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Announcing the Astra Pro Bundle: Select, Launch, Design!

Updated on July 13, 2022

3 Min Read
cloudways astra pro partnership

At Cloudways, we love WordPress – a platform that has gifted users the world over a vast playground for their imaginative creations in this online ecosystem.

And we’re a little obsessed with bringing more value to web creators and businesses. As a sizable managed cloud hosting provider and part of this ecosystem, our efforts revolve around offering smart functionality that fuels an easier WordPress digital experience for the end-user.

That’s where our partnership with Astra comes in, and it couldn’t have happened more opportunely.

With big names in the WordPress community commenting about performance, extendability, accessibility, and complexity, it’s clear key players in the WordPress ecosystem can support our beloved open-source to respond to key changes in the market.

Talks like this by Noel Tok in 2019 addressed this, elaborating on the shifting consumer business needs over the years and the value behind a smarter WordPress.

Why Astra Pro + Cloudways? WordPress Simplicity

Optimized for speed and performance, the Astra theme lets users build and customize websites into works of art without an atom of coding knowledge. With more than 1.6 million websites using Astra, it’s one of the most popular WordPress themes in the market.

Astra Pro is a plugin that adds more features enhancing the theme’s capabilities even further! And now, Cloudways has partnered up with Astra, so you can easily build professional & powerful websites or online stores in mere hours. That means you save on time and money you can invest into your business to maximize your profits!

And the kicker?

When you launch a website with Astra through the Cloudways platform, the theme’s premium Astra Pro license comes bundled. And it’s FREE for a year to use on as many websites as you want.

astra pro bundle

What Do You Get Out of the Astra Pro Bundle?

The Astra Pro bundle unlocks all premium capabilities of the theme for you to enjoy on Cloudways’ ultra-fast servers. You click, launch your website, and start designing from right inside the Cloudways Platform.

You can create whatever kind of website you want, from a culinary blog to a high-concept portfolio website for your client – without any coding! The power of WordPress, the customizability of Astra, and the performance of Cloudways: all in one nifty little package.

With this bundle, you get:

  • Access to all Astra Pro premium features: From the navigation menu to spacing control, you’re strapped in the driving seat as you bring your website to life.
  • Improved Core Web Vitals score and faster load times: Cloudways’ second-to-none infrastructure boosts your websites’ scalability and user experience, so they rank high on Google. A lightweight and super fast theme as Astra enhances even more that experience.
  • Pre-build website templates for reduced design time: As we said, it’s all smooth sailing for you. With our 1-Click operations, Astra Pro theme’s pre-built templates, and the ability to customize almost everything, your job is as easy as clicking the mouse!

What Does It Cost?

Normally, Astra Pro costs 59$ per year, paid in advance.

At Cloudways, you get Astra Pro for FREE for the first year, and you can use our bundle integration to create as many websites as you wish! You can use site cloning, remote backups, staging, team collaboration, and other features of our platform to save time and simplify website building and operations overall.

If you are new to Cloudways, you start by buying a cloud hosting plan which starts at  $10/month, a fair and highly affordable price compared to other managed WordPress hosting providers. Once you’ve purchased a plan, Astra Pro will automatically become available, and you won’t have to pay anything further.

And you can always try Cloudways and Astra Pro for free by signing up for our free 3-day trial. Check our knowledge base for instructions on how to launch your first bundle.

astra bundle launch

Say Hello to WordPress Simplicity With Astra & Cloudways!

While WordPress’s market share may be stabilizing, it is and will remain the most powerful and flexible platform in the world for a long time. The Astra theme on top of Cloudways merely compounds that effect and aims at making WordPress customization capability faster and easier to access.

Migrate your website to Cloudways or spin a new one with our Astra Pro bundle to experience the value for yourself. Go to the Astra Pro bundle page for more, or see more instructions on our detailed knowledge base article about Astra. As always, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team. We’ll be happy to assist you!

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Marianna Siouti

Marianna Siouti is a Product Marketing Manager at Cloudways. She has over 14 years of experience in the hosting industry, in Marketing and Product. She is someone who falls in love with problems and works towards solving them with technology. You will find her working remotely from warm places, or on LinkedIn.


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