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How to Install WordPress on Linode

September 21, 2021

4 Min Read
wordpress on linode

Choosing the right cloud server for your WordPress is unfortunately not that easy. Why?

Although there is a lot of information on the topic, even expert users could make a mistake that could prove to be costly in the longer run. In addition, the number of cloud hosting providers, each with a different USP mix, also adds to the confusion.

To make the decision simpler, I advise you to try out Linode hosting for your next WordPress project. Linode is one of the fastest-growing cloud server providers with eight different data centers throughout North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. WordPress works extremely well on Linode servers simply because the service is extremely reliable and fast (plus, the price of the Linode cloud server is very reasonable).

Why Choose Linode Cloud Server?

Several WordPress hosting providers allow you to host your website. Once that is done, you could use a wide range of tools (visual and CLI-based) to manage the server setup directly. However, not many WordPress users are able to deal with server management hassles, security vulnerabilities, and related issues.

Cloudways removes all these hassles from server management and takes care of all the technical aspects and server-side issues for its users.

Without further ado, let’s install WordPress on Linode cloud servers!

How to Install WordPress on Linode

First, sign up for Cloudways Platform by completing the simple form and click the START FREE button. If you have already signed up, log in to your account.

wordpress on linode signup

Now verify your email to complete the signup process.

cloudways signup verfification

After successful signup, click the Launch button to initiate the simple server launch process.

launch wordpress on linode

For the purpose of this article, I chose my Application and Server details as follows:

  • Select WordPress as an application
  • Name Your Application
  • Name Your Managed Server
  • Select Your Project
  • Choose LINODE as the cloud infrastructure provider
  • Select SERVER SIZE (I chose a 1GB server)
  • Select LOCATION (I chose Newark)

Note: For the purpose of this article, I have named my app as My WordPress, the server as My Server, and the project as My Project. However, you are free to choose any other names without affecting this tutorial.

wordpress on linode server details

After entering the server and application details, click the LAUNCH NOW button.

wordpress on linode launch button

Now, wait for a few minutes, until the server is ready!

wordpress on linode add server

Once the server is ready, go to the Platform and click Applications in the top-left menu and select your WordPress app.

wordpress on linode application

Use ACCESS DETAILS → ADMIN PANEL. You will see the login credentials and the URL of the WordPress website. Click the URL and use the credentials to log in to the WordPress Dashboard.

wordpress on linode application details

That’s all!

Congratulations, you have successfully installed WordPress on Linode cloud server at Cloudways.

Migrate Your WordPress on Linode

If you are currently using another hosting solution and not satisfied with the speed, then it is time to test your WordPress site by migrating to Linode hosting.

Migration is certainly not something that you have to do every day, but it’s good to know that it can be easily done with Free WordPress Migration plugin.


Linode is currently one of the best cloud server providers today. Offering flawless quality at great prices, WordPress Linode hosting enables websites to perform without any problems. So, if you have a WordPress project coming up, do try out Linode and the Cloudways managed WordPress hosting services.

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