to the success of your online store has been discussed efficiently in this detailed checklist.

This leads us to the last part of a fully optimized ecommerce website: the Thank You Page.

Optimize the Thank You Page

7 best practices for creating an ecommerce thank you page gives you an in-depth insight into thank you page optimization.

As we know lead nurturing is mandatory, 10 thank you page examples that totally nailed lead nurturing teaches you just that.

It’s a New Beginning

A successful ecommerce business is more than just trying to sell a huge assortment of products. An integrated approach that touch all areas of the optimization process is the best way of turning a tidy profit. I have just scratched the surface of online store optimization and now it is your turn to go beyond the resources mentioned in this article.

Broken links? Did I miss out on anything? Help me out in the comment section; I am waiting for your response.


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