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How to Add Schema Markup to Your WordPress Website With Plugin

Updated on November 30, 2021

4 Min Read
WordPress Schema

In this article, I will show you how to insert schema into WordPress. But first, you must understand what WordPress schema is and why it is central to your SEO strategy. So let’s start!

What is Schema Markup?

A schema is a subjective structure or concept that helps organize and represent information. In computer programming, a schema is a management and structure for a database.

The schema is helpful because it allows us to take shortcuts to interpret the vast volume of information and knowledge available in any environment.

Schema markup can increase your website’s traffic as all major search engines count the schema’s impact when presenting the Search Engine Result Page. Also, schema markup is believed to increase click-through rates in addition to improving your search engine rankings.

The Schema Plugin

The process of adding a schema markup plugin to WordPress is simplified using the schema plugin. The revolutionary plugin helps to enable various schema types and is also compatible with custom post types.

The schema plugin offers a list of features and uses JSON-LD to enable different types of schema and supports other installed plugins as well, allowing you to gain the full benefit of your markup.

What is

Schema is the integrated home on the web for the schema project, a collaboration between Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the Russian search engine Yandex (the one trying out a search without links) to standardized structured markup.

Rich Snippets Plugin

Plugins have made it easier to manage WordPress sites without any trouble. There are a lot of plugins that manage schema types for WordPress. I will discuss and use the Rich Snippets plugin on a WordPress site in this blog.

What is a Rich Snippet?

This may include a page content’s brief description, reviews, rating, price, etc. A rich snippet gives a user an overview of a page’s entire content. An example of the rich snippet is as follows:

Rich Snippet

How to Add Schema Markup In WordPress

Follow the easy steps below to add different types of schema to WordPress.

  • Get started by logging in to your WordPress dashboard using your admin credentials.

WordPress Login

  • Click on the “Plugin” tab at the left panel and then click the “Add New” tab.

WordPress Dashboard

  • Search Rich Snippets on the right side, then click “Install Now.” After successfully installing All In One Schema Rich Snippets, you should activate the plugin.

There is another recently launched plugin named Schema Ninja, which you can use for the same purpose as this article.


Add New Plugins

After activation, simply click the Rich Snippets in the sidebar to continue. After clicking on the Rich Snippets tab, you will be able to see different options of schema that you can create with the plugin.

  • Item Review
  • Events
  • Person
  • Product
  • Recipe
  • SoftwareApp
  • Video
  • Article

Rich Snippet Configuration

  • Customize the feel of the Rich Snippets Box.

Customize Rich Snippet

  • Read the usage instructions.

How To Use Rich Snippet

  • Read the Plugin FAQs.


How to Use the Schema Plugin on WordPress

You’ll have to create a new post to see the plugin in action.

  • Navigate to Post > Add New and enter the title and description.

After that, you will see a new meta box labeled Configure Rich Snippets. You will see the drop-down menu to select any blog posts you want.

Add new post

  • When you select a content type, it will display the Rich Snippet field that you must fill.

You can opt for any type of content. In the screenshot below, I selected Service Content type, and it showed an image, service type, service served area, short description, provider name, and enable/disable rating.

Rich Snippets

  • Remember to save your post after you select your content type.

You can use the Structured Data Testing Tools to fetch your URL and check if you are using rich snippets on your site or not. Enter your URL, and click the Fetch & Validate button to see the script.

Structured Data Testing Tool

We hope now you will be able to apply the Rich Snippets plugin on your website easily. If you have any queries about Rich Snippets, feel free to contact me.

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