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How To Install Laravel 5.5 On Cloud

August 30, 2017

3 Min Read
Reading Time: 3 minutes

The long wait is finally over! Laravel 5.5 version is here. The Laravel community is understandably excited about this latest version of laravel. The latest version of the popular PHP framework is compatible only with PHP 7 and above. It is the first LTS release after Laravel 5.1. This release will include two years of bug fixes and three years of security patches.  

install laravel 5.5 on cloud

In my previous article, I have listed the new features of Laravel 5.5. In this article I will demonstrate how you can install Laravel 5.5 on cloud.

Let’s get started.

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Install Laravel 5.5 on Cloud

To host my laravel application on Cloud, I am using Cloudways platform as it allows me to create a server and host my Laravel application on five different providers namely (Digital Ocean, Amazon, Vultr, Google, Kyup). If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend you Sign up for a Cloudways Account today!

Note: You may use promo code: PHP15 to get FREE Cloudways hosting credit of $15 on signup

After the sign up on Cloudways, login to your account and follow the instructions below to setup Laravel 5.5 application on cloud.

  1. From the application dropdown on your Cloudways dashboard, choose PHP Stack from the list of available applications.
  2. Name your application and the server and select the project from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the server provider from the available list of infrastructure providers.
  4. Select your desired server-size
  5. Select server bandwidth and storage size
  6. Select the server location. This choice affects server latency so choose the location closest to your target audience in order to provide the best experience to the visitors.
  7. Click the Launch Server button to complete the setup.

The demonstration for the above steps is shown below.

Now that the server is ready, Let’s install Laravel 5.5 application on it. Go to the server tab and launch SSH terminal. Connect SSH terminal to the server from the given credentials in the server tab.

After Connecting to your server, type the following commands in your terminal:

cd applications

cd your_app_name/public_html

You should now be in the root folder of your application. Type the following command to install Laravel 5.5 application:

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel mylaravel

It will install Laravel 5.5 application in your public_html directory with the name of mylaravel.  Now to execute the application go to application tab, go to application setting and in their edit mylaravel/public in your webroot as shown:

To execute your application go to application tab and click on launch application. As shown.

That’s It, Your first Laravel 5.5 is now successfully hosted on Cloud. To learn more about laravel 5.5 subscribe at our blog.  Happy Coding

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Saquib Rizwan

Saquib is a PHP Community Expert at Cloudways - A Managed PHP Hosting Cloud Platform. He is well versed in PHP and regularly contributes to open source projects. For fun, he enjoys gaming, movies and hanging out with friends. You can email him at

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