How to Host Laravel 5.3 on Cloud

by Ahmed Khan  January 10, 2017

The latest version of Laravel (5.3) offers a host of new features and changes. However, installing this version of Laravel on a cloud hosting platform remain problematic, because of the lengthy process that involves Composer. To remove all such hassles, Cloudways provides Laravel 5.3 hosting through its 1-click installation process. Just sign up for an account and follow this simple five-step procedure:

laravel 5.3 hosting

  1. Select Laravel As Your Application
  2. Select cloud provider
  3. Select your server size
  4. Select server location
  5. Click on launch server

Once you fill in the signup form, you are presented with a simple form for setting up that application and server. On this screen, you have to make five selections to launch your Laravel 5.3 application on Cloudways cloud hosting platform.

Step 1: Select Your Laravel As Your Application

In the drop-down menu for Application, select PHP Stack with Laravel.

php stack with laravel 5.3

Next, name the application, server and select default project from the drop-down menu.

naming your application

Step 2: Select Cloud Provider

Select the cloud infrastructure provider on which you want to host the Laravel 5.3 application.

Step 3: Select Your Server Size

Slide the slider to select your server size. I recommend a 1GB server with 1GB of RAM. However, you could select any combination that suits the complexity and expected load on the Laravel application.

select server size

Step 4: Select Server  Location

Select the location of your server. Remember to select the location that is closest to the target audience. This will reduce page load time for the intended audience.

server location

Step 5: Click on Launch

The last step of the procedure is to click the Launch Server button.

Click on Launch button

Wait for the Cloudways Platform to launch the server.

Once the server has been launched, select Applications from the top menu and select the Laravel 5.3 application. In the Access Detail tab, click the Launch App button.

Once the URL opens in the browser, you will see the Laravel page.

Laravel launch page


Cloudways is perhaps the only platform that offer 1-Click installation of Larval 5.3 on a cloud hosting platform. The process is very easy and your Laravel 5.3 application is ready for use in a matter of a few clicks. If you have a question about the process or would like to add to the conversation, please leave a comment below.

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