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A Short Guide on Smart Manager for WooCommerce and WPeC Plugin

October 4, 2016

3 Min Read
Reading Time: 3 minutes

If you want to manage your store by using WooCommerce plugin, Smart Manager is the best choice to go for.

Smart Manager is the best WordPress plugin that gives speed and power to efficiently manage products, coupons, product variations, customers, and orders by using the best WordPress eCommerce plugins WooCommerce and WordPress eCommerce.

Smart Manager For WooCommerce WPEC Plugin

In this article, I am going to show you how you can use Smart Manager for WooCommerce and WPeC.

Before we begin, let’s go through the main features of Smart Manager and Smart Manager Pro.

Main Features

  • Quick spreadsheet like browsing; Avoid extra clicks and save your time.
  • Easy search option to look up customers, orders, and products etc. The plugin provides you advanced search feature as well.
  • Edit your Order/Product/Customers inline. Edit up to 3 items inline.
  • You can easily manage your product variations.
  • Fast, In-page detail view for Orders/Customers/Products.
  • You can quickly delete single or multiple product orders in the blink of an eye.
  • Quickly jump to your full product page and edit whatever you want.

Smart Manager Features

Smart Manager Pro Features

  • By using Pro version, you can use unlimited inline editing for products, customers and orders with our advanced batch update algorithm.
  • Update anything in batches. Intelligent update operations like prepend, append, increase, decrease, etc included.
  • Print packing slips and orders for multiple orders.
  • You can add your personalized logo to packing slips.
  • You can see Lifetime customer value with their total purchases till date on Customers dashboard – along with last order details.
  • You can export all data CSV file for customers, products and orders.
  • Add/Duplicate Single/Multiple products at once. Duplicate your entire store in one-click if needed.
  • Manage all your orders without a one-month limitation.
  • Premium support and Automatic upgrades for a year.

Now that we know the features we get with either version, let’s find out how to use the plugin to our advantage.

Smart Manager Options

Add Products

You can add your product directly using the add product button. See the screenshot below.

Add Product


We have two options in the drop down menu when it comes to duplicating: Selected Products and Duplicate Store.

Duplicate Product


Select the item and click the Delete button. You have successfully deleted your product.

Delete Product

Batch Update

You can batch update multiple areas and multiple items etc. anytime.

Batch Update

Export CSV

You can export all the CSV data files for customers, products and orders.

Export CSV

Here is the excel sheets layout.

Excel Data


That’s all there is to it. I hope you have no issues while using Smart Manager for WooCommerce and WPeC Plugin and that this tutorial has proved to be of help. If you have any query or suggestion about this tutorial, you can leave a comment below!

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Saud Razzak

Saud is the WordPress Community Manager at Cloudways - A Managed WooCommerce Hosting Platform. Saud is responsible for creating buzz, spread knowledge, and educate the people about WordPress in the Community around the globe. In his free time, he likes to play cricket and learn new things on the Internet. You can email him at

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