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Turn Slow Sale Days into Exciting Ones with Ultimate Ecommerce Marketing Calendar

Updated on December 8, 2021

15 Min Read
Ecommerce Holiday Marketing Calendar 2019

How do you keep sales high all year long? By creating hype.

As an ecommerce store owner, it is crucial for you to have a strategy for each day of the year so that your sales don’t slow down. That’s why most online store owners come up with enticing plans that keep visitors engaged on the websites. They launch campaigns on different events, provide discounts, build hype around their best selling products, and repeat the whole cycle almost every month. Sometimes this process works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

The problem with this process is that it is too time-consuming and one has to keep abreast with the latest trends to form a better strategy for the future.

Fortunately, there is a better way to find events and turn slow days into exciting ones. We have prepared a list of the most happening days of each month so that you know from the start about what days are important. This way you will be able to come up with a fabulous marketing strategy for each day of the year.

Benefits of the Ecommerce Marketing Holiday Calendar

  • Know from the start of the year about the special days of the year
  • Prepare a fantastic marketing strategy so that your Ecommerce store stay busy throughout the year
  • Get the right tools to make your marketing strategy rock solid

There are uncountable celebrations throughout the year, and most of them are great for ecommerce stores. From National Hat Day to Boxing Day to Boss’ Day, you will find all types of weird, peculiar, and pertinent days in our ecommerce marketing calendar..

Ecommerce Holiday Marketing Calendar 2019 [Infographics]

Ecommerce Holiday Marketing Calendar 2019 [Infographics]

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Before you download the complete ecommerce marketing calendar, it is important to understand which of these days are the most suitable for your business and how to prepare for them.

Here’s a list of the most important events of an ecommerce marketing calendar.

January 2019

1st January, 2019 – New Year’s Day

This one is obvious. New Year Day offers a fresh start for everyone. Almost every ecommerce store will be running deals at this time, so you have to come up with something different and unique, so that you can stand out.

You can even run the event for a week and build your marketing campaigns around it. Some ideas for the New  Year’s Day include: New Year Resolutions, New Year Gifts, New Year Challenges, etc.

Target audience: People all around the world who prefer to shop online

7th January, 2019 – Eastern Orthodox Christmas

While New Year celebrations end for many by the second week of January, but for Easter Orthodox Christians, the celebrations are just beginning. One reason for that is because the Easter Orthodox events follow the Julian calendar, which cites the birth of Christ on January 7th.

If your online store serves to global online visitors, and you plan to target audience in Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Egypt, Bulgaria, or other countries with Orthodox communities, consider developing special campaigns for this event

Target audience: All of the Orthodox Christian community

15th – National Hat Day

If you have a fashion apparel e-store then National Hat Day is perfect for promoting your store to the relevant audience. This day is perfect for dropshippers who are in the fashion industry. With the right collection of products and clever marketing, you can make thousands of dollars within hours.

Target audience: Hat lovers all around the world

26th January, 2019 – Australia Day

Australia is a thriving market for ecommerce stores. Australia Day is perfect for promoting all things patriotic. In Australia, most people buy products online. Hence, you can easily target people with their interests through promotional discounts and codes.

Target audience: Australians

February 2019

2nd February, 2019 – Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day announces the arrival of Spring. There is an age-old tradition that if a Groundhog takes out its head from the burrow and sees its shadow, the Winter season will last for six more weeks. The tradition is part of the United States culture. However, there is no correlation between the event with the actual date of the arrival of Spring. Nonetheless, it is a great event to start the marketing of Spring products.

Target audience: Spring-related product lovers

3rd February, 2019- Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl is the grand finale of the American National Football League (NFL) tournament. It is so popular that 1 in 4 Americans say that it must be a holiday.

Super Bowl is perfect for those who are targeting the US audience. You don’t have to sell Super Bowl-related products, any product will do. Just market to the right audience and provide great discounts.

Target audience: NFL lovers

5th February, 2019 –  Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is 15 days long and starts with the second new moon after Winter ends. It consists of multiple celebrations with each year referenced to a Zodiac animal. You can market your online products to the Chinese population around the world with your targeted campaigns.

Target audience: Chinese living all around the world.

14th February, 2019 – Valentine’s Day

You already know what happens on Valentine’s Day. It is a day of love, romance, and parties. Do ensure to target couples, married people, and those who are in a relationship. You can target anyone who is above the age of 18 all the way to 60s.

One thing to note here is that everyone will be marketing on Valentine’s day, so come up with a unique marketing strategy.

Target audience: Couples, Married people all around the world

March 2019

6th March, 2019 – National Dress Day

National Dress Day has roots in history but it has gained prominence recently, especially with the emergence of platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and other snap-based platforms. It is now one of the most popular hashtags on these social media websites.

You can play around the National Dress Day theme and come up with unconventional audience targeting ways to sell more products. It is perfect for ecommerce stores that sell fashion products.

Target audience: Spring fashion for women

8th March, 2019 – International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day signifies equality, balance, and recognition of women. It has become a major movement and unites women from around the world. The day is a focal point for major women-related events. It is perfect for your ecommerce store if you have products that target women.

You can share discounts, run charity campaigns to support local or international communities that help women in need, or come up with something completely new.

Target audience: Women around the globe

17 March, 2019 – St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day has a special significance in the European countries. It has both, cultural and religious importance and usually involves parades and other festivities.

Most European people who participate in events on this particular day, wear shamrocks-shaped accessories or anything green they can get their hands on.

Do ensure that you only market the right products on St. Patrick’s Day because wrong product promotions can bring a negative impact on the day’s celebrations.

Target audience: Irish people living in United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, and New Zealand

April 2019

1st April, 2019 – April Fools’ Day

April’s Fool Day is perfect for promoting deals about pranks and funny products. Almost every ecommerce store celebrates the April Fools Day because it has become a major event around the world.

It doesn’t matter what type of products you have, you can promote jokes, humor about products, or just develop a discount page for your regular products. The purpose is to drive engagement and you can do that with almost anything that’s attractive.

Target audience: Almost anyone who loves buying products online.

10th April, 2019 – Siblings Day

People around the world celebrate Siblings Day to honor their relationships with siblings. The event is more popular in western countries. Siblings send gifts to one another and take out time to spend with each other if possible.

For online store owners, this day brings the perfect opportunity to make more sales by promoting the right type of gift products. You can send personalized matching items like “Best brother/sister ever” products.

Target audience: Siblings, cousins, and friends.

11th April, 2019 – National Pet Day

National Pet Day signifies the importance of better healthcare of pets in the US. Since every third household has pets, the motive behind celebrating this day is to encourage people to pay special attention to them. The day is an opportunity for American households to adopt more pets and, for those who already have one, to create the day more special for it.

As a store owner, you can offer products related to pets. You can use National Pet Day as an opportunity to connect with your customers.

Target audience: People who have pets, or are interested in them.

19th & 20th April, 2019 – Easter Holy Week

Easter Holy Week is a Christian holiday. It has both religious and cultural significance. It is the week just before the Easter Day. The week provides ecommerce store owners, an opportunity to start promoting Easter deals.

You can throw discounts, create marketing segments and then target them separately to gain more audience – it totally depends on you.

Target audience: People who celebrate Easter.

21 April, 2019 – Easter

Easter is a major holiday for Christians. People love to find Easter Eggs on this day. It has a religious relevance and dates back to the Pagan ritual of Jesus’ resurrection. Today, people mostly celebrate it with hidden eggs to surprise their children and to keep the tradition alive.

Ecommerce stores also celebrate the event and most of them throw deals and discounts on major products.

Target audience: People who celebrate Easter.

22nd April, 2019- Earth Day

The Earth Day was first observed in the 1970s to make people aware of global warming and the destruction they are causing. Each year, this day has a different theme with conferences, symposiums and other events highlighting the importance of saving our beloved planet Earth.

On this day, you can promote products that support environmental protection such as POD products, energy saving devices, and many more similar items. Think out of the box to bring something new.

Target audience: People who support green Earth

May 2019

1st May, 2019 – International Workers’ Day

International Workers Day is a recognized holiday for all workers, and is sanctioned by the United Nations. To benefit from this day, come up with a great theme that supports labor rights and you have a combo of a CSR and sales.

Target audience: People in favor of labor rights

First Friday of May – National Space Day

National Space Day is an international event to praise the achievements humans have made in space travel. Where this day is special for the science community, it is also beneficial for the ecommerce community that can come up with various products to promote on this day.

Whether you are selling apparel, electronics, or anything else, giving out discounts on National Space day can lead to higher engagement and more sales.

Target audience: People having an interest in Space and rockets

12th May, 2019 – Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated in more than 40 countries around the world. It is the third biggest holiday of the year. As an online store owner, you want to grow your store and this day gives you the best opportunity to do that. Target people who are looking for gifts for their moms. Publish gift guides and market directly to people between the age group of 18 and 40 years.

Note: Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days in different countries. Therefore, you must target the right audience through your marketing.

Target audience: All of the globe – people between 18 and 40 years of age.

20th May, 2019 – Victoria Day

Victoria Day is a Canadian public holiday. People in Canada celebrate the event with fireworks and outdoor events to honor Queen Victoria’s birthday.

You can give discounts and free shipping to customers in Canada.

Target audience: Canadian Citizens

27th May, 2019 – Memorial Day

Memorial Day is an American event that signifies the services of the uniformed soldiers. It praises all American soldiers who are serving and honors those who sacrificed their lives in the service of their country.

Memorial Day has a huge cultural significance, so you must ensure that your language has the same tone, otherwise the event can backfire.

Americans don’t actually like being bombarded with promotional messages on Memorial Day, especially those whose family members have served in the wars.

Target audience: American citizens

June 2019

8th June, 2019 – Best Friend Day

Not many know who started this event, but in 1998, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan named Winnie the Pooh the official UN ambassador of friendship.

You can celebrate it with long lost friends. People throw picnics, exchange gifts to each other and send cards to their friends living at long distances.

Target audience: Friends – everyone has a friend so you can market everyone.

16th June, 2019 – Father’s Day

Just like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is a global event. According to Wikipedia, almost 40 countries celebrate Father’s day but the date of celebrations vary for every country. Remember to conduct a thorough research when the event will happen in a country before you promote your products.

Target Audience: Everyone between the age of 18 and ~40 years.

21st June, 2019 – International Yoga Day

Yoga is one of the best exercises for mental and physical fitness. In fact, it is so widely practiced that it has its own day of recognition. Around the world, June 21st is celebrated as Yoga Day. Many activities and events take place around the world and mainly in USA, Australia, and India, where it originated from.

This day is great for all ecommerce stores to market their products but it specifically favors the fitness and apparel online stores.

Target audience: Yoga lovers around the world.

July 2019

1st July, 2019- Canada Day

First of July marks the Canadian Independence Day. The day is all about parades, picnics, patriotism, and much more. If your online store caters to Canada or is Canada-based, then mark this day on your calendar and develop a unique promotional strategy for marketing your products.

You can offer discounts, free shipping options and much more to improve sales and build brand awareness. The best way to benefit from this event is through multi-channel marketing.

Target audience: Canadians

4th July, 2019 – Independence Day (United States)

4th of July marks the Independence Day of the United States. This day is perfect for those who have customers in the USA. Whether you are dropshipping or directly selling to the North American customers, you can develop various marketing strategies to promote your products and offer discounts.

Target audience: Americans

August 2019

First Monday of August – Back to School Day

August is the season when students go back to school after a two-month long vacation. As an online store owner, you can develop promotional campaigns for parents during this season. According to an estimate, parents spend over $27 billion on Back to School shopping.

Target audience: Parents of children in the USA

4th August 2019 – Sisters’ Day

Sister’s Day is a great day to celebrate the special bond between sisters. People around the world celebrate the bond, but it has special prominence in the USA where parents encourage their daughters to exchange gifts with each other and spend more time together.

Target audience: Parents, siblings

9th August 2019 – Book Lover’s Day

Do you know Amazon was a bookselling ecommerce store at one time? See where it is today? Similarly, Book Lover’s Day is your ticket of joy, if you are within the same industry. You can target almost anyone who has an interest in reading books.

In fact, those who are not avid book readers tend to look out for gifts they can send to their friends and family members. That’s where Book Lover’s Day can make your store great in terms of profit.

Target audience: Book lovers.

September 2019

2nd September, 2019 – Labor Day

This Labor Day is specific to the United States, and is an official holiday. In accordance with it, you must develop a theme around Labor Day and promote only those products that match the event.

Make sure that you are only targeting those countries that celebrate Labor Day in September, because most countries celebrate International Workers Day instead of the Labor Day.

Target audience: Working class Americans

9th September, 2019 – Teddy Bear Day

There is no identified history behind Teddy Bear Day, but it is of special significance in the west. Some relate the event to Theodore Roosevelt, the American president, who refused to shoot a bear cub while hunting. That event alone made national news and led to the promulgation of Teddy Bear Day. People like to buy and gift Teddy Bear to their friends and family members on this day.

If you are running a toy store online, then Teddy Bear Day offers you a great potential. Make sure to market the right products to the right people.

Target audience: Americans

October 2019

1st October, 2019 – International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day is celebrated around the world on the first of October. It was first celebrated in Milan to raise awareness about the plight of coffee growers and their rights. However, it is also a unique event and thus celebrated in coffee shops globally, where they launch discounts and multiple other activities.

As an ecommerce store owner, you can promote fashion apparel and discounts on coffee products, coffee machines, and other household appliances.

Target audience: Coffee lovers

1st October, 2019 – National Day of the People’s Republic of China

It is the national independence day of China. If your audience lives in Mainland China, then China’s independence Day is a perfect day for you to boost your online sales.

Target audience: Chinese living all around the world.

12th October, 2019 – National Day of Spain

The event is self-explanatory. It is the national day of Spain so you can expect parades, events, parties, patriotism and much more.

Spain is a growing economy and had over $24 million in revenue last year. If you own a global ecommerce store, then you can develop a theme around products that Spanish people love to buy online.

Target audience: Spaniards

14th October, 2019 – Thanksgiving in Canada

Thanksgiving is a special day for most in the West. It reminds them of the ship Mayflower that hit a storm and was marooned in what we call US today. There is a long story attached to Thanksgiving, but the crux is that today it has become a national holiday.

Canada celebrates the event in October. Hence, if you are targeting the Canadian audience, then simply provide more discounts and add free shipping option to boost your sales. You can also develop a theme around Thanksgiving.

Target audience: Canadians

16th October, 2019 – Boss’ Day

Yes we do have a Boss Day. Many countries observe it to create better understanding of relations between employees and employers. Boss’ Day is a perfect day to celebrate your relationship with your boss. You can take him/her out for dinner or give him a gift that he/she likes.

Target audience: Employed personnel, salaried people, Employers, etc.

31st October, 2019 – Halloween

Halloween is a widely popular event throughout the West. The event has cultural relevance, but mostly in this ecommerce age, it is all about tricks and treats.

You can promote costumes, products, and even digital products like games and software on Halloween.

Target audience: Halloween lovers

November 2019

11th November, 2019 – Veterans’ Day

Veterans’ Day honors the sacrifices of American soldiers. Make sure to only lightly promote your products because it can backfire easily. American’s can easily sense when you are trying to push the products on such a sensitive day.

Target audience: Americans

11th November, 2019 – Remembrance Day

Similar to Veterans’ Day, if you are not in the USA, you will find that people celebrate Remembrance Day. The day is meant to remember those who became victims of armed conflicts among groups and countries. Again, this is a serious event, so be sure to be extra cautious while marketing.

Target audience: Canadians, Australians, British

11th November, 2019 – Single’s Day

The 14th of Feb is the couples day, similarly, 11th of November is the SIngles Day. Target those who are still single, or who have recently become single again. You can directly target them or target their friends who are looking for gifts to send them on this day. In both cases, if you cleverly market the store, you can earn big profits.

Last year, AliBaba broke the record for most sales by generating over $30 billion in sales in 24 hours.

Target audience: Singles everywhere

28th November, 2019 – Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is part of the holiday week in the US. It is usually termed as the Black Friday weekend because shop owners throw hefty discounts on almost all types of products. It is also your jackpot to break your own sales records. Hence, make sure to have a proper plan for the whole week.

Target audience: Everyone that fits your buyer persona.

29th November, 2019 – Black Friday

Black Friday is part of the whole weekend of shopping and fun. Americans have the day off and they are busy shopping online or roaming around the malls. Make sure your campaigns are attractive. Target the right type of audience and use all possible channels to get the most sales.

Target audience: Everyone that fits your buyer persona.

30th November, 2019 – Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is a special event to support small business communities in the US. It was first observed by American Express with the intent to draw attention to small business owners. The day has garnered special importance and is celebrated across the country.

The good thing is that you can use this event to cash your efforts – not only in America – but in other European countries because the cultural significance is almost the same.

Target audience: Everyone that fits your buyer persona.

December 2019

2nd December, 2019 – Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is part of the Thanksgiving and Black Friday events. The term ’Cyber’ defines that the day is exclusive to online sales. Last year alone, Cyber Monday generated $7 billion in revenue. This is your sure shot opportunity to market the best deals to the right type of audience.

Target audience:  Everyone that fits your buyer persona

9th December, 2019 – Christmas Card Day

Christmas Card Day was first celebrated in late 1800s. At that time there were no greeting cards exclusive to Christmas. The original cards can still be found at Queen Mary’s Museum.

Christmas Card Day is perfect for all ecommerce stores that sell stationery items. They can provide discounts on Christmas Card packages and do much more.

Target audience:  All people who love to celebrate Christmas.

17th December, 2019 – Free Shipping Day

This event is exclusive to ecommerce and was originally observed to retain shoppers after the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales craze is over.

Free Shipping is the number one incentive for online shop owners to run special promotions. Customers really love it when they don’t have to pay anything for the shipping.

To keep them engaged, offer free shipping and even some discount on your best selling products. Later, you can upsell to them through email marketing or paid promotions.

Target audience: Your website customers.

22nd to 30th December, 2019 – Hanukkah

Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday celebrated to commemorate the Jewish victory over Greeks. You should not mix it with Christmas, where people send gifts to their relatives, instead, it is about spending quality time with friends and family members.

Target audience: Jews and all those who celebrate the day.

24th and 25th December, 2019 – Christmas Eve and Day

Christmas is already a famous event and every ecommerce store targeting the global online buyers will be developing campaigns around this event.

Christmas is all about remembering your friends and family, and spending quality time with them. Many people tend to look for gifts they can send to their friends, so you must develop a superb campaign around this ecommerce holiday to reap out the most benefits out of it.

Target audience: All people who love to celebrate Christmas.

26th December, 2019 – Boxing Day

Boxing day has nothing to do with the boxing game. Instead, it is the Christmas Box unboxing event. The event dates back to 18th century, when servants used to receive a Christmas Box from their employers on Christmas. This day is traditionally a holiday.

You can develop some unique campaigns around this day to sell your products.

Target audience: All people who love to celebrate Christmas.

31st December, 2019 – New Year’s Eve

The last day of the year is really a special occasion. New Year’s Eve is celebrated around the world with great zeal and enthusiasm. You can push forward your Christmas deals by simply replacing the banners with New Year banners and that’s it. Make sure to target those who shopped previously on your ecommerce store.

Target audience: Everyone celebrating the New Year

Bottom Line

Do you know what the guru of marketing Seth Godin says? The purple cow will only entice you once or twice. If you make it a regular, it won’t be enticing anymore. So, with all these events available in our ecommerce marketing calendar, make sure you come up with new and attractive marketing campaigns every time to lure in more customers.

It’s time you start with your ecommerce marketing strategy. If there is an event that we have not mentioned in our list, then let us know in the comments section below.

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