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How To Install Laravel On Linode Server

Updated on November 6, 2017

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These days, Cloud has become more than just an expensive experiment. It has a core requirement for high performing web applications that demand near-perfect performance.

Host Laravel on Linode

Linode is one of the most popular choices in the Laravel community for hassle-free application deployment. However, setting up Laravel on a Linode server can be a challenge for developers.

Every developer loves to quickly deploy applications on Linode cloud infrastructure with minimum hassle. This is where Cloudways enters the equation because it simplifies the entire process of launching and maintaining Linode based servers.

Launching Linode Server With Cloudways

Creating and setting up a Linode server has never been this easy.

Simply signup at Cloudways and login to the platform. Fill in the application and server details and click the Launch button. Your optimized Linode server in just 10 minutes away. If you need help, here’ a video of the process:


Why Cloudways?

Cloudways provides a remarkable platform for the Laravel community, making it easy to deploy and host Laravel applications so that developers can focus on the development process rather than worrying about deployment and server level issues.

Cloudways take cares of the hosting pain points of Laravel developers through the following features:

  1. Server Cost is included in the Cloudways price plan. Thus, developers only need a single account and receive a single invoice.
  2. Easily deploy Laravel applications from Github or Bitbucket.
  3. Auto deployment for Laravel applications.
  4. Team Collaboration feature assigns server and application access and roles to the members of the team.
  5. Supervised Queue Management
  6. Easy server management features including server cloning and server transfer.
  7. One-click auto backup with frequency ranging from hourly to weekly.
  8. Configure scheduled cron jobs with cron job manager
  9. Pre-configured firewall and security
  10. Monitor everything through the New Relic monitoring system.
  11. Scale up servers with easy vertical scaling.
  12. Pre-Installed Composer and Git
  13. 24×7 live chat support by cloud professionals.

Cloudways ThunderStack

Cloudways has its own PHP stack named ThunderStack. This very optimized stack comprises of a unique mix of server and caching technologies. Each server launched on the Cloudways Platform comes with:

Deploy Laravel On Linode Easily From GitHub

To deploy your application from a Git repo, first sign in to the Platform, click the ‘Applications’ tab from the top menu bar and select your application. Now, in order to deploy the application, you will now need an SSH key.

Now you will need to generate the SSH key. For this click the ‘Deployment via Git’ button in the ‘Application Management’ area and then click the ‘Generate SSH Keys’ button to generate your unique SSH key. To download these keys, simply click ‘Download SSH Keys’.

Now upload the ‘SSH Public Key’ to your GitHub account. In order to do this, login to your GitHub account, go to the desired repository, and then into the ‘Settings’ tab. Click the ‘Add Deploy Key’ button and add the Public SSH Key which you have downloaded from Cloudways Platform. Click the ‘Add Key’ button to finalize the process.

Now copy the ‘Repository SSH Address that you will see in the top panel in your main GitHub dashboard. Copy and paste this address in your Cloudways’ ‘Git Remote Address’ field.

Next, you need to input the deployment path and click on ‘Start Deployment’ button to have your application code deployed onto the Cloudways platform!

That’s It! Cloudways makes it’s that easy to deploy Laravel on Linode Server.

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Saquib Rizwan

Saquib is a PHP Community Expert at Cloudways - A Managed PHP Hosting Cloud Platform. He is well versed in PHP and regularly contributes to open source projects. For fun, he enjoys gaming, movies and hanging out with friends. You can email him at

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