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Essential Black Friday Ecommerce Tips and Tricks in 2022

Updated on December 8, 2021

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Black Friday Ecommerce

[UPDATED] Year after year, Black Friday is known for record-breaking sales. Last year alone, online shoppers spent more than $7.4 in just 24 hours. The year on year growth of Black Friday ecommerce sales are growing significantly, and it is expected to grow even more this year.

Numbers never lie and there is a lot of potential in promoting your products during Black Friday. It is one of the best-selling days for ecommerce store owners. Let’s begin with how you can reap higher profits during Black Friday.

You have the tips and tricks

To break your sales record, you need to prepare your page.

Must-Know Black Friday Ecommerce Strategies

There are a number of Black Friday ecommerce strategies that you can put in place in order to ensure your online store scales significantly. You must begin by ensuring your online store looks appealing to your online prospects.

If your web store is not appealing enough, people would bounce away from your website and you won’t enjoy any sales. Regardless of the appearance, there are three major aspects that you must not neglect at any cost. They are:

1. Black Friday Ecommerce Marketing Campaigns

There are a few things you need to understand for preparing your ecommerce store for Black Friday. First of all, testing your website for speed and improving the customer journey is really important. This is because a slow website repels customers. They won’t wait more than two seconds if your cart is not loading properly or if there are glitches on your ecommerce store.

i. Test Website Speed

You must ensure your website is fast. A rule of thumb: Your website shouldn’t take more than two seconds to load. There are many ways to improve your website speed. If you are using WooCommerce, you can add cache plugins. Similarly, on Magento, you can add extensions. Now that Magento 2 is available, it already comes with a full-page cache.

Website Speed Test
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ii. Make Customer Journey Easy

Next, try to improve the customer journey of each user. Find out where they’re facing obstacles? What other hindrances they are facing? Also, how can you make their entire experience smoother?

Here are some Black Friday tips to improve Customer Experience:

  • Add a chatbot that answers basic questions
  • Follow 3-click rule while developing your website’s architecture
  • Prominently show prices of products and discounts
  • Show the product from multiple angles
  • Add testimonials and reviews of your buyers with different products if possible, this builds the trust factor with your customers significantly.
  • Carry out thorough ecommerce testing on your website.

iii. Personalize your Store with a Black Friday Theme

One of the best ways to attract the attention of online prospects is by creating a theme around Black Friday. You can change the layout of your theme to match the colors. Develop banners for social media, blogs, paid ads, and newsletters that blends with your Black Friday theme. For example:

Create Theme for Black FridaySource: The Hungry JPEG

iv. Create a Separate Landing Page

During the holidays, people generally will not search particularly for your brand or estore. Instead, they’ll be searching for products with the Black Friday discounts. They will compare the prices between online stores until they find the best Black Friday deals.

You must create a dedicated Black Friday page for your online business and update it annually. It will help customers to directly land on your Black Friday page every time. Place all your Black Friday deals on this web page and run your marketing campaigns. For instance, Best Black Friday Phone Deals, or Best Black Friday Television Deals.

Create a Separate Landing PageSource: Surefire Media

Enhance the interaction for your campaigns further by asking your online visitors to leave their email addresses, even if they are not buying at that time. Build your email subscribers list and run effective Black Friday email marketing campaigns. You can also use this list to run a powerful holiday email marketing campaigns.

v. Add Evidence – (Testimonials, Images, and Videos)

Think about it, when you visit an ecommerce store, what do you check for before clicking that buy button? Price, reviews, images, and secure payment options. So, you must have all of it on your ecommerce store.

Make sure your product description pages have the necessary details within to make a sale:

  • Images: Show all aspects of the product via images. If the product is a vase, you can show its exterior from different angles and the interior as well. A person can only see the quality of the product through its images.
  • Videos: One way to increase sales of a product is by showing it in action. Take our previous example forward, show how the vase will look at different places through a video slideshow.
  • Testimonials: Add testimonials on your website of previous customers who will share their experience and see how swiftly it increases your holiday conversions.

2. Black Friday Ecommerce Retention Tactics

With your online store set up appropriately and operating smoothly, what can you do to increase your Black Friday sales? Here are a few tips:

i. Use Countdown Timer

The best way to make your visitors purchase your product is by creating a sense of urgency. You can do so by adding a countdown timer on your product’s page. People will never buy your product if they think your deal is available for their next visit.

That’s how human psychology works. Just assess yourself. You usually slack throughout the time and submit the fees/pay bills during the last days of expiry. That’s how everyone reacts and that’s why adding countdown timers is very important to make the shoppers buy products during Black Friday.

Retention Tactics for Black Friday Ecommerce
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ii. Sell Bundles and Order Bumps

One way to persuade your online prospects to buy from you is by offering them bundle offers. Think about how a good salesman actually combines two to three different products when you think you’re “bargaining” with them.

Selling Black Friday bundle offers to online customers is similar to that. Instead of selling just one product for a high price, you can sell multiple products under the umbrella of bundle offers.

See how DHGate is bumping orders by decreasing prices when people buy lots. They simply think they are buying two because they are lower from the combined cost.

Sell Bundles and Order Bumps

ii. Cross-Sell & Up-Sell

Once users have bought something from your website, you can show them more offers that closely match their purchased product. It leads to higher sales during Black Friday.

Black Friday Tips for Cross-Selling

  • Add an additional discount on the cross-sell offer for a limited time period
  • Pack your cross-sell offer as a gift so people think of it as a present for some additional cost only. They can also use the additional offer as a gift for a loved one.
  • Make your product pages responsive so even those who are on mobile devices can conveniently purchase your product.

3. Ad Tips for Black Friday Ecommerce

As mentioned earlier, you cannot rely solely on organic traffic for higher web traffic on your store. You have to run paid marketing ads for your promotions, especially during the holiday season in order to increase brand awareness and ultimately, online sales. Here are a few pointers that can help you create effective paid marketing campaigns for Black Friday.

i. Create Ads for All Devices and Channels

Before you start creating ads, find out where your customers are. Are they available on Instagram? Facebook? Twitter? Google? Let’s assume that they will be present on all of these platforms. So, what should you do? Simply create ads for all devices and channels and test your marketing campaigns.


  • Start Black Friday marketing with a small budget
  • You should start with as little as $5 for each product and test.
  • If your products get sold, narrow your audience and test again. This way you will be able to find an audience that will actually buy your product. Repeat it again to find more customers.

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ii. Remarketing

Remarket to your existing customers so they come back to your store to buy other products. Remarketing is one way to increase online sales during Black Friday because most of your existing customers already trust you and when you tell them that you have a discount available, they are more likely to buy from you. Why spend money on finding new customers when you can already make more sales by simply remarketing to those who have already bought products from you?

iii. Videos Get More Sales

Don’t underestimate videos. According to most experts, videos will get you the most number of sales . You don’t have to run video ads alone to make sales. Simply create conversion ads and add videos to them. First, let these ads run for engagement to gain social trust. Once you have at least 50 post likes or comments, turn on the conversion campaign on this ad set.

iv. Use Messenger

Messenger advertisements are now gaining a lot of traction. The reason is that it directly markets to people in their inbox and they don’t have a choice to ignore it. In fact, we have written a complete guide on how ecommerce store owners can target their audience through Facebook Messenger and increase their online sales drastically.

PS: While it is great to land your message in your audience’s inbox, make sure it is of value. If it isn’t they will simply mute your account.

Final Words!

Black Friday is undoubtedly one of the most prominent sales days of the year. If you haven’t started preparing your online business for this BIG DAY, you must start right now. It is the perfect time to prepare for the Holiday Season. If you follow the tips and tricks mentioned in this article, you will be all set for your Black Friday sales.

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