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Here Are the Top Affiliate Products to Sell in 2024

Updated on April 13, 2023

25 Min Read
Affiliate Products to Sell

Affiliate marketing can be a lucrative way to earn income online by promoting products to your audience. However, success in affiliate marketing depends heavily on selecting the right niche and products to promote.

While there are countless products to choose from, it’s essential to avoid the trap of solely selecting a product based on its high commission rates. Instead, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research to ensure that the product aligns with your audience and niche.

To simplify your search, I’ve curated a list of the top affiliate products to promote in various niches in 2023. Read on to discover the best products to sell and increase your chances of success in affiliate marketing.

How Do You Find the Best Affiliate Products to Sell?

Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry. And is significantly growing each year. Stats below show that the industry was capped at $8.2 billion in 2022 in the USA alone.

affiliate spending usa

You can become a successful affiliate as well but it starts with selecting the right product.

Selecting the right affiliate products and programs is vital for success in ecommerce, whether you’re new or seeking additional revenue streams. Many sellers offer enticing commissions, so choose wisely to maximize earning potential and build a thriving affiliate marketing business.

Here are some ways to find the right affiliate products to sell.

  • Look for what’s trending

Selling trendy products is a great way to kickstart your affiliate sales. Slow and irrelevant products will be painful to promote.

  • Find out the upcoming trends

Finding a product before it becomes mainstream can be a really profitable deal. For that, you’ll need some apprehension about the future. There are several affiliate groups on Facebook and Discord/Slack communities that you can join where people discuss anticipated trends.

  • Follow the discussion forums

People discuss a lot on forums like Reddit, Quora, etc. Go there and see what’s under discussion. If you find something relevant, waste no time starting with affiliate marketing.

  • Find discussion platforms particular to your niche

Don’t just join general discussion forums. Look out for specific information related to your niche. That’ll help you grow faster.

What Are the Best Affiliate Products to Sell?

Now that you know the right tips, here’s a list to consider when starting out your affiliate marketing journey.

1. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality

Yes, exactly. Sell virtual reality gear!

Virtual reality products are finally taking off. Companies selling VR products (and services) now enjoy increased public interest because of the improvements in VR technology.

Facebook has rebranded itself to Meta, and the company has plans to put all of its might into promoting VR technology. And with the NFTs and Metaverses in the picture, VR looks ready to soar high in the near future.

Why Is This a Great Niche to Target?

Global Search Volume: 187,000 searches
Some Affiliate Programs: VR sync, Mobfish VR Studio, Level up reality
Expected Commissions: Variable commission; average expected range: 5-25%

With the rise of Meta, many companies are going to be heavily targeting the VR headset niche. If you can get in now, you have plenty of upside potential to target. Interest is only going to rise, which simply means more potential for success.

Meta recently launched a “segment anything model” tech that can extract any object with a single click in any image. The sample video launched by the company shows the tech being used with a VR. And this is just a warm-up to this technology. Getting into VR affiliate marketing can be really lucrative.

You don’t always need to promote a physical VR product. You can also promote VR game arcades in your area or other businesses using VR tech and earn profits.

2. Drones


Drones have really grown in popularity. Although there are so many restrictions around flying one, it’s market has shown no sign of slowing down in the upcoming year. These days, drones are not just used for recreation; they are also used for commercial purposes in fields including photography.

And the best part is there are a lot of drone manufacturers and various existing affiliate programs in this growing industry.

Why Are Drones So Popular For Affiliate Marketers?

Global Search Volume: 426,000 searches
Some Affiliate Programs: DJI, OneDrone
Expected Commissions: 3-10%

Drones have several use cases. They are fast reducing human efforts and making things efficient. They aren’t just used for photography anymore. Many businesses are testing drone-based delivery systems as well.

The global market size for drones is expected to reach $55.8 billion by 2026. That’s a huge market to tap into. Consider starting early so that you don’t miss out when the market booms.

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3. 3D Printers

3D printer

Gone are the days when you would need to sell several body parts to be able to afford a printer. Now, the ownership cost has significantly decreased, with predictable results. It is now very much possible for anyone to own portable 3D printers.

3D printers are more than just a hobby tool. There are serious applications of the technology in many fabrication and manufacturing scenarios. With the growing belief that 3D printers are now much more accessible, you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity and take advantage of this emerging trend.

Why Choose 3D Printers for Affiliate Marketing?

Global Search Volume: 36,000 searches
Some Affiliate Programs: Anet 3D printers, MakerBot, 3DJake
Expected Commissions: 3-15%

3D printers haven’t yet taken off, but adoption rates are increasing by the day. If you join an affiliate marketing program that caters solely to 3D printers and their accessories, you could easily generate good commissions. Because it’s still a relatively growing niche, it’s a fantastic idea for people looking to get into affiliate marketing.

4. Phone Accessories

phone accessories

Given the launch of flagship and mid-range phones, the market for phone accessories still remains hot. However, instead of wasting time and money on cheap imitations, partner up with top accessory manufacturers. The range of accessories includes LED-backed phone cases, wireless earbuds, and other Bluetooth-enabled products.

Why Promote Phone Accessories?

Global Search Volume: 35,000 searches
Some Affiliate Programs: Otterbox, Nudient, Golden Concept
Expected Commissions: 8-10%; companies also offer fixed-price commissions

Many companies that manufacture top-tiered phone accessories have their own affiliate programs. This gives you a considerable amount of choice. Above all, when you consider the sheer amount of available accessories, from covers to protectors to pop sockets, there’s so much potential for you to sell.

A little motivation for you – stats show that the market for phone accessories is expected to be valued at $310 billion by the end of 2023. And by 2030, it’s expected to stand above $413 billion.

5. Cloud Hosting

cloud hosting

There is a growing demand for cloud hosting services that offer managed solutions because not everyone with an idea is an expert in server management.

Website owners, developers, agencies, and even freelancers nowadays prefer not to deal with the hassles of hosting simply because managed hosting solutions save a lot of time and effort for the users.

Providers like Cloudways offer the best web hosting affiliate programs with amazing commissions. With Cloudways, you can earn commissions of up to $125 per sale and work at the pace of your choice.

Why Promote Cloud Hosting?

Global Search Volume: 27,000
Some Affiliate Programs: Cloudways
Expected Commissions: Highly varied; Companies offer fixed price commissions as well.

Promoting cloud hosting is a fantastic idea for several reasons.

The anticipated growth is high, and the tech is gaining more and more adoption with each passing day. Plus, the commissions in this industry are lucrative enough to get consideration.

Also, according to stats, the global cloud computing market capped $480 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow to $1712.44 billion by 2029. So you can see the huge room for growth potential here.

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6. Wireless Chargers

wireless charging

Wireless chargers are fast becoming the norm as more and more people stop using wired chargers in favor of freeing NFC chargers. And the world is moving to a wireless model with gadgets fast. It won’t be long before wired chargers go away completely.

You can already see earphones and headsets getting de-wired.

The market is heating up, with many companies introducing different styles of wireless chargers. It’s time to get in now and start selling them. By the time they become a norm, you’ll have a decent audience built already, which will be a payoff time instead of a hustling time.

Why Sell Wireless Chargers as an Affiliate Marketer?

Global Search Volume: 195,000 searches
Some Affiliate Programs: Peaking Technologies, Iottie
Expected Commissions: 8-10% or even more, depending on the affiliate program

There are several reasons why you should consider selling wireless chargers as an affiliate marketer. For starters, the world is increasingly moving towards a wireless future.

Almost all flagship devices made by major manufacturers around the globe now support wireless charging. Needless to say, more brands out there make wireless chargers, and they are all vying for the same market.

And with time, other gadgets will also switch to wireless charging mechanisms. You can see that this KW already receives close to 200,000 search queries per month. And the numbers are expected to increase only.

7. Home Automation

home automation

Home automation industry has grown a lot during the past five years, mainly due to several significant innovations, including video doorbells, smart locks, and smart hubs for Smart Homes.

As a result, these devices have a strong consumer following that directly translates into a  lucrative market for affiliate marketers.

Why Promote Home Automation Products?

Global Search Volume: 47,000
Some Affiliate Programs: Xiaomi, Samsung, Philips, Arlo
Expected Commissions: 5-20%

Home automation products are all the rage right now, and this market is expanding at an unprecedented pace. Only the US market was valued at $64.66 billion in 2022. And the industry is expected to expand at a CAGR of 27.3%. That gives away heaps of information about the promising future of the industry.

Plus, Amazon’s foray into the industry with Ring and Google’s purchase of Nest should tell you that there’s a serious impetus behind this. Now is the time to get in!

8. Security & Surveillance Systems


Have you heard the saying, ‘When in a gold rush, sell shovels.’

In the current scenario of uncertainty and degrading security in many countries, the demand for security and surveillance equipment is on the rise. Due to this high demand, the market is really hot and will only get hotter. This is a lucrative opportunity for marketers who are active in the safety and security industry.

Why Are Security and Surveillance Systems Worth Promoting?

Global Search Volume: 56,000
Some Affiliate Programs: Arlo, SimpliSafe, Rexing, iRidium Mobile
Expected Commissions: 4% to 46%; highly variable depending on the company and product

Security and surveillance is a huge industry, with both B2C and B2B parties. From motion sensors to cameras, there’s a whole lot of stuff that you can promote. It’s an excellent choice for affiliate marketers who want variety and must target a primed audience.

9. Real Estate Products

real estate

This is a competitive niche that will likely take some time to reap results. Because people take time to develop trust in someone in the real estate industry. But once you are a trusted source, the potential for earnings is high.

There are several areas to explore here. From becoming affiliates for realtors to promoting home insurance policies, the field is vast.

Why Should You Promote Real Estate as Affiliate Goods?

Global Search Volume: 3.2 million
Some Affiliate Programs: Nolo, Real Estate Express affiliate program, Corporate Housing by Owner affiliate program
Expected Commissions: 8-25%

Real estate is considered one of the most secure investment forms. People are always looking out for good deals, and it’d be best if you could hook them up and make some cash.

About 3.2 million people search for real estate. Naturally, they’d search for real estate compliments as well, such as rental properties, insurance, real estate advice, etc. And about 99% of people between the ages 23 to 56 used the internet to search for homes. So, the potential is massive.

10. Car Vacuum Cleaner

vacuum cleaner

Car vacuum cleaners can be a great fit for ecommerce stores. They generally don’t cost a lot, unless you are going for the more expensive ones. Plus, car vacuum cleaners will always be in demand. People will need to keep their cars clean at all times of the year, making these a great investment.

Why Promote Car Vacuum Cleaners?

Global Search Volume: 55,000
Some Affiliate Programs: ThisWorx, Nano Car Vacuum Cleaner
Expected Commissions: 5-15%

Car vacuum cleaners are never going out of demand These are utility devices that are going to stay forever, so it’s generally a wise idea to stick to the basics. If you want to promote something that’s not seasonal and is going to be consistently in demand, you should consider car vacuum cleaners.

Also, you can find affiliate programs for car vacuum cleaners from any renowned automotive store that sells online.

11. Wearable Devices


Wearables have gone mainstream in recent years, and you can see people wearing one or more categories of wearables all the time. A popular niche in wearables is the health-focused devices that allow the wearer to monitor health in real-time without visiting the doctors’. They pose a golden opportunity for marketers to get better commissions on their promotions.

A tip for success: Instead of partnering with a single wearable manufacturer, go for large ecommerce stores that target wearable customers. You will get low product costs and higher commissions. Or, try Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) marketing by creating landing pages and promoting the products on social media.

Why Promote Wearable Devices?

Global Search Volume: 5,000
Some Affiliate Programs: RedHealth, Misfit, Fitbit, Apple
Expected Commissions: 1-20%

Promoting wearable devices as an affiliate marketer can be a smart choice due to their high demand and the diverse range of products available. As more people become interested in health and fitness, wearable devices have become increasingly popular, creating a large potential customer base for affiliates.

Additionally, wearable devices come in a variety of forms, including fitness trackers, smartwatches, and health monitors, providing affiliates with multiple product options to promote to their audience. This versatility can help increase the likelihood of conversions and ultimately lead to more commissions for affiliates.

12. Travel Products

travel products

People need so many items for their daily commutes. This is actually a really broad category to tap into. Shall you decide to enter, you can sell so many products at once.

This category also covers domestic and international travel.

People need electronics, backpacks, water bottles, etc., to make their commutes comfortable and convenient.

Why Market Travel Products?

Global Search Volume: 4600 searches
Some Affiliate Programs: RavPower, Anker, DJI, Tortuge
Expected Commissions: 2-15%

The category is broad, with so many relevant products. And there are always innovations going on here. Remember when backpacks with a power bank and a headphone jack became the cool thing? There will always be new products here that you can sell as an affiliate.

Any product that people can need while traveling is a good one to sell. From travel backpacks to water bottles. You can even have an affiliate store where you sell multiple travel products at once.

Note – different products sell for different prices and have higher search volumes. Careful research before starting your affiliate journey can set you on the right track.

13. Gym Equipment

gym equipment

People are becoming more aware of their self-image, which is why the fitness lifestyle has become a popular trend. Fitness enthusiasts either join a gym or purchase gym equipment so they can continue to work out even with a tough routine.

Why Promote Gym Equipment as an Affiliate Marketer?

Global Search Volume: 142,000
Some Affiliate Programs: ACE Fitness, Monkii, ProForm
Expected Commissions: 4-15%

Since the demand for gym equipment is high among fitness enthusiasts, it has the potential to be a great affiliate product to sell. You can even segment your strategy for gyms and individual users alike.

The market size for gym products is huge. In 2021, the fitness equipment market capped at $12.43 billion globally. And the number is on a constant year-on-year rise and is expected to be at $16.56 billion by 2030.

14. Travel & Tourism

travel and tourism

Whether it’s holiday tourist destinations or a weekend getaway, people are always saving up to explore new areas. So much so that even Google Maps covers interesting things to do at specific destinations.

So why not promote services that provide logistics, hotel accommodation, and entertainment in specific destinations?

Travel and tourism companies cash in more sales with the help of traveling discount coupons and hotel accommodation offers. They promote travel destinations and holiday packages through their affiliate programs to reach out to a large audience.

Why Is Travel and Tourism Such a Popular Niche?

Global Search Volume: 200,000
Some Affiliate Programs: Expedia, TrustedHouseSitters, Agoda
Expected Commissions: 2-15%

Because there’s an insane amount of upside potential in this. Everybody’s looking for good deals when it comes to traveling. There’s just so much money to make here by producing the right affiliate content!

15. Fashion Products


The beauty industry thrives on people’s desire to look good, with countless product options available. Social pressure fuels demand, and people are willing to pay to meet beauty standards.

It’s such a trendy niche that you’ll never run out of options to market. However, you’ll need to have a marketing strategy that’s quick to change with trends. Slowness here will leave you marketing outdated products, and your efforts will go to waste.

Why Promote Fashion Products?

Global Search Volume: 1 million
Some Affiliate Programs: RewardStyle, Hugo Boss, Browns Fashion
Expected Commissions: 7% up to 50%+

The fashion industry is worth more than a trillion dollars. It’ll be nice to promote some products that make people feel good and build a business.

You can even niche down into different segments and choose to target a particular audience only. Or you can sell generic products that have a broader demand. The choice is yours.

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16. Shapewear


Shapewear is all the craze right now. Don’t miss out on this profitable trend, as it can make you a lot of money as an affiliate. Kim Kardashian’s brand has made her a billionaire!

Shapewear is worn under a dress and helps create a smooth silhouette. There are many brands out there, so there’s definitely no shortage of products to sell. You can even look for complementary products that sell well with Shapewears and market them as well.

Why Promote Shapewear?

Global Search Volume: 219,000 searches
Some Affiliate Programs: Annamarye, Shapersift, Leonisa
Expected Commissions: 15-80%

It’s a product in high demand and will grow in popularity with time. Kim Kardashian became a billionaire by selling shapewear. Well, not just shapewear, but you get the point.

Shapewear is a big thing, and there’s plenty of potential in this industry. This is a great choice to fall back on and start selling as an affiliate.

17. Safety Gears


Selling safety apparel is a great opportunity to earn. It’s also interesting to see how safety apparel evolves with time as it adopts material that improves overall endurance.

The evolution in this niche is constant. Every day new safety products show up and become instant hits. You must have seen TikToks of people trying to chainsaw industry pants, but the pant remains scratchless.

There are countless options here. From industrial safety products to common household safety products, you can sell so much.

Why Enter the Safety Apparel Niche?

Global Search Volume: 5500 searches
Some Affiliate Programs: SafetyWorkWear, Mira, Harnessland
Expected Commissions: 5-15%

Well, why not? You’re taking part in a good cause and making money due to it. It’ll help your conscience and your wallet! The safety apparel niche is rife with a bunch of interesting items, ranging from bike lights to helmets, and you can start selling anything you want.

18. Jewelry


If you haven’t already noticed the recent trend, there are a lot of ads on social media pertaining to jewelry. Products like jewelry watches, engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets, and piercings are greatly popular, and their visibility is high on social media.

The type of jewelry that remains high in demand ranges from casual bracelets to intricate design patterns of precious stones and gems. Hence, making them popular items among affiliate products to sell.

Why Promote Jewelry?

Global Search Volume: 756,000 searches
Some Affiliate Programs: Styledotshome, Blue Nile Jewelry, Etsy
Expected Commissions: 5-15%

Everyone likes it, that’s why! This was a 340-billion dollars+ industry in 2022. With almost everyone wearing some form of jewelry nowadays, you can sell virtually anything.

19. Gaming


Gaming remains a major entertainment outlet and shows no sign of slowing down. With the advent of cloud computing, gaming on consoles now no longer requires physical CDs to install and run a game, all thanks to SaaS products.

For the last decade, the gaming industry has grown massively, and there has been a high demand for console peripherals and supporting accessories such as gaming controllers, grip pads, controller skins, and customizations. The popularity of these products makes them some of the best affiliate products to consider selling.

Why Promote Gaming Peripherals?

Global Search Volume: 507,000 searches
Some Affiliate Programs: Razer, Nvidia, Alienware
Expected Commissions: 1-20% average and can go even higher in some cases

The gaming industry continues to grow day by day, with almost every other company now looking to position their products to capture just a teeny tiny bit of this market. Also, the recently hyped metaverse scene will add to the gaming hype.

With unbelievable upside potential, you can easily sell various gaming peripherals.

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20. Pet Grooming

pet grooming

A lot of people have pets, wish to have pets, or are transitioning into getting more pets. Pet parents treat their pets as babies and them to be prim and proper at all times.

That’s one major reason pet grooming equipment such as rubber and slicker brushes, nail clippers, shampoo, conditioner, and medical treatment ointments have been in high demand.

Why Promote Pet Grooming Products?

Global Search Volume: 159,000
Some Affiliate Programs: Chewy, Petco Supplies, Ollie, PawHealer
Expected Commissions: 4-20%

Because there are just so many out there!

You can easily find many different pet grooming products, and because people just need good information about each, if you can provide that, you can expect quick purchases through your affiliate links!

21. Crypto Exchanges

crypto exchanges

Cryptocurrency became a thing with the advent of Bitcoin in 2009. After seeing many ups and downs, the industry now has a market cap of $1.2 trillion.

More and more people are joining the crypto space, which puts crypto exchanges in high demand. Billionaires like Elon Musk and Michael Saylor also have their interests vested in this industry. So you can expect the potential for growth.

Why Promote Crypto Exchanges?

Global Search Volume: 1.2 million
Some Affiliate Programs: Binance, Trezor Wallet, Coinbase
Expected Commissions: up to 50% and trading discounts

The potential for growth is huge, that’s why. With billionaires involved in the scene and new people entering every day, there’s a huge possibility for you to make money as an affiliate marketer for crypto exchanges.

Be cautious, though; there are lots of scams in this industry. Vet the exchange carefully before taking any steps.

22. Food Delivery Services/Coupons

food delivery

Giving out food discount coupons and delivery service discounts are highly sellable items, especially for teenagers and students that deal with a tight budget. Due to their high demand, it’s a no-brainer that these are some of the best affiliate products to sell.

You just market the coupons and services to those who need them and get good commissions against them.

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Why Promote Food Delivery Services?

Global Search Volume: 15,000
Some Affiliate Programs: Hello Fresh, Mama Sez, Home Chef
Expected Commissions:

The global logistics model is changing. Many people prefer ordering via food delivery service providers instead of directly from the restaurant. There are numerous apps out there that further simplify things. It’s future, so why not go for it?

23. Baby Care

baby care

Parents are always looking out for products that make life easier for their kids. They want to encash every chance that can make their child feel special.

This goes to show the great potential of selling products like prams, baby toilets, gum soothers, aprons, and baby clothes online. The product choices are endless here. And the niche is evergreen as well. Competition may be a little high, but you can cut through it with the right affiliate marketing strategies.

Why Promote Baby Care Products?

Global Search Volume: 24,000
Some Affiliate Programs: Happiest Baby, Buy Buy Baby, Pishposh Baby
Expected Commissions: 2-25%

Endless potential, that’s why. Babies aren’t going anywhere, so there’s lots of potential in this market. Don’t miss out on this!

Plus, this is a really trendy market which leaves you with the room to market lots of products at once. The baby product market is expected to reach $58.8 billion by 2031. So, lots of room to establish a sustainable affiliate business.

24. Digital Products and Learning Material

digital courses

A lot of teachers, mentors, and skilled employees look for an opportunity to sell their learned skills to a large audience. Whether it’s teaching to file for taxes, creating a digital campaign, or even explaining the perfect conditions to grow a eucalyptus plant indoors.

The diversity in subject matter here can be as vast as the skill set of the mentor.

Look out for subject materials that are in high demand. You can tie up with the instructors and sell their courses for a set commission.

Why Promote Digital Courses?

Global Search Volume: 18,000 searches
Some Affiliate Programs: Coursera, Udemy, Codecademy
Expected Commissions: 5-15%

The pandemic brought about a fundamental shift in the way we consume knowledge. Remote learning, often considered a luxury or an oddity at one point, is now widely embraced. There are plenty of courses that you can promote too, with considerable commissions on offer.

You can promote learning platforms like Udemy and Coursera. Or you can partner up with individual content creators on Patreon and other platforms and promote their work.

25. Office Supplies

office supplies

Office products have a constant demand, as every business needs these resources. Also, anyone that deals with a desk space understands the struggle of keeping the deskspace clutter-free and organized.

This opens up the avenue for affiliate marketers to make money by recommending office accessories for certain workspaces and distinguished occupations. That’s why you see so many YT influencers promoting office products that help you think better and keep the deskspace clutter-free.

Why Promote Office Supplies?

Global Search Volume: 301,000 searches
Some Affiliate Programs: Office Depot, Staples, The Supply Shop
Expected Commissions: 2-10%; fixed price commissions as well

You can’t go wrong, that’s why. If you know how to do it right, there’s just so much that you can sell. When it comes to office accessories, you have plenty of stuff to focus on.

There’s also a huge audience of office managers and business owners looking for the right information so they can buy high-quality items at affordable prices.

26. Gardening Tools

gardening tools

Have you ever found yourself glued to a DIY video about gardening and similar hobbies? Just like having a pet, gardening enthusiasts find these hobbies useful to keep their minds healthy and to de-stress.

Since gardening is a popular hobby, the demand for gardening equipment remains relatively high. Sales for these products peak during the seasons and then slow down during the off-season months. Companies selling gardening equipment make use of affiliate marketing strategies to promote these products and services pre-season to maximize sales.

Why Promote Gardening Tools?

Global Search Volume: 94,000 searches
Some Affiliate Programs: Aerogardens, Forestry Suppliers, Garden Tower
Expected Commissions: 3-25%

Gardening as a hobby has become quite popular over the past couple of years. The pandemic caused many people to find time at home, with many taking up gardening because of its therapeutic nature.

27. Kitchen Apparel and Equipment

kitchen apparel

Although 90% of restaurant businesses fail within the first year, it still doesn’t stop food enthusiasts from attempting to start their own food ventures. Items like cutlery, knives, kitchen appliances, and even kitchen safety apparel are important things to have when starting a restaurant or a cafe.

It’s the demand for these products that make them good affiliate products. Chefs, food connoisseurs, and gourmet chefs recommend products in almost every YouTube video tutorial on cooking. This is what makes these items good affiliate products with the potential to sell.

Why Promote Kitchen Equipment?

Global Search Volume: 44,000 searches
Some Affiliate Programs: Stonewall Kitchen, Ketoconnect, Cuisinart
Expected Commissions: 5-25%

Because it’s a perpetual necessity, that’s why. Everyone needs kitchen equipment, whether it’s pans or pots, or cutlery. It does require a bit of research, but if you can put that in, there are lots of items that you can promote.

28. Lighting Products


If you’re looking to expand your affiliate portfolio, consider adding lighting products. They are a fundamental requirement for many people and offer great earning potential. From lamps to lightbulbs to bulb holders, there are plenty of options to choose from.

To find the top-selling lighting products, check out popular bloggers and reviewers. Once you’ve identified a few items, it’s easy to sell them on your website and generate a good side income.

Why Promote Lighting Products?

Global Search Volume: 369,000 searches
Some Affiliate Programs: Capital Lightning, Home Depot, Louie Lightning
Expected Commissions: 4-10%

There is a considerable amount of variety when it comes to lighting products, so there’s considerable upside potential in this niche. Do it right, and there’s lots of money to be made!

29. Computer Accessories


Computer accessories make for some of the best affiliate products and are never going to go out of demand. As an affiliate, you should definitely consider featuring them on your site. Some products don’t even cost a lot of money and are very popular.

From mouse pads to affordable headsets to gaming chairs, there’s a lot of variety available in the market. You can also sell goods for laptops, such as foldable tables, sleeves, laptop stands, and other accessories.

Why Promote Computer Accessories?

Global Search Volume: 27,000 searches
Some Affiliate Programs: Origin PC, B&H, Lenovo, Logitech
Expected Commissions: 2-10%

There’s just too much potential in this niche to leave this out. The world will become more and more of a digital space which means more screens and computers. Look out for accessories that make workflow efficient and smarter, and you have the potential for a great business.

30. Insurance


It may surprise you to learn that insurance is a service that can be sold as an affiliate product. By creating comparisons on your website and using your affiliate program link, you can market insurance products to your audience. This is a unique opportunity to generate income through affiliate marketing in a niche that many may not have considered.

Why Promote Insurance?

Global Search Volume: 833,000 searches
Some Affiliate Programs: Allianz Care, Liberty Mutual, NEXT Insurance
Expected Commissions: Fixed price commissions mostly depending on the insurance value

If you plan it out, you could end up making quite a bit of money in the process. It’s a great way to generate some good income on the side and help people buy something considered essential.

31. Car Accessories

car parts

Car accessories are some of the hottest products to consider for affiliate selling. The products have a variable price range, and there’s so much to explore here.

Simple car accessories like car humidifiers, air purifiers, and portable refrigerators are fantastic choices to sell as affiliate products. You can easily make good money by selling these products on your affiliate marketing website.

Plus, lots of flashy and trendy products are fast-selling ones. Impulse buying is also common in this market. So if you have the right products to sell, you’ll surely rise as an affiliate marketer fast.

Why Promote Car Accessories?

Global Search Volume: 217,000 searches
Some Affiliate Programs: Zoro, Pep boys, Vivid Racing
Expected Commissions: 3-30%

Items like car mats, seat covers, and even cushions are always in high demand. By providing these under a single roof, you can easily generate a good amount of sales.

Plus, the number of search queries is very high for specific products. The right research can grow your affiliate business fast.

32. Bicycle Add-Ons

cycle addons

Riding bikes became trendy after the pandemic. The demand for bicycle add-ons and accessories has grown by leaps and bounds, and you stand to make a hefty profit.

From bicycle computers to gel covers for seats, laser line markers to bicycle lights, there is no shortage of affordable accessories that you can sell for some profit.

Why Promote Bicycling Accessories?

Global Search Volume: 649,000 searches
Some Affiliate Programs: Trek Bikes, Competitive Cyclist, Alchemy Bicycles
Expected Commissions:3-12%

Bicycling as a hobby has risen considerably in the past few years. You could offer detailed advice on accessories, making it a great niche to target. And if you guide them right, people will be motivated to buy from you.

33. Bottles and Protein Shakers


Another trendy but really useful product category to consider.

Protein shakers and water bottles are becoming quite popular, and there are several varieties available in the market. You can easily sell these as an affiliate and make a handsome amount.

The product range is pretty varied in this category. You can find simple bottles and protein shakers as well as fancy and high-functioning ones. So, figuring out the right target audience for your product is necessary for success.

Why Promote Protein Shakers?

Global Search Volume: 114,000 searches
Some Affiliate Programs: Blender Bottle, IceShaker
Expected Commissions: 12-15%

As the focus moves towards fitness, people are going to be buying these in droves. You could be the one selling through your channels.

34. Backpacks


Selling backpacks as affiliate products is a fantastic way to make good money as an affiliate. You can take great advantage of the hundreds of different companies manufacturing and selling backpacks in the marketplace.

From gym bags to standard school backpacks, you can sell so many options for a significant commission. They are never going to go out of need, and demand is only going to rise.

Why Promote Backpacks?

Global Search Volume: 433,000 searches
Some Affiliate Programs: Nomatic, Nike, Kipling
Expected Commissions: 6-15%

Too many options out there, so it’s worth a shot. And it’s a trendy product with an omnipresent demand. Plus, backpacks are in high demand, as you can see that it receives close to half a million monthly searches. And commission margins are also reasonable enough to venture into this product.

35. Personal Grooming Products

personal grooming

Staying tip-top at all times is a trait many people possess. They’d want their skin fresh and blooming at all times. Such people take their personal hygiene seriously and basically would buy products that come under the self-care category.

Basically, people are getting more and more interested in grooming. You can set up great marketing campaigns and promote brands in this niche to make money.

Why Choose Grooming Products for Affiliate Marketing?

Global Search Volume: 8600 searches
Some Affiliate Programs: JC Grooming, Detroit Grooming, Sephora
Expected Commissions: 10-15%; can go up to 50% in some cases

Organic products, hair gadgets, and serums, all these products have become the bread and butter for Gen X.

Therefore, grooming products are ideal for affiliate marketing because they are always relevant and have a high sales potential. Plus, the grooming segment has an overlap with the fashion segment. So you can explore them together as well and sell several products at one time.

Some Tips for the Future

Being an affiliate, you should always stay updated with the current market trends.

In fact, staying updated in the affiliate market is your bread and butter.

Many products and services might have a short-lived trend and will soon become irrelevant. It is best to keep a close watch on the viability of the products and the things that work best for your business.

Research thoroughly and validate your product choices, use tools like Google Trends or popular and best-selling products on marketplaces like Amazon. Also, here are some actions to take so that you stay on top of your game always:

  • Follow the top affiliates in your niche.
  • Join the right affiliate marketing groups on Social media platforms and discussion forums.
  • Keep and eye on trends that can potentially explode.

And, don’t give up too soon. Becoming a successful affiliate can take time. But once you get there, the results are sweet.

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Affiliate marketing is a lucrative business model.

Many people are easily making thousands of dollars per month. The above-mentioned products can be your starting point for affiliate marketing. Do proper research on them and even on other products and niches.

There are countless products and programs that you can sell as an affiliate. Take time to analyze things. Check out some hosting coupon by Cloudways.

But one thing – many people fall victim to analysis paralysis and take too long to start. Some even drop the idea altogether. Don’t be too afraid to start. And you don’t have to know everything from the beginning. You’ll learn a lot as you tread further in the journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to find the right affiliate marketing products to sell?

There are countless ways to find the right product. Here are a few of them:

  • Check Google trends.
  • Keep an eye on discussion forums.
  • Look for upcoming trends that can potentially explode.
  • You can use paid tools like Ahrefs for keyword research.
  • Visit online marketplaces like Alibaba and Amazon to see what’s trending and what interests people the most.

Q. How to sell affiliate products on Facebook?

You can start affiliate marketing for free on Facebook. You’ll need to make an account on Facebook and start promoting the products of the program you signed up for. In most cases, it’s absolutely free to sign up for a program.

Q. How to sell affiliate products without a website?

You don’t necessarily need a website to start affiliate marketing. You can start your affiliate marketing efforts on social platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Q. Can anyone be an affiliate marketer?

Yes. There’s no restrictions about who can be an affiliate. You can be a full-time nine to fiver, or you can be a college student looking to make some extra bucks. Anyone can begin affiliate marketing.

Q. Do I need to focus on one product or multiple products?

You can focus on any number of products that you want. However, it’s better to start with one when beginning your journey. You can add on more products as your following, and the audience starts growing.

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