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20+ Holiday Marketing Ideas for Ecommerce Businesses to Increase Sales!

Updated on December 8, 2021

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Holiday Marketing Ideas

[UPDATED] Shopaholics eagerly wait for the Holiday Season as they can avail various discounts and promotions on their favorite products. With an effective holiday marketing idea, you can attract and convert these potential customers. But what if I give you 20+ holiday marketing ideas that can let you scale your online business during the holiday season 2020?

There are many tried and tested holiday marketing ideas that you can put in place right away. Many amongst them are exclusively designed to boost ecommerce sales during the holiday season.

I’ve curated a list of 20+ Holiday Marketing Ideas to Boost Ecommerce Sales in 2020. Increase your profits as each one holds the power to sky-rocket your sales during the holiday season. Let’s begin.

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Holiday Marketing Ideas 2020

It doesn’t matter whether you own an online business, a local retail store, or even a B2B company. The following holiday marketing tips can help you increase your profits with ease.

The holiday shopping season is the ultimate jackpot for online businesses. You can market your products in so many different ways. Also, there is no need for you to dedicate a fancy budget for it. You can execute your marketing campaigns without going broke. Here’s how:

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#1 Sell a Solution

First things first! You must focus on selling a solution, not a product. Selling a solution is one of the best promotional ideas for businesses. Showcase how your product can improve the quality of your customers’ life. Show how your product is able to address their pain points.

A great way to promote your solution is by creating tutorial content. Show how your product solves a problem by demonstrating its use. It builds trust and people are more likely to buy your solution.

#2 Theme-based Festive Promotions

Clearly, the holiday season brings in a lot of theme-based promotions. Hence, you must cash the trend and customize visuals of your website in order to make your customers feel more festive.

Restaurants can share holiday season based recipes. Salons can offer New Year New Me hairstyles. Gyms can educate customers on how to jump-start 2020. The possibilities of holiday marketing ideas are endless!

Holiday Marketing Idea - Out of the box

For instance, Halloween is all about costumes, ghosts, tricks or treats. Then why not optimize your online store with spooky visuals? By the time Christmas arrives, you can change your visuals from spooky to snowy. Create festive and entertaining display ads to ensure maximum conversion(s).

#3 Brand Partnerships & Collaborations

Brand collaborations during the holiday season is a great budget-friendly idea. It allows entrepreneurs to reach out and connect with a larger audience. Many businesses depend on the holiday season to increase their annual revenue.

Brand Partnerships & Collaborations

Partnering with brands and cross-promoting each other can help you increase your numbers. By joining forces, you can cash in on all the social media buzz to your advantage during the holiday season, and increase your profit margins significantly.

#4 Host Contests and Giveaways

You can host a number of festive contests and giveaways during the holiday season. For instance, come up with a Thanksgiving contest idea where your customers can participate by submitting user-generated content. You can convert winning submissions into community spotlights, but make sure that your Thanksgiving giveaway idea enforces the spirit of the festive season. It will allow your customers to enjoy a unique experience.

You must wrap your seasonal marketing idea or contest in a shiny gift paper. By that I mean, ‘A romantic three-course Italian meal for two with seasonal wine pairing’ will convert better than ‘A dinner for two’. If your promotions are unable to provide value, then you’ll lose those holiday conversions.

#5 Bundle Offers

One of the best holiday marketing ideas is to sell multiple products as bundle offers. By creating a combination of three to five products, you can provide the whole package to customers at a discount.

Bundle Offers

Combo promotions work like a charm during the holiday season. People are in search of getting the best value for their money, especially during the week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A “Mystery Box” is one of the best examples of bundle offers where for a certain price, you can get random products worth more than your money.

#6 Creating a Sense of Urgency

Most of the times, customers are indecisive. Take advantage of that and create a sense of urgency for them by incorporating a timer to your holiday promotions.

Creating a Sense of Urgency

By doing so, your conversions will improve. Limited time offers or limited stock indication encourages them to hit that buy button before time runs out. However, make sure your timer is clearly visible, whether it’s on a promotional email or on your product landing pages.

#7 Leverage Novelty Dates

Pay close attention and leverage the novelty dates throughout October, November and December. For instance, in China, ‘Singles Day’ falls on November 11. By paying attention to smaller, niche specific holidays such as the ‘Singles Day’, you can easily engage niche specific followers and convert them into loyal customers for your business.

Leverage Novelty Dates

For further assistance, here’s an ecommerce marketing calendar 2020 for you. It comprises all the novelty dates that will occur during the holiday season 2020.

#8 Content Marketing

Content is king for a reason. Even a simple relevant post like ‘gift-wrapping techniques’ can bring in additional traffic and consequently, more sales. Let’s take a look at the following statistics that highlight the importance of content marketing in today’s digital landscape:

You must ensure your content is relatable. For instance, you can edit the lyrics of any famous song that your customers can relate to and purchase from you.

Content Marketing

If you’ve heard the song “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen, you must know that it became a hit in the blink of an eye. You can change the lyrics of that song to leverage Thanksgiving promotions like, “Hey I just met you, and here’s the gravy, I’m loaded with stuffing, so carve me maybe!”

Content is the king

Moreover, many people consider New Years as a time to reboot their lives. They look forward to a fresh start. Get creative with video content. Run a video marketing campaign based on their inspiration and garner valuable engagement. Divert this traffic on to your website and convert visitors into customers.

#9 Email Marketing

An effective email marketing campaign can do wonders. It is one the best holiday marketing strategies for ecommerce businesses. Start pushing your promotional emails two weeks prior to Halloween but do not flood the inbox of your customers.

 Email Marketing

Regardless of the fact that social media is a great platform for ecommerce promotions, email marketing is a time-tested strategy to expand both sales and customer base.

Email marketing statistics based on an analysis of 92,000+ email campaigns executed by 9,500+ brands tells us that:

  • Weekly emails lead to a good open and click rate and high average orders per campaign.
  • Customers open emails more actively on Wednesdays, but will click more on Sundays. The first part of the month performs better for open rates, the end of the month is the worst for click rates.
  • An email series on cart recovery gets 69% more orders.
  • An email series on customer reactivation gets 90% more orders.
  • An email series on welcoming new subscribers gets 93% more orders.

#10 Promotional Newsletters

Once again, leverage email marketing to send festive promotional newsletters to your customers. Show off your holiday spirit with visuals that highlight the essence of the holiday season. From ‘spook-tacular’ Halloween promotions to  making that New Years toast, come up with creative holiday season newsletters to entice your customers.

Promotional Newsletters

#11 Social Media Marketing Strategy

Leveraging social media to boost ecommerce sales during the holiday season is one of the most powerful holiday marketing ideas. Despite increased competition, social media is still the key to grab the attention of your potential customers.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Start planning it right away. Scope out your competitors’ previous campaigns for ideas. Determine how many posts you need to come up with during the holiday season. Ensure the concept of your campaign is crystal clear.

Sell on Instagram. Retarget potential customers on Facebook. Create seasonal Google Ad campaigns. Leverage social media marketing to the best of your potential in order to ensure a higher probability of conversions during the holiday season.

#12 Loyalty / Referral Programs

Customers enjoy attractive discounts. With loyalty or referral programs, you can expect recurring sales. Majority of customers rely on the opinions of friends, family or influencers.

Loyalty / Referral Programs

You can set a fixed percentage of discount for every customer who refers a friend. Additionally, you can also offer gift cards or certificates. They convert effectively and can boost your ecommerce sales with ease.


Since 9 out of 10 people say free shipping is the #1 reason for them to shop online, you can either join the Free Shipping bandwagon or risk losing potential customers to your competitors.

Regardless of the type of your product, customers prefer buying products with free shipping. You can always slightly adjust your price in order to absorb the shipping cost. Customers often overlook the higher price when they see ‘free shipping’ as part of the deal.

#14 Branded Hashtags

Raise your brand’s awareness amongst your potential customers with a seasonal hashtag. It will allow you to enjoy a larger organic reach as well as it can help you track your holiday marketing progress without hassle.

Encourage people on social media to use your seasonal hashtags for additional perks. Come up with a variation of 1 to 5 hashtags for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Years. Loyal customers love to use branded hashtags and consequently, they assist in increasing your brand’s reputation and seasonal promotions.

#15 Creative Product Names

Leverage the essence of the holiday season and come up with creative product names. For instance, you can spice things up with spooky product names during the Halloween season. Let’s say if your product is red in color, you can temporarily change its name to “blood red” for the day.

Coming up with catchy holiday headlines that can help your brand appear more festive. Customers pay a lot of attention to holiday marketing campaigns and the little details that come along with it. The chances of conversions are much higher if they like your creativity and how you portray your brand during the holiday season.

#16 Leverage Community Events

The holiday season is a great time to involve yourself in the local community events. Your brand can volunteer for various activities during the last quarter of the year. Such participation will promote your business locally and help you boost those holiday sales.

Leverage Community Events

From hosting a thanksgiving dinner for the under-privileged to a Halloween-themed party for the kids, community events spread the word much quicker and help in creating a positive image of your brand.

When your potential customers see how much your brand cares for the local community, their emotions will come into play and entice them to incline towards your brand during the holiday season.

#17 Flash Sales

Black Friday and Cyber Monday festivities have become an integral part of the holiday shopping extravaganza. With the number of holiday sales growing year after year, it remains the favorite season of ecommerce store owners.

Flash Sales

The holiday season lets them come up with a number of flash sales. You can create great seasonal hype through personalized flash sales. But, do remember that it’s a time-sensitive sales period. It can last for just a few good hours, however, running a flash sale for two to three days is a good practice during the holiday season.

#18 Custom Packaging

Holiday-theme based packaging enhances the connection customers share with your brand. It also increases your brand’s reputation as your customers realize the fact that you care for them.

Custom packaging

Themed packaging is an amazing December marketing idea. It is also a brilliant step to make the holidays of your customers a memorable one. Try customizing your product’s packaging for the holiday season this year and maybe you will garner loyal customers for life.

#19 Kick off Your Holiday Promotion Ideas Ahead of Halloween

A large number of customers tend to purchase Christmas gifts in October, not December! There are a number of reasons behind it, for instance, shipping time, availability of product / promotion etc.

Christmas shopping floodgates open soon after Halloween. One of the best Thanksgiving marketing ideas and Christmas marketing ideas is to convert the hype of Halloween into Thanksgiving and later on, into Christmas and New Years.

Encourage customers who bought from you during Halloween to shop for Christmas from your store as well. Use your Halloween hype to highlight your Christmas specials and get your products seen by the early birds.

Moreover, Secret Santa has become quite a popular Christmas marketing campaign idea. In simple terms, members of a group assign a person randomly to whom they will provide a Christmas present. The identity of the ‘Santa’ is a secret and will only be revealed after the present is opened. It is one of the best Christmas promotions a brand can come up with during the holiday season.

#20 New Year New Product Strategy

As mentioned earlier, many people reboot their lives with the new year. The most common New Year’s resolution is weight loss, period! Some prefer to opt for a healthy diet whereas others join a gym to reduce weight.

The New Year New Product strategy is quite effective. Brands can come up with a variety of similar strategies. All you need to do is use this tagline, “New Year, New (name of your product or service).

New Year New Product Strategy

For instance, an online store that sells health / fitness products can come up with a ‘New Year New Body’ or ‘ New Year New Me’ strategy.

You can leverage this strategy and create a promotion that empowers customers to love and appreciate their current body state. Take a quick look at your inventory. Select the products you can use to promote healthy living.

#21 Post-New Year Promotions

Even after the year ends, feel free to continue promoting your brand with post-new year promotions. It is a fact that sales tend to reduce after Christmas but it shouldn’t stop you from giving all that you’ve got.

Regardless, keep things simple. You can persist with the same promotions if you want or come up with new ones. On an average, brands continue to promote their new year deals until February. You can also create a fresh post-new year promotion to attract the masses.

So are you excited?

The holiday sales season is the favorite quarter of many online entrepreneurs. If you implement the aforementioned holiday marketing ideas with an appropriate approach, you can easily maximize your reach and profits.

Take a quick look at the holiday season trends for 2020 in order to understand what products you can sell, and how to go about creating an actionable holiday marketing plan around your inventory and offerings.

There is no single holiday marketing technique that works for every business. However, many amongst them are perfect for a number of ecommerce stores. Keeping that in focus, implement the aforementioned strategies in your holiday marketing campaigns 2020 and get ready to harvest the rewards you deserve! Also, get help from cloudways webinar about 10X Your Conversions and Conversations Through Lead Magnets.

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