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25 Holiday Marketing Ideas to Boost Ecommerce Sales for 2018

Updated on October 30, 2018

6 Min Read
Holiday Marketing Ideas
Reading Time: 6 minutes

The highly awaited holiday season 2018 is here! The big question: Is your ecommerce store ready to cash in all the greens?

The success of your holiday marketing ideas greatly influences the revenue during the most awaited quarter of each year. Therefore, invest a sufficient time on such ideas to boost your holiday sales.

However, if you’re still looking for ideas for holiday marketing then you’ve landed at the right place. Here’re the tried-and-tested holiday marketing ideas to maximize your reach and profits during the holiday season 2018.


Top 5 Budget Friendly Holiday Marketing Ideas

There is no need for you to go spend a large amount on your holiday marketing campaign and go broke. Following are a few pocket-friendly arrangements to consider.

  1. When you offer loyalty programs or referral cards that help the customers to enjoy discounts will allow you to encourage multiple sales. You can also set a fixed percentage of discount for every customer who refers a friend. Additionally, offer gift cards or certificates. These also can generate impressive sales for your ecommerce store.
  2. Building brand partnerships is a great budget-friendly idea that will allow you to outgrow your reach with all the social media buzz. It’s highly likely that many businesses within your industry rely heavily on the holiday season to increase their revenue. Partner with relevant brands and cross-promote each other.
  3. During the holiday season, feature a variety of products, services and discounts. If possible then come up with holiday-themed visuals. Use your website and social media effectively to create hype about what each day’s special is going to be.
  4. Create a social media marketing strategy and post exclusive discounts and promotions. For an additional boost, a small amount on ad spend will ensure that a larger and more diverse audience sees your promotions.
  5. Host contests and giveaways. Invite customers to participate by submitting user generated content. You can convert winning submissions into community spotlights. Holiday giveaway prizes should also reinforce the promotion’s theme. Ensure providing unique experience. Also, ‘A romantic three-course Italian meal with seasonal wine pairing’ will convert better than ‘A dinner for two’.

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Best Halloween Marketing Ideas

Halloween is all about bringing the neighbourhood together. It’s time for your ecommerce business to get in action with the following halloween marketing ideas.

  1. Dress up your store as visually as possible. Halloween is all about trick or treats. Customizing the visuals of your ecommerce store will allow your customers to enjoy the Halloween feel. Feel free to try spooking your customers with Halloween-themed displays.
  2. Send Halloween newsletters to customers with spook-tacular promotions. Show off your Halloween spirit to your customers in the best way possible. Encourage your customers to avail handsome discounts by using discount codes.
  3. An out-of-the-box idea is to send giveaways to customers who send their photos in their Halloween costumes. Feel free to run a social media ad campaign. You can allow them to submit their pictures on your website or on your social media channel. Reward the best costume with exclusive discount codes in exchange.
  4. Raise your brand’s awareness amongst the customers with a Halloween hashtag. Encourage people on social media to get involved with your seasonal hashtag. Branded hashtags will surely increase your reputation. Loyal customers love to use branded hashtags allowing you to reach to a larger audience. You can use it to keep a track of social media activities. Additionally, you can also use it in your Halloween promotions as well.
  5. Leverage Halloween to come up with spooky product names. Get a little creative by spicing up the Halloween-themed spirit. For instance, if your product is red in color, you can temporarily change its name to “blood red” for the day. Minor adjustments like that can make your brand more festive. Customers pay a lot of attention to Halloween marketing campaigns and the little details that come along with it.

Profit Savvy Cyber Monday & Black Friday Marketing Ideas

Cyber Monday and Black Friday festivities have taken over the online world by storm. With the number of sales growing year after year, they remain the favorite sales seasons for ecommerce store owners the world over. Here’s how you can increase your profits during the Cyber Monday and Black Friday season.

  1. Generate hype through a personalized Black Friday Flash Sale. Do remember that it’s a time-sensitive sales period, therefore, it is better to create hype and boost sales before the actual Black Friday. It can be just for a good few hours however, running a flash sale for two to three days is a good practice.
  2. Upsell and Cross-sell your products with discounts. Start with creating a combo of three to four complementary products. Offer the whole package to customers at discounted prices. Such combo promotions work like a charm during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  3. Customers are indecisive. Create a sense of urgency for them. By incorporating a timer to your promotions, you can help your customers decide immediately. Timers should be clearly visible on every product, promotional email, landing pages and social media posts. It will allow you to close the deal at the instant.
  4. Recommendations or referrals are one of the most converting forms of advertising. Majority of customers rely on the opinions of friends, family or influencers. The perfect evidence for this is the referral program of an online file hosting service. It has generated a 3900% customer growth in 15 months since their launch.
  5. Email marketing proves to be the best Black Friday marketing strategy. Start pushing promotional emails two weeks prior to Black Friday. Regardless of the fact that social media is emerging as a great platform, but email marketing is a time-tested strategy to expand both sales and customer growth.

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Cool Christmas Marketing Ideas

A study by RCS UK states that 38% of customers purchase for Christmas in October. If you do not have your Christmas marketing strategy in place yet, try to finalize everything as soon as possible. In simpler terms, get your product seen by the early birds. Following are a few holiday marketing ideas that you should consider for the Christmas season.

  1. Kick your promotions off from Halloween. Christmas shopping floodgates open soon after that. A great Christmas marketing strategy is to continue the hype of Halloween over into Christmas. Encourage customers who bought from you during Halloween to shop for Christmas from you. Use your Halloween hype to highlight your Christmas specials
  2. Custom packaging increases brand’s reputation. Customize your product’s packaging for Christmas this year. Themed packaging is a brilliant step to make your customers’ Christmas better.
  3. Pay close attention and leverage novelty dates throughout October, November and December. For instance, in China, ‘Singles Day’ falls on November 11. By paying attention to smaller, niche specific holidays such as the ‘Singles Day’, you can easily engage niche specific followers and convert them into loyal customers for Christmas.
  4. Focus on selling a solution, not a product. Showcase how your product can improve the quality of life for any customer. A great way to highlight how your products solve problems is by demonstrating it in use.
  5. Offer FREE SHIPPING! Regardless of what type of a product you’re selling, customers want to buy products with free shipping. Nonetheless, feel free to slightly adjust your price in order to absorb the shipping cost. Customers often overlook the higher price when they see ‘free shipping’ as part of the deal.

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Excellent New Year Marketing Ideas

The holiday sales season ends with New Year promotional deals. You can always promote your existing deals and discounts, however, do remember that people tend to start New Year afresh, with new resolutions, so they want to have new products to replace the old ones. Take a look at our top five New Year marketing ideas.

  1. Come up with an inspiring quotes or a similar content. People often consider the New Year as a time to inspire and motivate. They want a fresh start. Run a campaign on your social channels in order to gather valuable engagement. You can divert this traffic to your website and help the visitors become your regular customers.
  2. The New Year New Product strategy works like a charm. Most people wait for New Year deals as along with it, comes new exciting products. A hair salon can come up with a ‘New Year New Look’ strategy or a coffee house can come up with a ‘New Year New Coffee’ kind of a thing. You can effectively leverage ecommerce email marketing here.
  3. The most common New Year’s resolution is weight loss, period! You can leverage this and create a promotion that empowers customers to love and appreciate their current body state. Take a quick look at your inventory. Select the products you can use to promote healthy living.  Make sure you’re promoting a specific product. Highlight its benefits and offer incentives like discounts.
  4. Even after the year ends, feel free to continue promoting your brand with post-new year promotions. It is a fact that sales tend to reduce after Christmas. But this shouldn’t stop you. Keep things simple. You can persist with the same promotion or less. Like a mere 10% OFF on a particular product. Send the promotions out via text, emails and social channels.
  5. Run a theme-based festive promotion. Customize your content marketing strategy. Remember, an effective content marketing strategy always provides value to the customers. For instance, create gift-wrapping techniques. Restaurants can share recipes. Salons can upload New Year New Me DIY hairstyles. Gyms can educate customers on how to jump-start 2019……… there are endless ideas. You can work on these ideas to make your presence felt in the online marketing world.

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Final Words!

The holiday sales season is the favorite quarter of many online entrepreneurs. If you have the proper approach towards holiday marketing (with a plan to back your ideas), you can easily maximize your reach and profits. Take a quick look at our Holiday Season trends for 2018 in order to understand what products you can sell, and how to go about creating an actionable marketing plan around your inventory and offerings.

There is no single holiday marketing technique that works for every business. However, many among them are perfect for a number of ecommerce stores. Implement the aforementioned strategies in your holiday marketing campaigns and get ready to get the rewards you deserve.

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Reza Merchant

Reza Merchant is a Foodie by passion and a Digital Marketer by profession. He enjoys creating digital content for various platforms and aspires to be the change he wants to see in this world.

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